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The Book of (Holiday) Awesome

Free Read The Book of (Holiday) Awesome - by Neil Pasricha - The Book of (Holiday) Awesome, The Book of Holiday Awesome There s nothing like the holidays They bring out the best and sometimes the worst in everyone Luckily Neil Pasricha is here to remind us that not only are the holidays great but there s actually ev
  • Title: The Book of (Holiday) Awesome
  • Author: Neil Pasricha
  • ISBN: 9780399158599
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read The Book of (Holiday) Awesome - by Neil Pasricha, Free Read The Book of (Holiday) Awesome - by Neil Pasricha - The Book of (Holiday) Awesome, The Book of Holiday Awesome There s nothing like the holidays They bring out the best and sometimes the worst in everyone Luckily Neil Pasricha is here to remind us that not only are the holidays great but there s actually ev

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  • Free Read The Book of (Holiday) Awesome - by Neil Pasricha
    104 Neil Pasricha
The Book of (Holiday) Awesome

About Author

  1. Neil Pasricha says:
    Hey peeps,Pass me a drink Let s chill on the ripped couch at the back I love this place Book lovers are my favorite people And my favorite lovers My name is Neil Pasricha PASS REACH AH and I m the New York Times blah blah bestselling author of The Happiness Equation and The Book of Awesome series My books have published a lot of languages I can t read, spent eight years and over 200 weeks on bestseller lists, and sold millions of copies But, it didn t start out like that Ten years ago my wife left me and my best friend took his own life in the span of a few weeks I channeled my energies into writing a blog called 1000 Awesome Things to cheer myself up And I gave a TED Talk about it called The 3 A s of Awesome The blog took off and won the Webby for Best Blog in the World two years in a row and scored over 50 million hits What was I doing during all this Working at Walmart I spent a decade as Director of Leadership Development there and developed a passion for managing and developing people when studying at Queen s 2002 and Harvard 2007 You can learn about what I m up to now at globalhappiness and right here as I love answering your questions Thanks for checking me out on.Neilneil globalhappiness

Comment 167 on “The Book of (Holiday) Awesome

  1. Jasmine says:
    A very cute book full of awesome things I especially enjoyed the dig at Frosty the Snowman Perhaps this is the year I try eggnog.

  2. Traci says:
    As I was straightening up the shelves at the big library the other day, I came across this wonderful little offering from Pasricha If you read this blog, you know I have read his first book of Awesome, as well as the sequel, and have highly recommended both I missed this one when it was first published, and since it s been hotter than you know where lately, I thought I d treat myself to some Christmas in July awesomeness I should have known that Pasricha would offer up than yuletide greetings t [...]

  3. Jessica White says:
    Holidays got you down Need a pick me up Grab the Book of Holiday Awesome and flip to whatever holiday has gotten you frazzled.I read The Book of Awesome and The Book of Even More Awesome many years ago, but just now got my hands on a copy of this one and I LOVE IT.The Book of Holiday Awesome includes Post Thanksgiving napsReal bearded SantasDrinking with GrandmaHalloween candy tradingIt hits on all the important traditions and all the holidays you love.It really is a pick me up to remember the g [...]

  4. Laura says:
    This isn t so much a review as much as it s me praising this book and its author I had the most amazing opportunity to meet Neil at the Indigo holiday party and he has got to be one of the most genuinely nice people I ve ever met Even though my friend and I were super nervous excited to meet him he had a way of making us feel a lot calm and relaxed He s a person that you just feel comfortable around you want to stay and chat too because you feel you could have some amazing conversations, and th [...]

  5. ❀ Susan G says:
    ayearofbooksblog 2016 12 As part of a holiday reading challenge I visited the library and borrowed The Book of Holiday Awesome This was written by Canadian author, Neil Pasricha who I was privileged to meet in November at The Art of Leadership Conference To prepare for the holidays I had been looking for a holiday book that was inclusive of holidays other than just Christmas This book shares awesome thoughts Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa as well as other holidays throughout the year It helps t [...]

  6. Jes Adams says:
    I love these Awesome books, and this one did not disappoint They always make me feel so happy, and I laughed out loud in several spots Thank you Mr Pasricha you did it again

  7. Rachel says:
    Not as great as the first two books Also when I saw this at the library, I only skimmed it, looking at the first few entries and mistakenly thought it was all about Christmas Oops Some entries in here made me smile or go oh yes That is Awesome But most of them were not my cup of tea Oh well, at least it was a quick read.

  8. Monique says:
    So I watched his TedTalk last week and wanted to check out some of his books I wasn t real impressed you this as it is simple stuff But he wrote it when I didn tess that why he is making money and I mNot.

  9. Deborah-Ruth says:
    A collection of cute little inspirations of holiday cheer This book covered all the major holidays ranging from Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa to Mother s Day and the 4th of July It was a good read, but some of the ideas were featured in his other book The Book of Awesome.

  10. Mary says:
    This isn t a book I would read again, but it definitely had creative descriptions of ordinary events and holiday fun Some pages made me smile, and the best ones brought reminders of life s happiest moments The Book of Awesome was just AWESOME.

  11. Jan says:
    If you enjoy the details and sentimentality of Christmas, you ll like this book A good read for some humor, ideas and memories before the holidays.

  12. Hillary Moldovan says:
    Silly, not all that funny after you know the joke.

  13. Meghan says:
    For this book, Pasricha has taken every holiday and compiled a list, if you will, of all the possible awesome things that happen at that given time From Christmas, to Valentine s Day, Mother s Day to Halloween and everything in between there is sure to be something for everyone This book gives its reader the warm and fuzzy feelings as they read about some of the best times of the year This book also includes holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and even Diwali not only do we get to read about t [...]

  14. Chris Edwards says:
    That moment near the holidays when there s suddenly cookies, chocolate, and candy everywhereIf we re gonna get fat, let s get fat together 9The smell of a fresh Christmas tree I grew up on artificialThere were red for long ones, orange for medium, and yellow for the short baby ones on top p 14Driving around town to see all the Christmas lights p 35Becoming a doctor in The Game of Life p 45Using the stock answer for a Trivial Pursuit category and getting the pie piece p 46Staring into a fire p 48 [...]

  15. Sheri-lee says:
    There are some good ers in here Like When the wrapping paper lines up perfectly when you go to tape it Wrapping is serious Yes, somewhere between peeling tape, snipping corners, and curling ribbons, you start obsessing over all the little details And sure, if you re like me your present just ends up a corner dented patchwork of twisted tape and shoddy edges But for the pros there s something sweet about getting the whole thing looking jusssssssst right AWESOME hahahahahhaha Oh man, it s so true. [...]

  16. Tiffany says:
    I think that there is a lot of bad in the world The news is always filled with homicides or wars or any number of awful things But, when you pick up one of Neil s books, you are instantly reminded of the little things that make the world great I don t always agree with some of the things that he deems awesome, but that s usually only because I haven t looked at something the same way as him But every now and then he pegs on something that I thought I was the only one who loved It s always nice t [...]

  17. Carlee says:
    I didn t spend much time looking at the book while I was at the library, so I thought this book was something different than what it turned out to be My fault for not reading the first few pages the page I did turn to was where he s talking about unwrapping gifts which is a little less warm and fuzzy, and not so yay, everything is awesome.The book wasn t bad, but it s just not my cup of tea Guess I m too cynical at least it was a short book though and some of the sections were a little funny.

  18. Meagan says:
    In a word this book is of course awesome Not only does The Book of Holiday Awesome cover winter holidays, it covers holidays during the whole year I would recommend this book for the person who is feeling overwhelmed during this Christmas season it is a nice little break to remind yourself that while you may be annoyed with the crowds, and planning holiday feasts with crazy family members in the end it will all be worth it Awesome the last entry in the book is one of my favourites that I know I [...]

  19. Kaitie says:
    The Awesome books are always a lot of fun They re quick and easy to read with each entry only being a few pages, and I m always amazed at how many of the awesome things included are ones that I would have chosen myself This holiday version isn t my favorite of the three, but definitely worth reading and gets you into the holiday spirit Plus I learned about some holidays I don t celebrate, so that was a bonus.

  20. Janet says:
    I was charmed by Pasricha s first book, The Book of Awesome and I grabbed this one as soon as I saw it While the author makes good points, and brought several smiles to my face, this wasn t nearly as entertaining as the first book It tries too hard to reach the same level of whimsy and the rhyming left me cold.

  21. Krissy says:
    Gave this 2 5 stars it was okay rating because honestly, it was too over the top for me A lot of the awesome felt forced Yes, I do appreciate the idea that we can find something to enjoy in everything but the fake cheeriness took away from that.Maybe I just wasn t in the right head space to enjoy this .

  22. Nicole says:
    I got this for Christmas last year and decided instead of reading it all at once, I would read a few pages at each holiday in the book so that I could savor the awesome throughout the year I m so glad I did Neil has a way of making you realize that even the simplest things are awesome if you ll only take the time to enjoy them

  23. Michelle says:
    I liked the other 2 awesome books This one was very specific since dealing with holidays I did connect with a few like driving around seeing xmas lights, getting the bigger piece of the wishbone, and having the solid bunny instead of the hollow chocolate one Overall it felt forced trying to deal with holidays.

  24. Lisa says:
    I love this book Love This Book You should all read it It takes no time but it had me laughing and smiling and remembering I jotted notes in the book so next year I can add I love that it hits pretty much all the holidays through out the year.This may mean I now need to buy the original book, The Book of Awesome so I can read one daily.

  25. Betsy says:
    I get the blog updates from 1000 Awesome Things in my inbox daily, and it s a nice reminder of the good things in life we take for granted This version covers the good things about the holidays that are awesome such as finding a parking spot at the crowded malls, drinking with grandma, wrapping a present perfectly, etc.

  26. Violet says:
    I bought this book on a whim while online shopping for holiday gifts, and I really enjoyed it It s a fun, light read that was perfect for reading during holiday downtime when I was too braindead to read something heavier It s nice to focus on simple pleasures, and this book was definitely great for putting the holidays in perspective.

  27. Danika says:
    Still awesome, but not as good as the other two, mostly because there were a lot of repeats in this book of awesome things already mentioned in the others I also found some of the awesome things less easy to relate to, though I loved the Christmas ones, and the ones about holidays I didn t know much about D Definitely recommend this very quick read during the holidays.

  28. Pam (The Girl Who Cried Books) says:
    As you struggked you empathized, as you slipped you understood, as you worked you earned you looked you learned you dared you grewd as you jumped you flew.Your dreams are still focusing and your passion is growing Your energy is still bubbling and your story keeps going.

  29. Tracey Peake says:
    This was a fun pick me up read With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays we really do forget to cherish all the little things This book reminded me that there is always a bit of AWESOME in everything we do, read it, it will put a smile on your face

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