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The Boy from Lam Kien

ñ The Boy from Lam Kien ✓ Miranda July - The Boy from Lam Kien, The Boy from Lam Kien A strange and lovely story about an agoraphobe s encounter with a young boy Miranda July is a filmmaker performance artist writer and multi media tour de force Read this and you ll understand why Mi
  • Title: The Boy from Lam Kien
  • Author: Miranda July
  • ISBN: 9780976047827
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback

ñ The Boy from Lam Kien ✓ Miranda July, ñ The Boy from Lam Kien ✓ Miranda July - The Boy from Lam Kien, The Boy from Lam Kien A strange and lovely story about an agoraphobe s encounter with a young boy Miranda July is a filmmaker performance artist writer and multi media tour de force Read this and you ll understand why Mi

  • ñ The Boy from Lam Kien ✓ Miranda July
    339 Miranda July
The Boy from Lam Kien

About Author

  1. Miranda July says:
    Miranda July born February 15, 1974 is a performance artist, musician, writer, actress and film director She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, after having lived for many years in Portland, Oregon Born Miranda Jennifer Grossinger, she works under the surname of July, which can be traced to a character from a girlzine Miranda created with a high school friend called Snarla Miranda July was born in Barre, Vermont, the daughter of Lindy Hough and Richard Grossinger Her parents, who taught at Goddard College at the time, are both writers In 1974 they founded North Atlantic Books, a publisher of alternative health, martial arts, and spiritual titles Miranda was encouraged to work on her short fiction by author and friend of a friend, Rick Moody.Miranda grew up in Berkeley, California, where she first began writing plays and staging them at the all ages club 924 Gilman She later attended UC Santa Cruz, dropping out in her sopho year After leaving college, she moved to Portland, Oregon and took up performance art Her performances were successful she has been quoted as saying she has not worked a day job since she was 23 years old.FilmmakingFilmmaker Magazine rated her number one in their 25 New Faces of Indie Film in 2004 After winning a slot in a Sundance workshop, she developed her first feature length film, Me and You and Everyone We Know, which opened in 2005 The film won The Cam ra d Or prize in The Cannes Festival 2005.Beginning in 1996, while residing in Portland, July began a project called Joanie4Jackie originally called Big Miss Moviola which solicited short films by women, which she compiled onto video cassettes, using the theme of a chain letter She then sent the cassette to the participants, and to subscribers to the series, and offered them for sale to others interested In addition to the chain letter series, July began a second series called the Co Star Series, in which she invited friends from larger cities to select a group of films outside of the chain letter submissions The curators included Miranda July, Rita Gonzalez, and Astria Suparak The Joanie4Jackie series also screened at film festivals and DIY movie events So far, thirteen editions have been released, the latest in 2002.At her speaking engagement at the Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco s Mission District on May 16, 2007, July mentioned that she is currently working on a new film.MusicShe recorded her first EP for Kill Rock Stars in 1996, entitled Margie Ruskie Stops Time, with music by The Need After that, she released two full length LPs, 10 Million Hours A Mile in 1997 and Binet Simon Test in 1998, both released on Kill Rock Stars In 1999 she made a split EP with IQU, released on K Records.Screen WriterMiranda co wrote the Wayne Wang feaure length film The Center of the World MultimediaIn 1998, July made her first full length multimedia performance piece, Love Diamond, in collaboration with composer Zac Love and with help from artist Jamie Isenstein she called it a live movie She performed it at venues around the country, including the New York Video Festival, The Kitchen, and Yo yo a Go go in Olympia She created her next major full length performance piece, The Swan Tool, in 2000, also in collaboration with Love, with digital production work by Mitsu Hadeishi She performed this piece in venues around the world, including the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.In 2006, after completing her first feature film, she went on to create another multimedia piece, Things We Don t Understand and Definitely are Not Going To Talk About, which she performed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.Her short story The Boy from Lam Kien was published in 2005 by Cloverfield Press, as a special edition book.

Comment 235 on “The Boy from Lam Kien

  1. Matthew says:
    I took twenty seven steps and then I stopped Next to the juniper bush.Lam Kien Beauty Salon was before me,and my front door was behind me It s not agoraphobia, because I am not actually afraid of leaving the house.The fear hits about twenty seven steps away from the house, right around the juniper bush I have studied it and determined that it is not a real bush, and I have reversed this theory, and I have done everything I can not to turnaround and go home, even if it means standing there foreve [...]

  2. Archer says:
    I don t know what the definition of book is supposed to be, but this is a short story that has been bound That said, the story told in this book is a perfect representation, a symbiotic parallel, of its binding It is a small, beautiful, somewhat strange object that you come across suddenly, spend a few long minutes of quality time with, and then it is gone The parallels between the act of reading this story, and the content of the story itself, are fantastic Unrelatedly, I read it at a Caucus ev [...]

  3. Julieann says:
    ok, i didn t read this one i listened to it.i have an mp3 of miranda july performing this story if you don t mind the poor quality, i can email it to you

  4. Dave says:
    Liked it, but is kind of pointless to search for, because as I found out after ordering a copy online , it s included in Nobody Belongs Here More Than You Nice cover though

  5. Igor says:
    I was surprised to find it here, to be honest First of all, it s a very short story, and second, as someone else has already mentioned, it s included in her collection No One Belongs Here More Than You.That being said, it s an excellent little piece about a first person, agoraphobic narrator probably female and how she finds a way to expand her very small world by inflating it with a little fantasy.In places, it is slightly reminiscent of Jorge Luis Borges even one paragrapher On Exactitude in S [...]

  6. Elizabeth says:
    It s only one story, but I enjoyed it I really like Miranda July s stories They are weird and familiar and touching Sometimes they touch you in funny places This book also has a really pretty pressing on its cover.

  7. Brenna says:
    this is a sweet little zine, the story not exactly sweet, and it s not my favorite July shot story, but it is amazing.

  8. Anjle says:
    A short story included in No One Belongs Here More Than You I d recommend you just get the book with this and many other stories including The Man On The Stairs.

  9. Leah says:
    I enjoy Miranda July and her offbeat, silly sense of humor The relationships she creates are simultaneously awkward and beautiful.

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