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✓ Phaedra ☆ Seneca - Phaedra, Phaedra Ahl s translations of three Senecan tragedies will gratify and challenge readers and performers With stage performance specifically in mind Ah renders Seneca s dramatic force in a modern idiom and s
  • Title: Phaedra
  • Author: Seneca
  • ISBN: 9780801494338
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Phaedra ☆ Seneca, ✓ Phaedra ☆ Seneca - Phaedra, Phaedra Ahl s translations of three Senecan tragedies will gratify and challenge readers and performers With stage performance specifically in mind Ah renders Seneca s dramatic force in a modern idiom and s

  • ✓ Phaedra ☆ Seneca
    123 Seneca

About Author

  1. Seneca says:
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca often known simply as Seneca ca 4 BC 65 AD was a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist, and in one work humorist, of the Silver Age of Latin literature He was tutor and later advisor to emperor Nero While he was later forced to commit suicide for alleged complicity in the Pisonian conspiracy to assassinate Nero, the last of the Julio Claudian emperors, he may have been innocent.

Comment 673 on “Phaedra

  1. Luís C. says:
    Phaedra opens with Hippolytus, son of Theseus and stepson of Phaedra, setting off on a hunt He prefers the woods to the palace, and invokes Diana, goddess of the hunt, to help his luck After his departure, Phaedra appears, racked with despair Her wet nurse inquires what it is that ails her Phaedra confesses that she is in love with Hippolytus, and recalls her own mother Pasiphae s lust for a bull a lust that gave birth to the infamous Minotaur, which Theseus himself slew She claims she is cursed [...]

  2. Fernando Ferreira says:
    Dram tico, t trico, avassalador S neca articula com arte a trag dia de Fedra a madrasta loucamente apaixonada pelo enteado, Hip lito, filho de Teseu, rei de Atenas Tal como nas demais trag dias do preceptor de Nero, aqui as fracas vozes da raz o, da serenidade e do autocontrole nada podem contra a torrente caudalosa e incontrol vel das paix es Fedra, ardendo em as por Hip lito, n o consegue refrear seus impulsos l bricos, o que leva inexoravelmente ao desastre a morte de Hip lito pelo pr prio pa [...]

  3. Jordan LeMasonry says:
    Seneca s Phaedra is actually remarkably similar to Euripides Hippolytus, although he concludes his tragedy far viciously, and with obvious violence The chief difference between the two texts is Phaedra, who herself is spared by Seneca until after Hippolytus death, thus allowing her revelation of his innocence to be all the disheartening I find Seneca s characterisation of Theseus to be a little anachronistic than Euripides in my mind Theseus was always stubborn and callous, but just and cons [...]

  4. Alp Turgut says:
    Bir ba ka Euripides oyununu yeniden yorumlayan Seneca n n ayn ad ta yan oyunu Phaedra , hikayeden ok s sl diliyle hikayeyi zenginle tirme abas i ine giren bir oyun Oyunun klasik bir Euripides trajedisi oldu unu anlamak g de il ve hikayenin mitoloji s n rlar n geli tirdi i de a k a g r l yor, ama Seneca n n s sl dilinin oyunun ak c l n engelledi ini s ylemek gerek te yandan, kitaptaki ok fazla gereksiz dipnot var ve bu da do al olarak okuyucunun dikkatini ister istemez da t yor Buna ra men etkili [...]

  5. J says:
    The extent to which the Romans were dependent on the Greeks any culture whatsoever continues astonish me.

  6. Insania says:
    La tragedia latina, contestualizzatala in una Roma pragmatica, ebbra di potere e sazia d oro come degli intrugli consumati senza misura n ritegno durante gli interminabili pasti, risulta una versione ridotta, prettamente ludica, dunque impoverita nei suoi originali significati didattico catartici, della madre greca Gli interessi del popolo romano, mai pago di violenza gridata a pieni polmoni durante le bolge circensi, si incentrano dunque prevalentemente su un esagerato gusto per il noir, l azio [...]

  7. Héctor Toledo says:
    La edici n es bastante buena, pues se centra en explicar la obra y su correlaci n con el Hip lito de Eur pides Sin embargo, no es exhaustiva.Literariamente, es un poco densa, con demasiadas florituras ret ricas para mi gusto La exposici n es demasiado larga, y la acci n demasiado precipitada.Se comprende al leerla las dudas suscitadas acerca de si el teatro de S neca fue representado o no, pues m s que de di logo la obra se compone de largu simos parlamentos narrados que derivan con demasiada fr [...]

  8. Cangül says:
    Ah l m, g nahkar bir a k n tek tesellisi,ah l m, lekelenmi bir utanc n tek onuru,sana geliyorum, a ard na kadar efkatli kollar n

  9. Ana Enriques says:
    Parlamentos interesantes desde el punto de vista de la filosof a estoica, pero muy sangrientos para mi gusto.

  10. Rick says:
    Wonderful play After reading this, I d like to see it performed.

  11. Brigi says:
    I read a different translation from what you can find mentioned on , so maybe it wasn t such a good one Racine s version read today is infinitely better.

  12. MAESTRO says:
    sizi etkilemek istemem ama ok da acele etmeyin okumak i in

  13. John Yelverton says:
    A nice and interesting collection of plays that show how theater was presented in the Roman Empire.

  14. VCulturilla says:
    Un cl sico, de los m s aburridos que he le do, aunque b sico.

  15. Roberto Buono says:
    L edizione del Napoli Teatro Festival 2017 si conclude con la rappresentazione della Fedra di Seneca E dato che a me piace essere preparato prima di andare a teatro in modo da carpire al meglio il senso dell opera, ho deciso di studiare questo capolavoro.Io ho letto la versione edita da Carocci, con il commento di Alfredo Casamento, stampato nel giugno 2017.Che dire Il ricercatore siciliano ha chiosato esaustivamente tutti i versi di questo capolavoro della drammaturgia latina.Consiglio quest op [...]

  16. Bilal Bel says:
    Just finished reading the play In my opinion, it is not a bad play as it comprises many elements that are typical of the cultural stance that the antiquity had at that time that is, the sexual relation between two relatives, which was seen licentious and audacious In that sense, it is a good piece by Seneca, I d like to read the original one by Euripides Hippolytus as well, to have some comparative analysis between the two version.

  17. Smrtijedka says:
    I had to eat a chocolate after reading this.

  18. tomasawyer says:
    J ai aim ce Ph dre mais si j en crois mes notes, j ai pr f r la version de Racine Le style de S n que sa traduction est moins virtuose, moins m taphorique, moins aristocrate peut tre On est plus dans la r alit terrestre, dans la r alit humaine des corps On entend les cris et on voit le sang couler Plus de tripes, moins de myst re.

  19. Ron Sitton says:
    A stepmother s incestuous folly and a father s vengeful killing of an innocent son.

  20. Toon Pepermans says:
    some very good choral odes here, but this dismembered body puzzle verges on the comical3.5 stars

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