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Deeper Than Need

Deeper Than Need Best Read || [Shiloh Walker] - Deeper Than Need, Deeper Than Need Time heals all woundsEager to put a dark troubled past behind her Trinity Ewing buys an old house that will make the perfect refuge for her and her young son once renovations are complete The last t
  • Title: Deeper Than Need
  • Author: Shiloh Walker
  • ISBN: 9781250032409
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

Deeper Than Need Best Read || [Shiloh Walker], Deeper Than Need Best Read || [Shiloh Walker] - Deeper Than Need, Deeper Than Need Time heals all woundsEager to put a dark troubled past behind her Trinity Ewing buys an old house that will make the perfect refuge for her and her young son once renovations are complete The last t

  • Deeper Than Need Best Read || [Shiloh Walker]
    174 Shiloh Walker
Deeper Than Need

About Author

  1. Shiloh Walker says:
    Hello thanks for swinging by I don t log into much, so if you have questions, please visit my website to email me through my site Thank you My other me J.C DanielsBioShiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid She fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the ahrious vampire stories She loves reading and writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, and nearly every kind of romance Once upon a time she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest.To contact the author, please visit her website

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  1. Lisa says:
    See my review at Sinfully Sexy.4 Secrets Shadows StarsDeeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker is the first book in her Secrets Shadows series This book also marks my first venture into the literary world of this author This is a complex and multi layered romantic suspense novel set in a picturesque small town Things are not always what they seem and when old skeletal remains are found, the small Ohio town is turned inside out as secrets from the past and the present suddenly start coming to the forefr [...]

  2. Rashika (is tired) says:
    This mini review has also been posted on The Social PotatoThis was one of my most anticipated novels of the year once I found out about it, and I am happy to say I wasn t let down I ve read quite a few romantic suspense novels by Shiloh and she has yet to disappoint me I just keep on coming back for and .I think what makes this one so different from some of her other romantic suspense novels is the vagueness of the mystery We know what s going on It isn t hard to guess and the author doesn t ke [...]

  3. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:
    Want a sneak peek of Deeper Than Need Check it out the awesome chapter preview on Affaire de Coeur adcmagazine Chapter%20Description Trinity Ewing she s new in Madison, and her one goal is to put her old life behind her She s made mistakes A lot of them She s done everything short of selling herself to stay alive and provide for her son Now she s just looking for a place to put down roots and call home The old ramshackle house on the banks of the Ohio River seem to be the perfect place It needs [...]

  4. Tbabe001 says:
    It just was not for me, great hero but the heroine was just blah No real connection, of lust connection, so if you are into that sort of storywell give this book a try For others that likeH h to have a little than lust, well don t waste your time

  5. Lady Heather says:
    4 starsA wonderful start to what looks like to be another great romantic suspense thriller series by Shiloh Walker.This is a story of secrets that have been kept far too long by prominent, influential, powerful people in a small town Now the truth is starting to come out as dead bodies are beginning to be found, and people are finally asking the right questions.I really liked Trinity and Noah s characters I love when two broken people find one another, and everything just clicks they just know t [...]

  6. Beth says:
    Trinity Ewing just wanted a new start for herself and her young son Micah in Madison She purchases a fixer upper and highers Noah Benningfield as the general contractor The attraction is instant between Noah and Trinity but evil lies in wait in Madison evil that has been brewing for years.This is a story filled with deceptions and secrets Walker slowly unveils piece by agonizing piece of the puzzle that makes up this magnificently woven plot I loved how the story unraveled but I did have a littl [...]

  7. Jennifer says:
    If one doesn t look too closely, Madison appears to be a typical US small town everyone knows each other and there is no such thing as a secret However, all is not as it seems There is something sinister going on just below the surface and it all centers around the Frampton House The house Trinity Ewing just bought thinking it would be a haven for her and her son after leaving their troubles behind in New York Noah knew the minute he laid eyes on Trinity that she was what he had been waiting his [...]

  8. Jacqueline says:
    I liked this one but I was certain that I had picked up a book in the middle of a series Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was the first in the series I see that there were 3 mini prequels but I think that a first book shouldn t be dependent on ebook prequels in order to understand what is going on Maybe there was nothing in the prequels that was pertinent to this story in which case the author really should have made sure the reader didn t feel lost This one ends on a big cliff hanger [...]

  9. Sophia says:
    I was so unprepared for the intensity of this story I read it slowly than I m want to do with books because of how hard hitting it was and that was without getting the full feel of things since its a suspense plot that continues through the whole series I just kept thinking as I read, This this is what romantic suspense ought to be.This story follows a three part series of novellas that are an introduction to the small town of Madison, IN and some of the characters that live there, but the roma [...]

  10. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick says:
    Originally posted at smexybooks 2014 06 review Favorite Quote She felt like she d been waiting her whole life for him, only she hadn t realized it until the very second their gazes locked.Trinity Ewing, a former ad exec from New York, needed a fresh start for her and her young son so she purchases a house, sight unseen, in the small town of Madison, Indiana Once she arrives, she realizes the house needs some major repairs which leads her straight to the town handyman, Noah Benningfield.Noah Benn [...]

  11. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:
    4.5 starsWell, Shiloh Walker has done it again After a series of novellas that introduce us to the town of Madison, Ohio and the creepyness that crawls around it s streets, houses and lakes Here comes the bigger picture, and the bigger suspense If you enjoyed the novellas, you won t want to miss DEEPER THAN NEED.First of all there s Noah Yeah, he used to be a preacher and an alcoholic But don t let that steer you away Noah fell into everything that has happened in his life due to the tragic disa [...]

  12. Laylaw says:
    4 Secret Stars This town is cursed, so much happens in this book and I am still trying to piece things together Take note, I read this book as a stand alone novel, but there are 3 novellas prior to this book that follow other people Did this make a big impact not reading the novella s I do not think so, but that being said there are some unanswered questions and the mystery throughout that I would go back and read for sheer entertainment.Trinity Ewing has started her life over in the small town [...]

  13. Mei says:
    I don t know if I rated this book correctlyI love how Ms Walker makes you feel the angiush of her characters, but here the angiush was slightly overdone Here ALL the characters have an anguish of their own I don t know if I could live in a town like this one It seems something Stephen Kind could create to house his monsters I had shudders thinking of a child of mine own living and growing there The hero was not aboused, but his anguish was no less for it I found it rather incredible that he trie [...]

  14. Bobbie says:
    I have been reading this series and I am not sure what to think about it Is it romance or is it a romantic suspense book which is what I think it is There seems to be murders that happen in this small town and they develop over the series so that it takes than one book to figure out the who dunit in these murders This is the first full length book in the Secrets and Shadow books I did read the novellas and I think they help the setting of the town That said, this town creeps me out.I do like th [...]

  15. Gela says:
    I don t know if I would consider this a romance, but the book was good I felt it left me hanging a bit towards the end but all in all I liked it.

  16. Les Chroniques Aléatoires says:
    Apr s les trois nouvelles autour de la famille Bell, et de la disparition de leur m re 15 ans plus t t L auteure d cide de s attaquer la disparition d une famille et d une jeune fille, 20 ans plus t t, dans la m me ville il ne fait pas bon de vivre dans cette ville.Trinity vient d emm nager dans cette petite ville avec son fils, Micah g de 4 ans, quand un cadavre est d couvert dans le coffre d une voiture Sa maison ayant besoin d un grand coup de neuf, elle fait appel Noah pour la r nover.D s qu [...]

  17. CarolynStorer says:
    I read Shiloh Walker s Wrecked a year or so ago and absolutely loved it So when Deeper than Need dropped onto my doormat I stopped reading everything else to crack this baby open I was really looking forward to reading another book by Walker, and as I m a fan of romantic suspense I was really looking forward to getting into it Although I did enjoy Deeper than Need, it didn t quite manage to live up to my high expectations.The story starts with Trinity Ewing and her son having moved from New York [...]

  18. Samantha says:
    I m not a hundred percent sure about this book The whole thing left me with questions than I even care for On top of that I could not stand our hero The cute little boy saves the day somewhat but seriously this book could have been shrunk down and we could have been happy There was not a cliffhanger which i think saves us a bit but the HEA really didn t make much sense either I have seriously enjoyed Shiloh Walker s series but this one just doesn t measure up to the others.

  19. Mnix says:
    Trinity Ewing is just looking to begin a new life for her and her young son after ending a relationship that all but destroyed her family business Taking a leap of faith, Trinity bought a large old house off the internet, sight unseen Now she and her son are in the small town of Madison and she has found that the lovely old house is really a big old white elephant, but Trinity is determined to make it a home where she can raise her son and begin that new life.Noah Benningfield has lived in Madis [...]

  20. Margreet Asselbergs says:
    My rating 4.5 of 5 For about two decades, Noah Benningfield has existed the best he knew how Almost half of the years he can barely recall and the rest of the time he was stuck in a shadowy limbo, while doing his best to keep himself and others from sliding into the deep dark But when a single mother with a young son came to town and hired him to fix up the old house she bought, he felt his lungs filling with air for the first time in twenty years.Slightly disturbed, Trinity Ewing wondered how i [...]

  21. Joyfully Reviewed says:
    Trinity Ewing is just looking to begin a new life for her and her young son after ending a relationship that all but destroyed her family business Taking a leap of faith, Trinity bought a large old house off the internet, sight unseen Now she and her son are in the small town of Madison and she has found that the lovely old house is really a big old white elephant, but Trinity is determined to make it a home where she can raise her son and begin that new life Noah Benningfield has lived in Madis [...]

  22. Hannah says:
    Another new series from the talented Shiloh Walker I love Shiloh Walker and I know I can always enjoy her books Deeper Than Need was no exception it was wonderfully tearful and suspenseful Deeper Than Need is the start of the Secrets and Shadows series, in the quiet little town of Madison, Indiana some pretty strange things are happening Noah and Trinity are both hiding from their past both trying to come to terms with it Trinity is trying to begin a new life with her son and the little town of [...]

  23. Sandy M says:
    When I finished reading this book, my first thought was I should have read the other books in the series Then I discovered the previous three books don t have much of anything to do with the horrible mystery in this story So what is it that leaves me with a feeling of discontent Maybe it s because there s so many people involved in that horribleness in Madison there s a lot of point of view changes that had me reeling for a while And then there s the fact that there isn t a total resolution in t [...]

  24. Sue says:
    In Deeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker, Trinity is starting fresh, and has moved with her son to Madison, into a wonderful old house she s renovating As soon as she saw the house she felt like she was home She was completely unprepared for the click she felt when she met contractor Noah He is hot and she is going to be seeing a lot of him when he works on her home.Noah has existed but never really lived since the disappearance of his teenage girlfriend He does not feel he has enough life in him to [...]

  25. MaggieReadsRom says:
    3,5 stars It s been a while since I read an RS with than 3 POVs and the number of them had me a little frazzled at the beginning Next to Noah and Trinity there are at least 8 other POVsand on top of those there were a lot of secondary characters without their own POVs With a lot of connections between them and one of them still not revealed at the end I was still a bit confused when the book ended After the novellas that started off this series I was really looking forward to the first full len [...]

  26. Barb Lie says:
    Deeper Than Need is the 1st full length book in Shiloh Walker s Secrets Shadows series The series started with three novellas, which I did not know about, but it did not matter when reading this book, as it read very well without reading the others Though after reading this book, I am interested in reading the novellas.The story takes place in a small town, where our heroine, Trinity Ewing having recently arrived in town with her young son, has purchased a house, which is in need of much repair [...]

  27. Christi Snow says:
    My Review This is one of those booksere are a ton of secrets throughout Both the hero and heroine are hiding things The whole suspense line is about mysteries and hidden connections And as the reader, you don t know what any of those secrets mysteries are This book managed to drag most of those mysteries out throughout the entire book For me, that works I have to keep turning the page because I need answers for what is going on But be warned, if you don t like that, you may not enjoy this book b [...]

  28. Zita says:
    Dark romantic suspense This is the first full length novel in the Secrets Shadows series which I highly enjoyed We first met this couple briefly in the novella Burn For Me where we see them meet for the first time and even in that short scene you could tell that there was magnetism between them that stunned them both.Trinity Ewing left the city life to escape the after effects of a scandal not of her own making and start somewhere fresh with her son She buys an old house that s a bit of a fixer [...]

  29. Crystal says:
    I have to say the I read of Shiloh Walker s work the amazed I am by her talent Ms.Walker is very talented and I always enjoy each book I have the chance to read Deeper than Need reached out and grabbed my attention from page one and sure did not let go even at the end I can not wait to read the next book in this series Trinity Ewing and her young son Micah have been through so much, they are in need of a fresh start in a new place So they buy a old fixer up house Little do they know what they [...]

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