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Joseph Andrews / Shamela

Free Read Joseph Andrews / Shamela - by Henry Fielding Judith Hawley - Joseph Andrews / Shamela, Joseph Andrews Shamela None
  • Title: Joseph Andrews / Shamela
  • Author: Henry Fielding Judith Hawley
  • ISBN: 9780140433869
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Joseph Andrews / Shamela - by Henry Fielding Judith Hawley, Free Read Joseph Andrews / Shamela - by Henry Fielding Judith Hawley - Joseph Andrews / Shamela, Joseph Andrews Shamela None

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  • Free Read Joseph Andrews / Shamela - by Henry Fielding Judith Hawley
    419 Henry Fielding Judith Hawley
Joseph Andrews / Shamela

About Author

  1. Henry Fielding Judith Hawley says:
    Henry Fielding was born in Somerset in 1707 The son of an army lieutenant and a judge s daughter, he was educated at Eton School and the University of Leiden before returning to England where he wrote a series of farces, operas and light comedies.Fielding formed his own company and was running the Little Theatre, Haymarket, when one of his satirical plays began to upset the government The passing of the Theatrical Licensing Act in 1737 effectively ended Fielding s career as a playwright.In 1739 Fielding turned to journalism and became editor of The Champion He also began writing novels, including The Adventures of Joseph Andrews 1742 , Abraham Adams 1742 and Jonathan Wild 1743.Fielding was made a justice of the peace for Westminster and Middlesex in 1748 He campaigned against legal corruption and helped his half brother, Sir John Fielding, establish the Bow Street Runners.In 1749 Fielding s novel, The History of Tom Jones was published to public acclaim Critics agree that it is one of the greatest comic novels in the English language Fielding followed this success with another well received novel, Amelia 1751.Fielding continued as a journalist and his satirical journal, Covent Garden, continued to upset those in power Throughout his life, Fielding suffered from poor health and by 1752 he could not move without the help of crutches In an attempt to overcome his health problems, Henry Fielding went to live in Portugal but this was not successful and he died in Lisbon in 1754.

Comment 778 on “Joseph Andrews / Shamela

  1. David says:
    I don t think it is possible for me to review this book without thinking of Pamela Really, there is no contest True, Richardson s prose is a little approachable on a sentence level, but Fielding isn t generally presenting the thoughts of a naive girl Beyond that, Fielding wins hands down He isn t trite, his characters feel fully human, and he s funny More important, he only tells the things of interest that happen and doesn t stretch them out to four or five times the length of that interest A [...]

  2. Eric says:
    One constant of the Life of Johnson is Johnson s praise of Richardson at the expense of Fielding I ve read neither but the tone of Johnson s appraisal one is all noble sentiment, the other low raillery that teaches bad morals is quaint and hectoring, and makes me want to read Fielding.

  3. Mandy says:
    Read Samuel Richardson s Pamela first This is the hilarious spoof of that famous work It s a literary geek necessity.

  4. Sabine says:
    2.5 5 stars, ultimate average rating Didn t love it, didn t hate it, just felt very meh about it Not a book I ll remember or reread

  5. Indah says:
    Joseph Andrews 3.5 starsShamela 4.5 starsShamela might just be my favourite parody ever Thank you Henry Fielding for pointing out the lovely hypocrisy of Pamela, laughed my head off

  6. Dan Schwent says:
    This was a reading assignment from my then girlfriend during her 19th century novels class It was an interesting read Parson Adams overshadows the title character by miles, though.

  7. Zoë says:
    Better than Pamela but only because it s a lot shorter ans less tedious Though, I dislike Pamela and Shamela for pretty different reasons Joseph Andrews as far as I can tell because I haven t actually read the whole thing is almost decent, though Might just be my perception of it inbetween Pamela and Shamela.

  8. Kazima says:
    I really enjoyed this book the second time around because I could understand a lot of the literary and mythological references much better NOTE Because this book is so old, I would recommend the Oxford World s Classics edition which has a great introduction and explanatory notes I haven t read Pamela Or Virtue Rewarded, and I don t think that it is really necessary, at least not if you bother to find out about it and the feud between Richardson and Fielding well explained in the OWC edition.It t [...]

  9. Lara says:
    So far, I don t like this book much It s slow and overly written I also don t care for his random interjections of nonsense I hope no one asks me about this in my comp exams.Me liking this book is just not going to work I hate how slowly the book is as well as the virtuous messages throughout the enitre novel I personally believe that the world would have been a better place without Joseph Andrews, Pamela, Shamela, and Anti Pamela If you don t like 18th century literature, don t read this.

  10. Rachel says:
    Dreadful Boring Another one of those books they force English students to read They are both parodies of Pamela, which is also irritating I could only force myself to read volume 1 of Joseph Andrews because it was so sleep inducing.

  11. Patricia says:
    From this book I learned that attractive women in the 18c were in constant danger of being groped or abducted, that reading Aeschylus does not make you an expert in irony, and that you should always be suspicious of the identity of your parents.

  12. Matthew says:
    Few great books can have inspired two other great works of literature that were written for the purpose of ridiculing it There can also be few works of literature that helped to inspire another author of conservative leanings to contribute towards one of the greatest innovations in English literature However, this was to be the fate of Pamela, an epistolary novel by Samuel Richardson, which was to provide the springboard for the two works of Henry Fielding contained in this book.Richardson s nov [...]

  13. Andrea says:
    First of all, while I understand Fielding is drawing from Pamela in Joseph Andrews, I cannot get past the fact that at the end of Pamela, Richardson explicitly states that Pamela s two brothers died long before the time of the novel and that they are the reason fro Pamela s parents debt So I wish I could integrate Joseph s story into the world of Pamela, but it s not possible.That being said, this novel s plot is driven by Abraham Adams than Joseph Also, Fielding is in love with the Greek epic, [...]

  14. Larissa Waibel says:
    Admittedly, I only read Shamela and excerpts of Joseph Andrews, this is wonderful and hilarious satire on Pamela Thumbs up, and I will come back to this is I need a good laugh.

  15. Julia says:
    The only good thing and somewhat interesting was the end I means this book is old, but I don t know I can t just let it slide because of that

  16. Bucket says:
    Absolutely hilarious Cudgel sticks and saucy jackanapes abound I LOVE this story it s ridiculous, it s fun, it s zany, and it s well thought out too Parson Adams is a wonderful character and a very unique and full creation Fielding does an excellent job of making us love him while also laughing at him The story here is, at times, convenient, but the point hypocrisy and vanity are ridiculous comes across really well, as does the satire I really enjoyed all the supplemental materials in this editi [...]

  17. J A says:
    A rare combination of the high brow and the bawdy comical A journey completed by a host of characters, each loveable in their own way Joseph and his unfaltering nobility, Parson Adams with his focus on Christian virtues but also willingness to have a drunken brawl at every occasion, and the rest across eighteenth century England The intrigues and other contrived occurences work because they are such deft parodies of Defoe and Richardson The narrative is frequently interrupted by a self conscious [...]

  18. Abrar says:
    There is among the critics contemporary to fielding some who praised Richardson over Fielding and this calls for a second examination of how it is perceived now I am afraid I am not different that those some two hundred years ago Truly Fielding seem to miss the point in a novel This response to Pamela, in my opinion, has little to offer in terms of a compelling plot you want to parody Pamela by all means do but provide me with an enjoyable account instead of a long boring joke that in every turn [...]

  19. Dree says:
    Shamela gets a solid 3.5 stars It is quite funny though only if you have read Pamela Otherwise many of the jokes will not work Unfortunately, Shamela is only about 50 pages.Joseph Andrews gets 2 stars It certainly has its moments I found parts 1, 3, and 4, to be the strongest Part 2, though, I found to be long and tiring and I did not like the character of Parson Adams, even if he was meant to represent someone or a certain sort of Parson Again, it help to have read Pamela as Joseph Andrews is m [...]

  20. Alexis (hookedtobooks) says:
    This book was an alright read It definitely moved slowly, but it had interesting characters Written and published in the first half of the 18th century, the book looks at the theme of virtue Joseph Andrews is a footman for a gentleman s family, and when this gentleman dies, his wife tries to deduce him Pleading chastity, Joseph is fired from her service What then follows is an adventure to find his beloved, Fanny, whom he hopes to marry soon, even though they are both poor When he meets up with [...]

  21. Justin Evans says:
    Richardson seems to me to be a prig Defoe completely insufferable Swift and Pope perhaps too smarmy even for me And I like smarm According to the introduction Fielding s meant to be conservative than Richardson these novels both take their main characters from Richardson s Pamela , but as far as I can tell, this is an almost meaningless statement Unlike Richardson and his characters, Fielding and his are warm and kind Fielding attacks the stupidities of human kind that need attacking, and he s [...]

  22. Rachel Brand says:
    Read for EN3161 The Development of the Novel to 1840 2012 I really tried to finish Joseph Andrews but I found it so incredibly tedious, both as an audiobook and a physical book There were so many classic references that I didn t understand that made me wonder whether a modern reader, without a classical education, can truly appreciate this book I know that some people find the humour in this novel absolutely hilarious, but I wasn t one of them I made it about halfway through this book before giv [...]

  23. Hayden says:
    I only have to read Joseph Andrews for university so my review is barely solely on that novel, not Shamela And I wish I could say that the fact it has taken me nearly a month to read shows that I wanted to savour it Nope It s because I just didn t enjoy it I didn t really care for the story line to be quite honest, I stopped following that about 50 pages in , nor could I remember any of the characters I did like the social commentary, especially exploring the role of the gentleman, but the actua [...]

  24. Chris says:
    The thing is here, that while I think Shamela was a bit too obvious, as far as Fielding s satire goes, Joseph Andrews is incredibly good It s hard to judge a book like this, when it has two distinct parts.Shamela is worthless unless you ve read the novel it is making fun of, Pamela by Samuel Richardson It s funny, but just takes the same barbs you would expect at anything written from such a holier than thou perspective.Strangely, Joseph Andrews is also a parody of Pamela, but is not so direct o [...]

  25. VeganMedusa says:
    Shamela was funnier than Joseph Andrews Joseph dragged I m sure it was much funnier in its time though, but not being able to appreciate references to now obscure people or literature of the day I was rather left with the bawdy humour Mrs Slipslop, Mr and Lady Booby, etc Things picked up in the last 50 pages, and my first out loud laugh was on page 277 without spoiling it when Parson Adams s long speech ending with Abraham and Isaac was followed by the servant coming in and announcing something [...]

  26. Richard says:
    Not Fielding s most brilliant work, maybe because it s too referential Granted, Richardson s Pamela is well worth the stabs Fielding takes, but I want to go back to Tom Jones now because of what I knew it had and this doesn t Fielding writes brilliant sentences and offers great and humorous looks into the human animal, but this isn t as compelling as the tale of the handsome young ne er do well.

  27. Emily says:
    It was a bit drilling because of the language and the multiple references and footnotes But it was interesting and funny enough, at least the stuff I caught Surely with a better knowledge of the context and the English of the time I could have enjoyed it much better, though I especially liked all the twingling drama between families, servants, and class relations, and the most boring stuff to me were the small adventures along the way, at the inns and stuff I hope my lecturer gives me a broarder [...]

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