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Unlimited Charleston - by Alexandra Ripley - Charleston, Charleston From the years of war to the Ragtime Era Elizabeth Tradd is the center of an unforgettable family She is a woman who experiences the horrors of life a passion that comes to but a lucky few
  • Title: Charleston
  • Author: Alexandra Ripley
  • ISBN: 9780446360005
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Charleston - by Alexandra Ripley, Unlimited Charleston - by Alexandra Ripley - Charleston, Charleston From the years of war to the Ragtime Era Elizabeth Tradd is the center of an unforgettable family She is a woman who experiences the horrors of life a passion that comes to but a lucky few

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  • Unlimited Charleston - by Alexandra Ripley
    420 Alexandra Ripley

About Author

  1. Alexandra Ripley says:
    Alexandra Ripley was an American writer best known as the author of Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind Her first novel was Who s the Lady in the President s Bed Charleston, her first historical novel, was a bestseller, as were her next books On Leaving Charleston, The Time Returns, and New Orleans Legacy Scarlett received some bad reviews, but was very successful nonetheless She attended the elite Ashley Hall, in Charleston, South Carolina, and Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.She died in Richmond, Virginia, and is survived by two daughters from her first marriage to Leonard Ripley, a son in law and granddaughter, Alexandra Elizabeth.Ripley has also published works under the name B.K Ripley.

Comment 256 on “Charleston

  1. Misfit says:
    Don t be fooled by the cover, this is NOT a historical romance Although it s also not the most engaging piece of historical fiction I ve read either Which is unfortunate, as there are so few books written about the Civil War and it s aftermath on the people and their families Charleston is the story of the Lizzie Elizabeth Tradd and her brother Pinny Pinckney Tradd of Charleston, South Carolina and starts just prior to the end of the war Pinny is injured in battle and returns home with Shad Joe [...]

  2. Sara Jo Schmidt says:
    Ahhhother historical fiction to please my soul First I will say, do not plan on reading this unless you decide to read the sequel titled On Leaving Charleston I will start on the sequel this evening, and hoping it provides wrap up of a previous plot line in this book It s 19th century The story begins at the end of the civil ware Yankees take Charleston How will these upper class Charleston families survive their traditions and way of life under military rule By pretending it s not happening, th [...]

  3. Kelly says:
    Ripley was trying to do for Charleston what GWTW did for Atlanta Everything was set up like Charleston was this mysterious, complicated society and the reader is getting a rare view Many of the characters Ripley establishes in her Charleston book she later plonks into Scarlett That doesn t seem sporting, somehow.

  4. Coco says:
    Sch ner Familienepos Aber das Ende, das macht mich fertig.

  5. Clarisse says:
    Wonderful So emotional with amazing characters.

  6. Katy M says:
    I d rate this somewhere between a 3 and a 4 There are a lot of great characters, but nobody ever gets to be happy Elizabeth is one of the few characters all the way through the book, as the time span goes from 1862 to 1898, and I think she s supposed to be the main character, and I m not entirely sure I like her I feel like there s a mystery that never gets solved, but maybe I m just reading too much into an incident.

  7. Barbie says:
    I loved this book the moment I picked it up My attention isn t usually grabbed very quickly in the beginning of books but seeing how I m from Charleston I wanted to see where the plot of the book was going to go.It was definitely one of those books I couldn t put down unless I absolutely had to And the copy I have of the book is like super old It s been in the family for years so I had to be super careful with it and that s super hard because when I get into a book I tend to get a little rough w [...]

  8. Elizabeth Ruth says:
    So this obviously isn t any great work of literature, but it holds its own as a southern novel of a certain type, where the characters are all stereotypes but that s kind of the point An excellent summer vacation read, easy to start and stop a zillion times I enjoyed this thoroughly until the end, which isnt an end It races up to a tantalizing page turner and thenops Apparently Ripley has written a sequel that finishes the saga called On Leaving Charleston Obviously annoying But I will be readin [...]

  9. Julianne Dunn says:
    Suggested by Holly ColemanThis is a 4.5 star book I was struggling with the first chapters The characters were so cliche that I couldn t deal with them But I pushed through because it was a recommendation Somewhere in the first part of the book, I found I was completely sucked in At one point I was actually holding my breath in anxiousness I laughed and I cried The ending is abrupt and I kept turning the page back and forth, trying to figure out why it had ended where it did I could have read .

  10. Lara says:
    It took me 2 years to read this book, so my review should probably be ignored I learned a lot about Charleston and the South, especially in the Reconstruction period after the Civil War I liked Ripley s characters, and I liked how she wove their story into history But the book never held me spellbound, thus taking 2 years to finish reading it.A year later, I find that I still remember 80% of this book, so I have changed my review from 2 stars to 4 Any book that leaves that strong of an impressio [...]

  11. L says:
    I am not really sure how I feel about this book Ripley has the same Charleston characters in this book as in her sequel to Gone with the Wind, Scarlett, and that was strange I was taken aback by the familiar characters Despite that feeling of d j vu, I really fell in love with Lizzie, Pinny, Lucy, and Shad The story was frustrating, and it ended abruptly So back to my original conclusion, I am not sure how I feel about this book.

  12. Carrie says:
    Alexandra Ripley wrote the sequel to Gone with the Wind and I think that this book is her way of rewriting the ending of GWTW to her own satisfaction There were some remarkable similarities between the two stories but I couldn t shake the feeling that I was reading GWTW Lite Not a bad read, mind you, it certainly kept me amused for over a week and Ms Ripley is a wonderful writer so I was quite happy with it.

  13. Jennifer says:
    Ripley wrote a 2 part saga tracing several of Charleston societies oldest families, and following them through about 70 years of history, overlapping the Civil War both novels were excellent, written very, very well.

  14. Stacy says:
    Another great bookOld Southerner Families and their struggles.You will live the characters lives and fall in love with some and hate some toowas excited to find out that there was another book after this one and the saga continueslove love love this book and Alexandra Ripely

  15. Carole says:
    I really enjoyed the mix of fact and fiction Ripley really makes it sound as if Charleston really is a place unique.

  16. Jan Lloyd says:
    Well written saga of the Civil War era city of Charleston Characters are very well developed.

  17. HeavyReader says:
    Another one that I remember nothing about except that I really liked it at the time, the time being high school or maybe even junior high.

  18. Linda Visser says:
    Alexandra Ripley writes historical fiction I am always attracted to that Her books are easy to get lost in Nice escape with a history lesson attached.

  19. Lindsay says:
    I was very interested in the characters and the depiction of post war Charleston Couldn t put it down.

  20. Lauren says:
    I read this in high school for a book report or something and thought it was a great account of Charleston pre and post civil war Good characters and a good story.

  21. Vikki says:
    Starts in Civil War times Excellent book One of the best novels that I have read in a long time.

  22. Jenn Smith says:
    This is the book that started my love for SC fiction.

  23. Tammy says:
    The only good part was the murder in the middle of the book I thought it was getting better at that point, but it wasn t.

  24. Tracy says:
    I read this as a teenager, and it made such an impresion that I still recall the names of the streets, architecture, and neighborhoods in Charleston A good, easy historical read.

  25. Barbara Wiley says:
    This is among my favorites over the years I read a many types of books, this is at the top of my Historical Fiction for Entertainment list.

  26. Caryn says:
    Good book A little slow at times, but good enough to keep going Not crazy about the ending Have to read the sequel to find out Elizabeth s decision

  27. Laura Millerick says:
    sstarted reading on 6 1 94, i really love reading historical fiction.

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