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On Leaving Charleston

On Leaving Charleston Best Download || [Alexandra Ripley] - On Leaving Charleston, On Leaving Charleston From the waning glory of the Old SouthThe plantation house the lands the golden traditions of Ashley Barony made it the pride of Charleston But its fortunes fell violently irrevocably on Margaret
  • Title: On Leaving Charleston
  • Author: Alexandra Ripley
  • ISBN: 9780446360012
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback

On Leaving Charleston Best Download || [Alexandra Ripley], On Leaving Charleston Best Download || [Alexandra Ripley] - On Leaving Charleston, On Leaving Charleston From the waning glory of the Old SouthThe plantation house the lands the golden traditions of Ashley Barony made it the pride of Charleston But its fortunes fell violently irrevocably on Margaret

  • On Leaving Charleston Best Download || [Alexandra Ripley]
    130 Alexandra Ripley
On Leaving Charleston

About Author

  1. Alexandra Ripley says:
    Alexandra Ripley was an American writer best known as the author of Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind Her first novel was Who s the Lady in the President s Bed Charleston, her first historical novel, was a bestseller, as were her next books On Leaving Charleston, The Time Returns, and New Orleans Legacy Scarlett received some bad reviews, but was very successful nonetheless She attended the elite Ashley Hall, in Charleston, South Carolina, and Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.She died in Richmond, Virginia, and is survived by two daughters from her first marriage to Leonard Ripley, a son in law and granddaughter, Alexandra Elizabeth.Ripley has also published works under the name B.K Ripley.

Comment 451 on “On Leaving Charleston

  1. Sara Jo Schmidt says:
    This is one of the rare occasions where the sequel was better than the original The reason I liked this one was because it was not as predictable as the first one In the original Charleston , I could practically see when danger was coming I knew what was coming and when it was going to come Still enjoyed it, but was not the same in this enthralling sequel This book was a prime example of some SERIOUS girl on girl hate Namely a mother in law against a daughter in law who really didn t deserve it [...]

  2. Dorothy says:
    A great book of the South in the early 1900 s.A story of how the blood lines of persons were importantthan the amount of money they may have.A young Southern 17 year old girl marries a man from a familywith money and goes to live in Europe and lives a very wildlife The mother does not approve of her because she had livedin Charleston as a child also and was in love with this girl s father but did not marry him Revenge is very prominate in thetelling this story I really enjoyed this story as I a [...]

  3. Elizabeth Ruth says:
    So this is the sequel to another Ripley tome, which I had to read immediately because the first book ends on a cliffhanger And I almost put this down than once, because the cliffhanger doesn t end for the first 300 pages of this one I fumed and raged and read on, because I couldnt give up hope And I was vindicated This is a tremendously satisfying and salacious sequel to the first Charleston book, if you can forgive the ridiculous narrative structure and prolonged cliffhanger Ripley loves to wr [...]

  4. Paula Mccallum says:
    Historical fiction is my genre This covered, not only my beloved adopted home of SC, but the fascinating events of the first third of the 20th century the South, still recovering from the wohwah civil war and adjusting to a new way of life, the dawning of the age of the automobile, electric lights the telephone, the roaring 20 s, the Europe of F Scott Zelda Fitzgerald Ernest Hemingway a seriously fast crowd

  5. Chris says:
    Alexandra Ripley has a gift for describing the beauty of the south I didn t enjoy the story line as much as I thought I would In the first 70 pages you enjoy 8 new characters, then she kills off 7 of em It seemed like killing off the troublemakers was her way of taking care of the difficulties, which was kind of boring It was, however, a nice light read that took almost no concentration to stay into which is great when I m trying to escape into a book for 10 min at a time.

  6. Jenn Konkel says:
    I liked the overall plot idea, but I feel the story had too much extraneous information and could have been executed much better It actually felt like two stories smushed together, the first one having very little to do with the second The ending was also very abrupt, in which the bad guy conveniently was killed, and the heroines father unbeknownst to her returns from the dead.

  7. Alicia says:
    I read this book forever ago, so i dont remember all of the details, but i do remember that it was REALLY good, just what you expect from alexandra ripley the main character is real and lovable, and the plot is amazing, spanning several decades and featuring a few smart, beautiful, kick butt southern women

  8. Melissa says:
    As with all the other Ripley books I have read, this one had a rushed ending that came abruptly Talk about deux machina too I enjoyed reading about the time period, but didn t like how they ended Garden and Sky Nor did I care for all the Charleston rules stuff I could have gotten over my dislikes if the ending were stronger Not a bad read, but it could have been a great one.

  9. Rosslyn says:
    The 1920 s are often skipped in the world of romance, not so in this wonderful novel that covers this time period elegantly and realistically This is one story that is full of historical facts The author gives the reader a refreshingly accurate depiction of life as a 1920 s flapper, a lifestyle which she shows was not without its repercussions.

  10. Raye says:
    Another one that was great I was happy with how it turned out but really got mad at some of the charectors in her book That s how you can tell it is a good book how invloved you get with the people.

  11. Lori Baldi says:
    I really liked this book and need to re read it soon This was the first book I read by Ripley and have been a fan ever since I love the time period of the 20s and the main character was exciting This is a keeper

  12. Ann says:
    Loved it LOVED it Absolutely loved it.I am a big Charleston fan, so anything about the city is just a joy for me I fell in love with the characters You need to read Ripley s first book about Charleston before this one, tho.

  13. Stacy says:
    Another good read.You fall in love with the characters and you also hate the evil mother inlawHard to put down and you feel sad when the story ends.Not that ends badly it s just you miss the characters and the story.

  14. Tammy says:
    I read this the first time way back when I heard she was going to write the sequel to Gone with the Wind.

  15. Vikki says:
    This is the continuation of the book Charleston An excellent book I really did enjoy it A clean book.

  16. Marilyn says:
    It s a bit Gone with the Wind ish, but I loved reading historical fiction on Charleston when I was there.

  17. Linda Kemp says:
    Garden s life from ugly duckling to becoming full of beauty, strength and facing the facts , realizing who you are and what you want.

  18. HeavyReader says:
    Another one that I remember nothing about except that I really liked it at the time, the time being high school or maybe even junior high.

  19. Meghan Weaver says:
    It was okay, for once I did not feel like Ripley left me flat and unfulfilled.

  20. Lindsay says:
    I got into the main character I could relate to her feelings of displacement Read it straight through.

  21. Christa says:
    I save this and pull it out to reread every few years.

  22. +*ashley*+ says:
    I have read this book so many times and still do not get tired of it.

  23. April says:
    This is one of my all time favorite books It s about to fall apart because I have read it so many times It s just a fun read

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