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الحرمان الكبير

[PDF] الحرمان الكبير | by ↠ نور عبدالمجيد - الحرمان الكبير,
  • Title: الحرمان الكبير
  • Author: نور عبدالمجيد
  • ISBN: 9789953874
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] الحرمان الكبير | by ↠ نور عبدالمجيد, [PDF] الحرمان الكبير | by ↠ نور عبدالمجيد - الحرمان الكبير,

  • [PDF] الحرمان الكبير | by ↠ نور عبدالمجيد
    445 نور عبدالمجيد
الحرمان الكبير

About Author

  1. نور عبدالمجيد says:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .8 Noor Abdulmajeed specializes in women s literature, and has authored over the years stories about modern Arabian women and love in a Middle Eastern climate.

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  1. Mervat says:
    I first rated this book 3 stars then i dropped it to 2 stars Why Well because this book lacks all kind of emotions Even though Nour had an opportunity to dwell deep in each character s pain, loss and sorrow, she chose to focus on the superficial aspects of each character, i.e the clothes brand names, the height of Farida s heals 5cm , the width of Maggie s bed 140cm and the colour features of the charaters eyes and hair Who cares There were parts in the book which frustrated me like the part whe [...]

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