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Captivation Best Read || [Nicola Moriarty] - Captivation, Captivation The first paranormal addition to the Random Romance series Captivation is an intoxicating ghost story True love never dies After Juliette lost her beloved husband Danny she closed herself off from t
  • Title: Captivation
  • Author: Nicola Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9781742758336
  • Page: 269
  • Format: ebook

Captivation Best Read || [Nicola Moriarty], Captivation Best Read || [Nicola Moriarty] - Captivation, Captivation The first paranormal addition to the Random Romance series Captivation is an intoxicating ghost story True love never dies After Juliette lost her beloved husband Danny she closed herself off from t

  • Captivation Best Read || [Nicola Moriarty]
    269 Nicola Moriarty

About Author

  1. Nicola Moriarty says:
    Nicola Moriarty lives in Sydney s north west with her husband and two small daughters She is the younger sister of bestselling authors Liane Moriarty and Jaclyn Moriarty In between various career changes, becoming a mum and studying teaching at Macquarie University, she began to write Now, she can t seem to stop.Hello there people in the world of books, I Would love to hear from you either here on or perhaps at Facebook facebook NicolaMoriart

Comment 762 on “Captivation

  1. Mimi Marten says:
    I found Nicola on FB and Twitter, I love her blog posts I absolutely adore her sarcastic humor, she literary makes me lol I wanted to read one of her books to have a taste of her writing I was little turned off by the prices of her kindle books traditional publishing, author has no influence , so I guess you can call me cheap I purchased her novella and read it within few hours I didn t read the description of the book, and my assumption was to find her humor in some romance novella It was nothi [...]

  2. Marg says:
    Not sure why this is being marketed as a romance.ReviewJuliette s husband Danny was a successful novelist, enabling them to live a very comfortable lifestyle What all that fame and wealth couldn t do, however, was ensure good health, and Danny was struck down young, dying approximately six months before this story is set.Juliette has, of course, been grieving and has barely left the apartment that they shared, but she has started to find a way out of her grief One of the ways that she does this [...]

  3. Cherryreads says:
    What would you do to be reunited with the love of your life that passed away too soon This is what Juliette has to decide in the novella Captivation In this story, Juliette grieving over her husband Danny who died six months ago of a heart attack and she is so grief stricken she is finding it hard to cope with the outside world She nearly accidentally kills herself and her husband Danny is able to save her from beyond the grave It appears as though her prayers are answered, but everything in lif [...]

  4. Laura says:
    This was steamier than the description led me to believe, but the premise was unique and interesting The ghost story aspect was quite spine chilling and I thought the characters were real and relatable I think my main complaint would be the length a little too long to be a novella yet to short for a novel I would have liked to see the plot developed fully.

  5. Bree T says:
    Six months ago Juliette lost her beloved husband Danny Since then, she has virtually become a recluse in their apartment, spending her days and nights baking, finding therapy in the mixing of ingredients With a freezer full of goods, Juliette knows that she needs to find an outlet for the excess baking or something else to occupy her time.In the apartment, Juliette feels a strange sense of being watched a whisper of a touch She believes that it is Danny, come back to her and the she concentrate [...]

  6. MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under says:
    Juliette is stricken with grief Her husband, Danny, passed away six months ago and since then she has become somewhat reclusive, distancing herself physically and emotionally from family and friends and not even venturing out to buy necessities, instead, preferring to use the modern convenience of online shopping Frequently reading novels and baking to make up for the loneliness in her life she quickly amasses a large selection of goodies which she stores in her freezer, until one day, immersed [...]

  7. Crazy for Books (Stephanie) says:
    NetGalley free readThe story opens six months after Juliette s husband, Danny, has passed She s just starting to think it s time to get out of the house and get her life moving forward when she start smelling Danny s cologne and dreaming of his kisses start to feel real As time goes on, these occurrences start to increase with frequency and definition to them She starts feeling his touch, hearing his voice.At the same time, her penchant for baking when she s stressed or needs to think things t [...]

  8. A. Gorman says:
    When I first started reading Captivation, I was like great, this is going to read like that movie Ghost How I was wrong, so wrong This story is an emotional roller coaster about the grief stricken Juliette who lost her beloved author husband Danny while he was in the United States for a book signing and she was home in Australia recovering from being sick.I am really having a hard time writing this review This book was extremely emotional I read most of it with tears in my eyes The story starts [...]

  9. Alpha Possessive Heroes says:
    Do you believe that true love never dies I didn t realize that Captivation would be too emotional and really I don t mind gut wrenching stories but the lack of romance was a little disappointing Now don t get me wrong it has romance but it just had too much sadness in it that I found myself in the darkness and feeling too emo.The story started out slow and feel bored with the book I wanted to drop it and read something else but deep inside my heart, I was hoping it would get better and in my opi [...]

  10. Paris says:
    Actual rating 2.5 5 stars At first, I wasn t sure I was going to be able to finish this book It was really slow to start and I couldn t really get into Juliette The only reason I continued the book is because I was interested to see how the paranormal part of the book came about I don t really think that this book should be listed as a romance cause really, it s not It s a very sad book and I felt really bad for Juliette, but never did I think that this was a romance.And ultimately, the paranorm [...]

  11. Melanie says:
    This def didn t stir any romantic feelings for me A very sad story about a couple madly in love and what may happen if one is ripped away too soon, from our mortal world It was a very slow starting book for one that is so short The rhythm of the book was IMO often stalled by unrealistic spouts of activity For e.g I would not have expected someone who just realised that they really were a dancing naked on their balcony b with the ghost of their husband c as seen by the bloke who is hitting on her [...]

  12. Krystal says:
    This book started out slow By the time I was about 1 2 way through I was hooked I didn t realize it would be such an emotional book I found myself in tears than once, but the ending was just the right amount of happiness I was hoping for.

  13. Lyn Townsend says:
    This was just silly Not my cup of tea at all

  14. Katy says:
    I m not usually into paranormal romance but this one wasn t that bad I really liked the ending.

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