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[PDF] Unlimited Ö छावा : by Shivaji Sawant - छावा, None
  • Title: छावा
  • Author: Shivaji Sawant
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited Ö छावा : by Shivaji Sawant, [PDF] Unlimited Ö छावा : by Shivaji Sawant - छावा, None

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ö छावा : by Shivaji Sawant
    355 Shivaji Sawant

About Author

  1. Shivaji Sawant says:
    After extensive research he wrote a book Mrityunjay English Triumph Over Death based on Karna, one of the leading characters of the epic Mahabharat This book was translated in Hindi 1974 , English 1989 , Kannada 1990 , Gujarati 1991 , Malayalam 1995 and received numerous awards and accolades In 1980 he wrote a book Chhava based on Sambhaji s life.

Comment 148 on “छावा

  1. Sambhaji says:
    Pls available this book online in pdf formate.

  2. Sarita says:

  3. Sanchita Bhoot says:
    a great book about the Maratha Warrior Sambhaji Bhonsle His hardships, relations with different people in his life, decisions and their after effects have been portrayed in this novel A must read if someome wants to get closer to Indian history.

  4. Punam Gavade says:
    We know little information and of rumours about Sambhaji This book clears doubts about his actions like why he joined mughals etc.

  5. Shaunak Bangale says:
    Everyone knows the greatness of Shvaji, but this book has created fans for Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje in great numbers Would surely like to revisit again in the future.

  6. Aniket Mahajani says:
    another wonderful book by Shivaji Sawanta nice to have in collection too

  7. Shreekant says:
    This is a must read This just demonstrates how powerful Marathi language is Clearly displaying older inspirational rich and proud culture of Maharashtra.

  8. Cart91 says:
    Best Excellent book to read on Sambhaji Raje Good quality pages Worth for priceAvailable At cart91 en products chhava

  9. Aditi says:
    The character of Sambhaji Raje has always been controversial in the history due to the different rumours about him This book puts an end to these rumours It is a very well compiled book The story of a prince who was overshadowed by his father s greatness to certain extent, who fought against all pain to maintain his self respect and received an extremely painful death in the end after being betrayed by his own people Strong character, good author and a great book

  10. Ayush Sen says:
    one of the best book written on SHAMBHU RAJA tells about other side of shambhaji end of the book you realize he is nor great as his father SHIVAJIbut he is far brave compare to any personality in the worldi think therefore book title is CHAVVA lion s cub

  11. Ashutosh Soni says:
    this book draw the true picture of that time, how muslim rulers treat hindus was tragic reading this book is like drinking patriotic notion.

  12. Nagesh says:
    One of the best books written on the life of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Worth reading in Marathi language.

  13. Ajinkya Deshmukh says:
    that was really painful when that king died like that i literally cried when i read that book was really awesome and best sambhaji maharaj ki jay

  14. Nilesh says:
    This is very good book written on one of the great King of India Sambhaji.

  15. Tushar Kedar says:
    its a great story of a great maratha warrior.

  16. Shru says:
    blueladyindia 2017Since I m a die hard admirer of Mr Shivaji Sawant and his creations, this one is also among my top favorites I was looking for this book since long but could not get it Recently, my husband gifted me this book and finished reading at the fastest speed I could manage You just cant keep it down unfinished The book depicts the life of Sambhaji Raje, the elder of Chatrapati Shivaji The book is actually of his hardships during his small lifetime of 30 years His life is filled with g [...]

  17. Nilesh Kamble says:
    after reading this book I realised he was far braver than shivaji must read

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