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Thunder Bay

[PDF] Download à Thunder Bay : by William Kent Krueger - Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay Henry Meloux Cork s friend and spiritual advisor asks the Minnesota sheriff turned private investigator to find Henry s long lost son Cork tracks the man to the Canadian town of Thunder Bay Ontario
  • Title: Thunder Bay
  • Author: William Kent Krueger
  • ISBN: 9780743278416
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download à Thunder Bay : by William Kent Krueger, [PDF] Download à Thunder Bay : by William Kent Krueger - Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay Henry Meloux Cork s friend and spiritual advisor asks the Minnesota sheriff turned private investigator to find Henry s long lost son Cork tracks the man to the Canadian town of Thunder Bay Ontario

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  • [PDF] Download à Thunder Bay : by William Kent Krueger
    444 William Kent Krueger
Thunder Bay

About Author

  1. William Kent Krueger says:
    Raised in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, William Kent Krueger briefly attended Stanford University before being kicked out for radical activities After that, he logged timber, worked construction, tried his hand at freelance journalism, and eventually ended up researching child development at the University of Minnesota He currently makes his living as a full time author He s been married for over 40 years to a marvelous woman who is an attorney He makes his home in St Paul, a city he dearly loves.Krueger writes a mystery series set in the north woods of Minnesota His protagonist is Cork O Connor, the former sheriff of Tamarack County and a man of mixed heritage part Irish and part Ojibwe His work has received a number of awards, including the Minnesota Book Award, the Loft McKnight Fiction Award, the Anthony Award, the Barry Award, the Dilys Award, and the Friends of American Writers Prize His last five novels were all New York Times bestsellers Ordinary Grace, his stand alone novel published in 2013, received the Edgar Award, given by the Mystery Writers of America in recognition for the best novel published in that year Windigo Island, number fourteen in his Cork O Connor series, was released in August 2014.

Comment 537 on “Thunder Bay

  1. Phrynne says:
    A full five stars for this, possibly the best book in the series so far At last Cork has achieved some work life balance and does not disappear into the wilderness leaving his family to manage major issues on their own Of course he does go into the wilderness, this time in Canada, and he does get involved in plenty of very exciting action centred around the wonderful Henry Meloux However for once he manages to get home in time to support his family and do the right thing by them It was all very [...]

  2. Jonetta says:
    We finally get Henry Meloux s story He s the Ojibwe medicine man and Cork s spiritual adviser who s been so mystical throughout this series Apparently, he has a son that he s never met and asks Cork to help find him.This was an absolute gem of a story I was fascinated to learn Henry s origins and how he came to be living alone and reclusive in Aurora It s Cork s first case as a private investigator and he shows some skills in pursuing Henry s son There s lots of action not necessariy involving C [...]

  3. Liz says:
    3.5 Stars, rounded upThis book is really all about Henry Miloux, not Cork O Connor It delves into Henry s past and the son he s never met It s a well told story but there really isn t much of a mystery here And who is trying to kill Henry was apparent to me from an early stage.I listened to this and the narrator did a wonderful job This might not be my favorite of the Cork O Connor books, but it s still a well told tale.

  4. William says:
    Starts out well, then for some reason, Krueger has made both Cork and Jo stupid It s insulting, really Tons of TV family melodrama, leaden dialogue, shallow characters, and cartoon action From 28% on, I skimmed to the end Dull, dull, dull soap opera This is just as bad as book 3, Purgatory Ridge I think I m done with Krueger Each book contains less lyrical prose, and stupid plotting and dull dialogue And everywhere Cork goes now, innocent people die Stay home, you dork Saving graces, lyrical ex [...]

  5. Judy says:
    How does he do it I listen to a few minutes of this book and I m hooked don t want to stop It helps that Ive read the books about Cork O Connor so it s like getting back in touch with an old friend I like the connection with Native American culture that is in Krueger s books In this one it is a major part of the plot Henry Meloux, friend and aged spiritual advisor seems to be dying, and he asks Cork to go on a quest for him In a flashback, we learn about the early life of Meloux and the reason f [...]

  6. Angela says:
    Every time I read a book in the series I can t put it down Another excellent addition to the Cork O Connor series.

  7. Harry says:
    William Kent Krueger s Cork O OConnor series comprise a series of stories set in Aurora Minnesota, an area of the country of which I m blatantly ignorant Frankly, in reading the reviews of this setting I managed to barely stifle a yawn Small town mysteries set in a frozen wasteland With boring backgrounds that involve Indian supernatural folklore I don t stomach mysteries that resort to such subterfuge, avoid beyond this world explanations when the genre is detective mystery, decry irrational ex [...]

  8. Hybrid Creature (devours books instead of brains) says:
    I ve started this series at book 7 on accident You see, I received this book for free from my library as part of a summer reading program they do every year Despite starting somewhere other than book one, I don t really feel like I missed much of anything A lot of the time that s how mystery series work anyway There were a few incidents referenced that I didn t understand the background to but it wasn t essential to the plot so they were easily forgotten.All that being said, this was okay at bes [...]

  9. Joe says:
    AMAZING Where do I begin This is 8 in the Cork O Connor series and I have loved EVERY one of these stories but so far, I have to tell you, THUNDER BAY is one of my favorites This tale is mostly about Henry Meloux, the Ojibwe medicine man and Cork s spiritual advisor and close friend Henry appears in all of the stories but in THUNDER BAY, he asks a special favor of Cork, and that is, to please help him locate his long lost son The history and background that Henry shares with Cork will absolutely [...]

  10. Lynn says:
    An excellent entry in the series I love Henry Meloux and it was great to get his backstory.

  11. Ronna says:
    Cork O Conner has just retired as Sherif of Aurora, Minnesota to spend time with his family Daughter, Jenny, actually does seem to need attention as she has decisions to make now that she s graduated from high school But Cork s good friend, Henry Meloux, the Ojibwe medicine man, asks Cork to help him fine his son whom he s never seen Cork never knew that he had a son, and that son is now 73 years old, so he wonders at the sudden need to find him This story goes from present day, to the 1920 s [...]

  12. Msjodi777 says:
    Ok, I have to admit to really liking the Cork O Connor books Didn t think I d like this one much when one of my favorite characters got really sick and was not expected to live, but Mr Krueger came thru with an excellent story Also didn t think that anyone could do as good a job at reading Cork s exploits as David Chandler, but Buck Schirner managed it amazingly well Great book.

  13. Brenda says:
    This is another great book by Krueger I was enthralled with Henry Meloux s life story Cork s family continues to change and evolve I m looking forward to the next book to see what the future holds.

  14. Lisa B. says:
    This continues to be one of my favorite series.

  15. Jill Manske says:
    Thunder Bay is probably my favorite Kent Krueger book An entire section of the book is devoted to a 70 year old story of how Henry Meloux, the Ojibwe healer in Krueger s novels, fell in love fathered a son Meloux now wants Cork O Connor to find his son, whom he believes is in trouble Not only does the book continue Krueger s education of readers about the Ojibwe people and their beliefs, it s also a mystery about long held secrets and family politics The story is captivating and beautifully writ [...]

  16. Bonnieb says:
    Best of the series so far I have never read a full series of one author back to back, but am thoroughly enjoying doing that with Krueger s.

  17. Kristin says:
    Two distractions right off the bat WKK switched to first person POV for Corks voice It wasoff for me Next distraction was the audiobooks fault, they changed the narrator The narrator they switched to has done the five PJ Tracy Monkeewrench books, so instead of hearing Cork s voice , all I heard was the characters from Monkeewrench Again, put the book off for me However, POV and narrators aside, this was just a meh read If you ve been following the Cork O Connor series which has taken the reader [...]

  18. Sherry says:
    I ll definitely be reading in this series I ve never heard of Krueger and read this for the Key West Literary Seminar where he ll attend in January Thunder Bay is 7th in the Cork O Connor series of books I have the first one from Audible The sense of place is very evocative I became quite homesick for the house I used to have on a lake in Wisconsin The story within a story was riveting and the characters are interesting and well drawn It was one of those books that I couldn t put down.

  19. Kathryn says:
    This is the first Cork O Connor mystery I ve read, but I m going to read all of them This is one of those books that I didn t want to end I loved the setting in the Canadian woods I loved the contrast between the Ojibwe values and the white culture and that the narrator understands and is part of the Ojibwe values There were surprises that didn t seem contrived You never knew what was going to happen next And it has a beautiful tragic love story.

  20. Kris - My Novelesque Life says:
    RATING 4 STARS Review Not on Blog Listened to on audioYay, Henry Meloux is one of my favourites This book is the reason I enjoy this series action and heart I am not a huge fan of Cork but I love the characters around him I also enjoy all the Native culture that is in these series.

  21. Sandra says:
    It really makes sense to read this series in the order in which the individual books were published Due to availability, I read some out of order and it would be so much better and make sense if they were read in order It still works either way however.

  22. Valerie says:
    This book is the middle of one of the legion of mystery series that my Mom is following She thought this one stood out from the rest of the series and she loaned it to me I thought it was ok The mystery itself did very little for me, but I liked the characters a lot.

  23. Anna says:
    I liked this one a lot It features the back story of Henry Meloux, a character I ve loved since the beginning of this series.

  24. Glenna Pritchett says:
    I loved Henry Meloux s story He is one of my favorite characters and it was great to read about his youth Still very much enjoying the series

  25. Andrea says:
    Another great installment in the Cork series I loved this chapter took us to the past and we learned about Henry Meloux s story.

  26. Janet says:
    Loved this one 4.5 Had some passages particularly to recent terrible events, that I would quote if I wasn t on a airplane right now

  27. Susan Bennett says:
    Another home run in the Cork O Connor mystery series.

  28. Npaw says:
    Henry and Walleye are two of my favorite characters so of course I loved this Didn t think I would at first because it s a different storyline than I expected but Krueger surprised me again Hard to keep things interesting and different in a series the way he does.

  29. Carol says:
    First just a note I am so annoyed that I read a book and then somehow review a different edition I don t know how this gets so mixed up I read the Kindle Edition and I am reviewing the Kindle Edition, no matter what seems to document I don t know how to make sure I read and review the same edition if I try to correct it, then reports that I have read it twice It drives me nuts This one rated a 5 Star review mostly because of the native lore and backstories I love this series and so when it seeme [...]

  30. Carol says:
    First just a note I am so annoyed that I read a book and then somehow review a different edition I don t know how this gets so mixed up I read the Kindle Edition and I am reviewing the Kindle Edition, no matter what seems to document I don t know how to make sure I read and review the same edition if I try to correct it, then reports that I have read it twice It drives me nuts This one rated a 5 Star review mostly because of the native lore and backstories I love this series and so when it seeme [...]

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