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Pure Sin

Free Read Pure Sin - by Susan Johnson - Pure Sin, Pure Sin PURE TEMPTATIONLady Flora Bonham couldn t help but be tantalized by Adam Serre s potent sensuality It made no difference that she d only just met the exotic half blood or that he was the scandal of po
  • Title: Pure Sin
  • Author: Susan Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780553299564
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Pure Sin - by Susan Johnson, Free Read Pure Sin - by Susan Johnson - Pure Sin, Pure Sin PURE TEMPTATIONLady Flora Bonham couldn t help but be tantalized by Adam Serre s potent sensuality It made no difference that she d only just met the exotic half blood or that he was the scandal of po

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  • Free Read Pure Sin - by Susan Johnson
    103 Susan Johnson
Pure Sin

About Author

  1. Susan Johnson says:
    And it all began rather serendipitously Long ago, as they say, in another time, when fast food hadn t reached our area and the only shopping was what the feed mill offered, I was reading a book that annoyed me My husband was lying beside me in bed, watching TV Turning to him, I sort of petulantly said, How the hell did this book get published If you think you re so smart, he replied, with one eye still on the TV, why don t you write a book So I did And very badly I ve since learned how to do, he said, she said, and a great variety of other adverb heavy, sometimes lengthy explanations of why my characters are saying what they re saying, along with finally coming to an understanding of what things like POV means Point of View for you non writers Although, I still don t fully comprehend why it matters if you switch POV and I cavalierly disregard it as much as possible So while my technical skills have hopefully improved, what hasn t changed is my great joy in writing There s as much pleasure today in listening to my characters talk while I type as fast as I can, as there was the first time I put dialogue to paper in long hand, then, in my leather bound sketch book.

Comment 530 on “Pure Sin

  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:
    REVIEW AND SERIES DETAILS THIS WEEK If you have any questions in the interim, please ask away

  2. Christine says:
    This is what every romance novel should be like HOT HOT HOT

  3. Angela says:
    So far, Ms Johnson is all over the place I feel no connection to either Flora or Adam Hope it gets better.It took me awhile to get into this story but I admit I liked it once I began to care about the h h I think the problem with this book was Flora and Adam had mad passionate sex within an hour of meeting and had no real emotions behind the act At least that s my take on Pure Sin But as love grew between the two, so did my emotions for this story This is not one of my favorite SJ novels but it [...]

  4. Melissa says:
    Still goodI read this book many years ago This is one that stood the test of time.It was fun fast paced and steamy I enjoyed it

  5. Maura says:
    I liked the descriptions of the landscape our couple encounter The hero was kind of hot and the heroine was smart and not a doormat There was a lot of sexual chemistry but not a lot of belief that this couple will have the hea I want to be sure of.

  6. Thea says:
    Fast paced and engaging first half but dragging and lengthy middle part up to the end Too vulgar at times.

  7. Becky says:
    Its starts off really different and a page turner But the end was a let down.

  8. Dianne Salzwedel says:
    English lady is studying the Indians with her father, when she goes for a half breed Good Sex

  9. Ndhud says:
    my first susan johnson s book,and this book absolutely shocked me because it s really hot for some kind of historical romance But still i liked it too

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