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Bellows Falls

[PDF] Bellows Falls | by ☆ Archer Mayor - Bellows Falls, Bellows Falls Mayor delivers another superb combination of case characters and local color and brings it all to life without a wasted word starred Publishers Weekly Honoring a request to conduct a minor Internal
  • Title: Bellows Falls
  • Author: Archer Mayor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Bellows Falls | by ☆ Archer Mayor, [PDF] Bellows Falls | by ☆ Archer Mayor - Bellows Falls, Bellows Falls Mayor delivers another superb combination of case characters and local color and brings it all to life without a wasted word starred Publishers Weekly Honoring a request to conduct a minor Internal

  • [PDF] Bellows Falls | by ☆ Archer Mayor
    492 Archer Mayor
Bellows Falls

About Author

  1. Archer Mayor says:
    Over the years, Archer Mayor has been photographer, teacher, historian, scholarly editor, feature writer, travel writer, lab technician, political advance man, medical illustrator, newspaper writer, history researcher, publications consultant, constable, and EMT firefighter He is also half Argentine, speaks two languages, and has lived in several countries on two continents.All of which makes makes him restless, curious, unemployable, or all three Whatever he is, it s clearly not cured, since he s currently a novelist, a death investigator for Vermont s medical examiner, and a police officer.Archer has been producing the Joe Gunther novels since 1988, some of which have made the ten best or most notable lists of the Los Angeles and the New York Times In 2004 Mayor received the New England Booksellers Association book award for fiction.Intriguing plots, complex characters, and a vivid landscape are the foundation of Archer Mayor s award winning New England thrillers.

Comment 371 on “Bellows Falls

  1. Michael says:
    This series seems to be a reliable source of believable and engaging police procedurals that highlight the rural environment of Vermont Among the four I ve read out of 25 in the set of tales featuring Joe Gunther of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation, I sampled the first, last, and a couple in between Gunther stands out against the crowd of noir detectives with deeply troubled souls and troubles with alcohol and or violence I put him mentally with the set of rurally based detectives who try har [...]

  2. Ensiform says:
    In this Joe Gunther novel, he is asked to go to the titular town in order to serve as a disinterested third party police investigator of allegations of sexual harassment by an officer What he finds is of course nowhere near so simple instead, it s a secret web of drug running, frame ups, and murder, all manipulated by the husband of the supposed victim, a low grade criminal mastermind.It s got all the Mayor hallmarks the labyrinthine plot, the large sometimes too large cast of characters, the pa [...]

  3. Jean says:
    I enjoy the fact that the author writes about real cities towns in VT His stories are very well written.

  4. Geri says:
    I liked the fact that the area that this takes place isvery close to where I live Not only that but I havebeen to Bellows Falls Interesting read.

  5. Katy M says:
    I ve read one other Archer Mayor book I liked this one much better Exciting action sequences Not quite a mystery as we know who the bad guy is the entire time, but still quite interesting.

  6. PLS says:
    Mr Mayor continues to demonstrate his abilities writing a procedural story as well as the best description of action scenes that I ve read For some reason that I can not clearly identify, I do not connect with the characters as well as in other books, hence 4 rather than 5 stars That being said, I will soon be starting book 9 and expect it will be as enjoyable as the others I ve read in the series.

  7. Sheldon says:
    Mayor s Joe Gunther procedural are fun reads Of course, I listen using Overdrive The reader is fantastic Have some old time mystery fun and check out this series Joe and his crew tough it out, heal people, body and soul and get the bad guys.

  8. David says:
    Very engaging Loved Vermont asa setting for a mystery, which had me look at the state differently.

  9. Gail Sealey says:
    The usual Archer Mayor Always entertaining and interesting Love the Vermont locations he references in his books.

  10. Abbey says:
    1997, 8 Lt Joe Gunther, Brattleboro Police police procedural.Drug dealing networks weave their way into Bellows Falls, working their way to Brattleboro Headed by a glad hander who s a real slime ball, he uses young kids to take the rap, and he s not leaving many tracks But Joe and his connections around the New England area give him a workout, and his downfall is rather nicely pointed Another wonderful visit with Joe and friends and enemies , with some sly tweaks at small town governmental polic [...]

  11. Lynne Thomas says:
    Another great Joe Gunther Novel by Archer Mayor 8th in the series Many of those, from Vermont that have read Bellows Falls have objected to Mayor bringing up the mention of Generational abuse of the Welfare System in Vermont I say Bravo To have brought to mention a flawed system, in 1996, when to do so was Politically Incorrect, was a brave daring thing to do If it motivated even 1 family to break the cycle of systemic abuses, power to him This wasn t the best book in the series, yet the issues [...]

  12. Debra Askanase says:
    I read Archer Mayor s first book about 15 years ago, and hadn t picked one up since, but now I will certainly go back and work my way through this mystery series Mayor has a lovely way with words and a both compelling and sympathetic yet always a bit broken detective in Joe Gunther What I enjoyed most about this book, however, wasn t the storyline but that the mystery was old fashioned in its sensibility no gory excesses of violence, no getting into the mind of the killer, but a mystery of anoth [...]

  13. Dennis Fischman says:
    I read these books for the character Joe Gunther, who is neither the brilliant sleuth nor the bumbling policeman but a decent guy with a dark side who makes mistakes that haunt him Also for his relationship with Gail Zigman, and with the police department he heads The other attraction is the way Mayor knows his territory, from Brattleboro to Burlington, west to upstate New York, south to Greenfield Every scene is written with a photographic memory and a sociologist s eye.The mystery is complicat [...]

  14. Alger says:
    An actual surprise This was a random pick up at the library, one of those the library closes in 10 minutes and this looks short enough to read even if bad choices By page 20 after I figured out the names and ongoing situations mid stream in a series , I was really enjoying an author who wrote well and convincingly about police procedure and had a good story to tell besides.There were some few points that grated, but overall as the pages turned the people grew on me and the world of the book beca [...]

  15. Sara says:
    I ve only read one Archer Mayor novel previously, and this one was significantly better Due to the plot description, I wasn t expecting to enjoy Bellows Falls half as much as I did It was a very fast read, and an engaging page turner, and though it broached some pretty dark and tragic issues, managed to do it without feeling heavy handed or getting depressing, or on the other extreme, coming across as trite Not sure how Mayor pulled that off, but I ll continue to read Joe Gunther tales to see i [...]

  16. Ed says:
    8 in the Joe Gunther series Author Gunther is widely regarded as providing an atmospheric look at Vermont.Joe Gunther travels to Bellows Falls to provide an impartial Internal Affairs investigation for the small police department A young officer has been accused of sexual harassment by a woman s husband but something doesn t ring true Everyone seems to agree that the officer had an affair with the woman and the husband has been portrayed as a manipulative drug dealer.

  17. Clifdisc says:
    Having worked in Bellows falls for close to two decades, I have to say that Archer Mayor s descriptions of the town and the often contradictory attitudes of the people who live here was spot on Unfortunately, the plot was a relatively mundane procedural that didn t really do it for me I can see what Mayor is going for here Aside from action set pieces designed to spice things up, this could have been a book based on true events Unfortunately, that didn t really do it for me.

  18. LJ says:
    BELLOWS FALLS Pol Proc joe Gunther Vermont Cont ExMayor, Archer 8th in seriesFrom Fantastic Fiction When asked to investigate a small town police department in Bellows Falls, homicide detective Joe Gunther becomes determined to separate myth from reality as he delves deep into a world of deceit, domestic violence, corrupt cops, drugs, and murder 1997 Top Read Excellent style, good action, fallible characters Love this series.

  19. Kay says:
    Not even sure this is a 3 star I think Archer Mayor is a great writer but this book failed to entertain me or interest me until at least 3 4 of the way through The plot gave nothing to grasp for too long to hook someone The characters were almost all new and you never knew enough about them to care Hope the next book is better.

  20. Ned says:
    This was my second time through this book I remember readings it years ago, but liked it even better this time, especially on the heels of reading all the other Joe Gunther novels in order As a born Vermonter, it s great to be able to visualize where each event takes place It doesn t hurt that I ve been to Bellows Falls several times since reading it the first time

  21. Sally says:
    A perfectly okay police procedural set in Vermont Joe Gunther is a good cop and a good man who spends of his time investigating drug related crimes Good details and nicely, written, especially about the less picturesque parts of the state This one deals with a charismatic, Fagin type man who uses young teenagers to peddle drugs Very sad people.

  22. Ginny says:
    Because I was born and raised in Bellows Falls, did not particularly care for the portrayal of it s residents as low life welfare recipients, as I have family and friends there that are hard working and functional That being said, the story line itself was interesting and the description of area landmarks accurate.

  23. Faith Weldon says:
    In this book the author manages to depict the underlying culture of poverty, substance abuse, domestic abuse and child abuse common in parts of the US, in this case, the northeast I found it interesting and, because I live near Vermont and went to school there, very familiar The plot had some unexpected turns that keep my attention.

  24. Debbie says:
    A friend loaned me this book because she worked as a dispatcher for the state police not far from Bellows Falls, VT, the story setting The reader doesn t really get to know the characters well so it is hard to really care what happens to them The best detectives on the case make so many mistakes it s hard to believe that they re the best that VT has to offer.

  25. Tulay says:
    Love this series.Characters in these series are becoming like old friends Beautiful small towns in Vermont, small police departments trying to keep up with illegal drug trafficking Abused women and children Hope one day Joe and Gail retire and enjoy life and each other.

  26. Andy Plonka says:
    I haven t read any books by Mayor for a while and I m not sure why I haven This is an excellent series with just the right amount of sense of place There is the usual drug aspect, but it is not dwelt upon I ll have to catch up on the books in the series that I ve missed.

  27. Gmaharriet says:
    I thought this, the 8th in the series, was not one of the better books There were two storylines going, and neither seemed very realistic For the most part there was little character development I found that I just didn t care very much about the outcome.

  28. says:
    Another good Joe Gunther book.I really enjoy the plots where Joe teams up with out of town law enforcement It really makes the plots interesting He gets a three for some slow parts but still a good book

  29. Jim says:
    Another good story in the series I have been to Bellows Falls but never came away with the impression that Mayor projects of this town I hope that s because things have changed a lot or there is a great degree of exaggeration for story purposes

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