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Amanda's Story

[PDF] Download ☆ Amanda's Story : by Brian O'Grady - Amanda's Story, Amanda s Story In his national bestseller HYBRID Brian O Grady created a bracing and vividly realized tale of a virus gone out of control At the center of that story was Amanda Flynn a woman not killed by the EDH
  • Title: Amanda's Story
  • Author: Brian O'Grady
  • ISBN: 9781611880472
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ☆ Amanda's Story : by Brian O'Grady, [PDF] Download ☆ Amanda's Story : by Brian O'Grady - Amanda's Story, Amanda s Story In his national bestseller HYBRID Brian O Grady created a bracing and vividly realized tale of a virus gone out of control At the center of that story was Amanda Flynn a woman not killed by the EDH

Episode of Sol Family Season takes us through May , Polycarp and Amanda had a home birth and episode of Sauti Sol s reality show, Sol Family gives us details on their story The series highlights the Kenyan band Sauti Sol s musical trip The Young and the Restless Spoilers Wednesday, March Mar , Devon will reel over the twist in Amanda s story Amanda will point out that Victor was in his prime back then There was a commercial real estate deal that Victor wanted pushed through, but there were zoning restrictions until Sutton got involved. Joan Allen On Returning To The World Of Stephen King With Jun , Allen discusses the intricacies of King s work, and how Amanda Lisey s Story is a major departure from her past roles. Lisey s Story Pablo Larrain, Julianne Moore Clive May , In focusing on these sisters and the mental illness within their family, Lisey s Story fashions a Bergman like arc, only with Amanda s suffering given a Lisey s Story Great cast lifts Stephen King s languid Jun , A lover of bool hunts , it s clearly a clue to a puzzle, which, upon solving, leads her to a page in Amanda s contact book That provides another clue and the phone number of a doctor.

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Amanda's Story : by Brian O'Grady
    254 Brian O'Grady
Amanda's Story

About Author

  1. Brian O'Grady says:
    Dr Brian O Grady s second novel Amanda s Story was released in November, 2012 after his best selling debut with Hybrid.Dr O Grady, a neurosurgeon, explores the untapped abilities that lie within the human brain with his series, starting with Hybrid The key in Dr O Grady s debut novel is a virus, which unleashes a chain of events in the same spine tingling spirit of suspense as The Andromeda Strain and the X Files.O Grady follows in the tradition of Michael Crichton as a physician who brings his in depth medical knowledge to his craft A practicing neurosurgeon, O Grady is a graduate of the University of New Mexico who completed his residency in neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic His deep insight into the mysterious workings of the human brain brings HYBRID and Amanda s Story realistically to life.When he is not writing or performing brain surgery, he struggles with Ironman triath lons He lives with his wife in Washington state.

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  1. Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws says:
    This is a prequel to O Grady s bestselling debut novel Hybrid As the name suggests, this book tell us the story of Amanda and how she came to become the person that she is in Hybrid.The novel starts off with Amanda just losing her husband and two year old son to an accident As she tries to start fresh she gets an opportunity to go to Honduras as a part of Red Cross s cyclone rescue team Once there, the team comes to realize that not all is as it seems The town is almost deserted and those who su [...]

  2. Dianne says:
    Amanda s Story is the prequel to Hybrid, and, is Amanda s story of how she became the person she is in Hybrid.Amanda has just lost her husband and young son and faces life each day with an overwhelming sadness that she needs to re channel She gets an opportunity to go to Honduras as a part of Red Cross s cyclone rescue team where the devastation and resulting illness is rampant, killing most of the population and having a profound impact on those who survived The virus has affected them in bizar [...]

  3. Candy says:
    Amanda Flynn is trying to recover after the deaths of her young son and husband She decides to join the Red Cross as part of their disaster response team Her first assignment sends her to Honduras, where a hurricane has just moved through that country Once on the ground the team becomes infected by a deadly virus that kills everyone but Amanda Amanda isn t sure how she managed to survive the EDH1 virus and neither is the CDC Amanda discovers very quickly that she isn t the same person after her [...]

  4. Lis Carey says:
    Amanda Flynn is a young widow recovering from the death, just a year ago, of her husband and young son She has relied heavily on the emotional and practical support of her in laws, Greg and Lisa, but now she s finally ready to try to strike out on her own and start a new life She joins the American Red Cross as part of a disaster response team, and has barely completed her training when a hurricane hits Honduras, and she is deployed with her team to the most seriously affected area.The hurricane [...]

  5. Heather says:
    I agreed to read Amanda s Story by Brian O Grady because I remembered liking Hybrid Unfortunately, I don t remember Hybrid as well as I d thought Looking through my archives, it appears I read it back in May of 2011, and have since read than 150 other books, so it s not surprising I don t remember it all that well With that said, I can confidently say that this definitely works as a stand alone title I guess that s the bright sideSo, that said, the story is interesting and compelling I was suck [...]

  6. Cheryl says:
    Back in April of 2011, Dr O Grady was showcased on my blog for his novel Hybrid However, at the time, I was so behind in my reading schedule that I didn t review his book Knowing what I know now, that was a big mistake Just recently, I spoke about the authors being published under the imprint of The Story Plant and how every writer has gone on my authors to read list Well, I just added one .As avid readers, we have that gut instinct if a book is a good match for us and something that will grab o [...]

  7. Laurie says:
    First off, let me say that this book stands alone easily I understand it is a prequel to Hybrid but do not let that stop you I have not read Hybrid yet though after reading Amanda s Story it is on my list of books I do want to read.Amanda s Story plays out in two distinct parts The first part details the Honduras ordeal She is the newest member of a medical team sent to discover and contain a lethal, fast acting agent with an unknown etiology The team and their security detail are overwhelmed by [...]

  8. Kristi (Books and Needlepoint) says:
    I haven t yet read Hybrid, but after reading Amanda s Story I am really looking forward to it The book actually starts out in Pakistan with the creation and theft of a new, never before seen virus that has the makings of being a terrorist s dream virus It is from that start that we meet Amanda and learn that she has recently lost her husband and young son in a plane crash She is having a hard time moving forward and seems to be stuck in her grief.She goes to Honduras with the Red Cross on a resc [...]

  9. Athena Nagel says:
    Amanda s Story is a prequel to Hybrid by Brian O Grady I did not read Hybrid but I surely will The concept of creating a prequel after the initial story is not new Star Wars did it very successfully and Justin Cronin recently released The Twelve, prequel to The Passage In this story, Amanda has suffered some devastated losses in her life and through a series of events ends up in Honduras While in Honduras the areas suffers from a viral attack a strain of virus that was developed by a non U.S gro [...]

  10. Fenny says:
    Brian O Grady has written a fascinating story about a threat that could very well become a reality in our days Amanda is on a mission to help survivors of a natural disaster in Honduras when she becomes the sole survivor of a mysterious viral attack that has killed everyone else around her She is whisked away and kept in isolation, becoming a study object and maybe a means to end a possible attack of this biological mysterious virus.Knowing that she survives all her woes and adventures spoils it [...]

  11. Shannon L. Gonzalez says:
    Disturbing, yet delightfully so Amanda s Story twists the biological warfare premise into a supernatural suspense The beginning vignettes slowly start the ball rolling, picking up explanation as it increases speed By the time you get to the aftermath of Honduras, the suspense is at full throttle Based on the fear that pandemic viral outbreaks will apocalypse the entire earth, then switch gears to a survivor of Firestarter proportions and you have a prequel of fascinating events Brian O Grady goe [...]

  12. Ruth Hill says:
    First of all, I have not read the first book written in this series Hybrid This book is a prequel to that book, but it works well as a stand alone book I was drawn into the story right from the beginning It was difficult to read because it was sad and scary during the first half of the book This was the part of the book that I felt was the best written part of the book The violence is fairly descriptive and disturbing, but it also pretty necessary in light of the book.Following the first half of [...]

  13. Cindy says:
    Since this is a prequel, wondered if I could read it without the other, and I could It makes perfect sense without Hybrid The story follows a widow who tries to get her life back together and joins the Red Cross The story also follows for a brief time a terrorist working in a desert bio lab The widow Amanda is sent to a Honduras hot spot with her team and watches everybody contract the virus and die Somehow she survives and is kept in a secret facility for three months While it is a good story u [...]

  14. Paula Ratcliffe says:
    This book was sent to me via Partners In Crime for a honest and fair review This book starts with the death of Amanda s husband and son Amanda ends up going to another country to try to get away from what has happened when she finds herself in a place where things aren t what they seem In some ways this book reminds me of Robin Cook This book had some great characters in it, being Amanda s husband s parents who are great along with some of her friends that you don t see much of nowadays.The big [...]

  15. Yvette says:
    A ripping good read from cover to cover Amanda s involvement in a medical aid event soon turns sour as she witnesses the demise of her work colleagues, before succumbing to the genetically engineered disease herselfd survives What follows is a well paced, believable roller coaster ride through the changes Amanda experiences, from which there is no turning back This book drew me in from the first page, even though I don t usually go for this genre, and by the end of the all too short read, it was [...]

  16. Susan says:
    Brian pens the plot in Amanda s Story , a medical thriller, well thought out and developed His characters are so realistic and believable that they it will keep you turning the page The sequel to his first novel Hybrid which I m dying to read is so gripping that I had a really hard time putting it down Highly recommended for all thriller fans.This review is based on a complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review.

  17. PopcornReads says:
    Book Tour Review Giveaway We re today s stop on the Partners in Crime virtual book tour for bestselling author Dr Brian O Grady s latest medical thriller, Amanda s Story It s the prequel to his bestselling novel Hybrid so, for those of you who haven t read Hybrid, no worries because it makes sense to me to read Amanda s Story first anyway Read the rest of my review an excerpt, and enter to win a copy at popcornreads p 5017.

  18. Marti says:
    This was a strange nook book which I reviewed for Barnes Noble A woman survives an infection caused by a scientist who made it for warfare THe military spends months trying to see why she alone survived There is an amazing side affect either you like to read stuff like this, or you don t Parts weren t TOO bad.

  19. Helen says:
    Really didn t enjoy this at all Mismatched and odd

  20. Evelyn De lara says:
    Slow in the beginning, but as I read on, I found myself addicted It was hard to put down Planning on reading the next one somedayHybrid.

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