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Caged by Damnation

✓ Caged by Damnation ☆ J.D. Stroube - Caged by Damnation, Caged by Damnation ANNOUNCING BOOK s release Spring A bloodstone dagger to ward off evil In a matter of weeks Savannah Cross has ascended overcome a prince of darkness and lost one whom she loved Her powers ha
  • Title: Caged by Damnation
  • Author: J.D. Stroube
  • ISBN: 9781479129669
  • Page: 467
  • Format: None

✓ Caged by Damnation ☆ J.D. Stroube, ✓ Caged by Damnation ☆ J.D. Stroube - Caged by Damnation, Caged by Damnation ANNOUNCING BOOK s release Spring A bloodstone dagger to ward off evil In a matter of weeks Savannah Cross has ascended overcome a prince of darkness and lost one whom she loved Her powers ha

  • ✓ Caged by Damnation ☆ J.D. Stroube
    467 J.D. Stroube
Caged by Damnation

About Author

  1. J.D. Stroube says:
    J.D Stroube is an author, artist, and a full time psychology major Her writing crosses many genre s, but most often gears towards fantasy and the paranormal J.D intends to utilize her overwhelming need to know and understand things, to aid her in achieving her Doctorate degree She then hopes to open her own practice to provide counseling for low income families and children In early 2014, J.D suffered severe injuries, which caused her to postpone the release of her novels However, she has since healed and is back to writing If you want to help get Caged in Spirit released sooner, please donate to my editing fund Share this link too gofundme book caged iIf you like the art on my profile, look here for I m an author and book cover artist I do a little of every genre, but prefer fantasy and paranormal You can see most of my portfolio in the photos of my profile on here, but I also just started a Facebook group, which showcases From now until the end of May all custom covers only cost 60 including the spine and back cover facebook Gaelic Book

Comment 998 on “Caged by Damnation

  1. Diane Sue says:
    I was one of the beta readers for Caged by Damnation I was shocked at this book It was much longer and in depth than the first book The questions I had were mostly answered, but there are still enough that I want to read the next one I LOVED the Hellhounds It was unexpected that the story delved so much into Willow, but still retained hold of Savannah s story I enjoyed the dark quality to the writing and the mystery A consistent factor with Stroube s writing is that she loves the unexpected, bu [...]

  2. Dani says:
    I absolutely loved this book I know that it s the sequel, but it could have been a book on its own There was action and it had a maturity that surpassed the first book I could really see how the characters had grown up in response to their circumstances I love how each character is coming into their own and has their individual roles I have always been a fan of multiple POV I thought I would be disappointed that Caged by Damnation only has two, rather than three, but I liked it than having thr [...]

  3. Miranda Merrill says:
    Can t wait for this book to come out Loved the first book I am anxiously waiting for book 2.

  4. Liz Coburn says:
    This is the 2nd book in an all new supernatural series, by an amazing new author You won t be able to put it down This book is so original with such creativity compared to a lot of supernatural series books already out there The story is told thru 2 POV s Savannah her BFF Willow Its 2 stories that take their own paths and eventually intertwine Savannah, who is now dealing with the repercussions of her actions at the end of Caged in Darkness , to save her life and her loved ones, has now put her [...]

  5. Violet says:
    I read this after had the first book up for free I have to say that this is one of the most original books I have ever read, which shocks me If you see my review on the first book, you may understand I like that in each book in this series the POV changes In the first book the POV was Liam, Ash and Savannah In this one it was Savannah and Willow s I was worried that I would miss out on everything with Willow after the unexpected ending with her and Death in the first book, but WOW am I glad tha [...]

  6. J.D. Stroube says:
    If you go to my website, you can view sneak peeks on my blog I am releasing them once a week until the 31st, when the book will be released.

  7. Elizabeth says:
    Awesome story line kept me on the edge of my seat couldn t put it down.

  8. Ivy says:
    Caged in Damnation is book 2 from J.D s Caged series After defeating an evil in Caged in Darkness, Savannah is faced with new challenges Consequences from her victory in the first book threaten her and her loved ones now She learns of a purpose but has yet to understand it.It s not uncommon to have yet another book that gives the weight of the world on a young teenage witch girl s hands This is what Savannah is left off with in this book.The pace in the books seemed to be slightly slower than wh [...]

  9. Jessica Roe says:
    I was able to read the advanced reader copy of Caged by Damnation I thought I knew what to expect after having read the first book, but I was in awe The characters are enriched and new players come into the fold OMG, I m still reeling from some of the new types of races How does the author come up with this stuff I thought I had a creative imagination, but this book makes me feel like an amateur There was a lot action than I anticipated, but it s balanced with slower sections that enhance the r [...]

  10. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson says:
    Andrew, Thanks for the book recommendation I can t wait for the first book to be out in August Happy Reading

  11. Lissette says:
    I absolutely loved this book It amazed me I was surprised at how different it was from the first book There s action, answers to questions from the first book, new characters and questions that I am dying to know the answer to.

  12. Gerald Pruett says:
    I enjoyed the story it had a strong story plot, but I didn t care for the creative writing style that the author wrote the story in As long as the story plot is good I prefer a straight forward story telling.

  13. Danielle says:
    5 stars Really good read Was fast pasted and a little to much going on all at once but other than that really enjoyed it

  14. Abigail says:
    i cant find the ebook at all ive tried like every online store but i still cant find it yet it came out last yearplease help i really really want to read it

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