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Sweet Talk Me

Free Download Sweet Talk Me - by Kieran Kramer - Sweet Talk Me, Sweet Talk Me He s sure got a way with words The last person True Maybank expected to run into while picking up her wedding gown was country music superstar Harrison Gamble Years ago when they were small town teen
  • Title: Sweet Talk Me
  • Author: Kieran Kramer
  • ISBN: 9781250009913
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Free Download Sweet Talk Me - by Kieran Kramer, Free Download Sweet Talk Me - by Kieran Kramer - Sweet Talk Me, Sweet Talk Me He s sure got a way with words The last person True Maybank expected to run into while picking up her wedding gown was country music superstar Harrison Gamble Years ago when they were small town teen

  • Free Download Sweet Talk Me - by Kieran Kramer
    290 Kieran Kramer
Sweet Talk Me

About Author

  1. Kieran Kramer says:
    USA Today bestselling author Kieran Kramer currently writes fun contemporary romance with a Southern flair for St Martin s Press She lives where she grew up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina with her family The first two books in her three book TWO LOVE LANE series are on shelves now The third book, SECOND CHANCE AT TWO LOVE LANE, comes out Fall 2018 Find Kieran on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter and at kierankramer.

Comment 936 on “Sweet Talk Me

  1. Susan Gorman says:
    This is the BEST contemporary I have read Sweet Talk Me is the first novel by author Kieran Kramer which I have read I enjoyed it immensely I was so invested in the novel and the characters that I stayed up until 1am to finish it Could not put it down The novel is a second chance at romance novel which features country singer Harrison Gamble and his childhood friend True Maybank Harrison grew up in a trailer park while True grew up at Maybank Hall, her family s estate Harrison and True meet by a [...]

  2. Dorine says:
    Rated 3.5 Stars Also posted at TBR Mountain Range, along with reviews of other books I ve read Come for a visit Can the magic of once being childhood best friends be recaptured and reunite in a romantic happy ever after, or will the memories they ve made throughout the years be just that sweet memories True Maybank struggled to make ends meet and hold on to her family s land after her parents died Having attained her dream of attending college, she didn t regret returning home before graduating [...]

  3. Chanpreet says:
    Kieran Kramer is no newbie to writing great love stories In Sweet Talk Me, she s moved from a historical European setting to a contemporary American one Her knack for writing strong characters hasn t changed and even those who are strict historical romance readers will enjoy this book In fact, I can easily say this is my favorite book of hers by far True Maybank and Harrison Gamble may have been star crossed friends growing up, but things have really changed in the ten years since Harrison left [...]

  4. Irene says:
    4 starsI really enjoyed reading Sweet Talk Me This is a sweet and heartwarming second chance love story.The last person True Maybank expected to run into while picking up her wedding gown was country music superstar Harrison Gamble Years ago, when they were small town teens in Biscuit Creek, South Carolina, they shared a forbidden night of passion Now that she s about to settle down, True s love affair with the handsome crooner is a thing of the past Or is it From the moment he says hello, she h [...]

  5. Misty says:
    Let me start by stating that I ve been a fan of Kieran Kramer s since her debut historical romance When Harry Met Molly Naturally when I discovered that Ms Kramer was making the leap into the contemporary romance genre, I was completely on board Sweet Talk Me is written in true Kieran Kramer style It is a delightfully funny and sweet romance Sweet Talk Me is a small town romance set in the south Country music super star, Harrison Gamble and the down on her luck southern belle, True Maybank share [...]

  6. Claire Hadleigh says:
    Thoroughly enjoyed this romance set in South Carolina by Kramer, especially the hero yum Delightful secondary characters as well, which I feel always makes for a stronger story Looking forward to reading by Kieran Kramer

  7. TSN says:
    Well it was not outright bad and it was sweet and loving.But through most of the book I was terrible bored, and it felt like an achievement that I managed to finish it.The cover is lovely though.

  8. Misty (Red's Romance Review's) says:
    Sweet Talk Me Is a touching second chance romance story full of small town charm and heartwarming emotion, that comes equipped with many well crafted characters that are sure to find a way into your heart Highly recommend

  9. Ki says:
    Oh my gosh It s Kieran Kramer I just love her historical Regency romances and this jump into her first contemporary romance is just as fabulous Wow I m feeling like every author these days are moving into another genre and are making super great hits with them Way to go So, Sweet Talk Me is about two people getting a second chance at love in their small hometown in the country side We have our heroine, True Maybank who s preparing for her wedding with her perfect and handsome Southerner gentlema [...]

  10. Lynn Spencer says:
    C at AAR, so 3.5 stars here Okay I m a sucker for second chance at love stories They can be cute and humorous, dark and angsty, I like them either way For that reason, I had high hopes for Sweet Talk Me but while it had its good points, it ended up being a little too twee for me to handle.True Maybank has just picked up her wedding dress when she runs into the last person she expected to ever see again Harrison Gamble was once her very best friend and they shared an unforgettable wild night toge [...]

  11. Renny says:
    This isn t quite a 4 star book for me but it is an above avaerage contemporary romance, so I feel it deserves than 3 stars maybe 3.75.This is a sweet small town romance I loved the first part of this book While I enjoy stories of old loves coming back together, I m not usually a fan of plots where the hero or heroine is already engaged to someone else but the setup worked for me in this case I was also glad that Ms Kramer didn t fall into all the old cliches with wrong side of the track boy mak [...]

  12. Michelle Randall says:
    Life hadn t been easy for True Maybank, but at this point she was hoping that things were looking up She was going to finally marry the boy her family always thought she should since high school, after all these years, too bad none of them were going to be around to see it She had managed to hold her family home together and get her younger sister through high school and Weezie would be off to college this fall She was feeling pretty good Then she had to see HIM when she went to pick up her wedd [...]

  13. Paula says:
    I read a lot and like many genres and books Rarely however, do I fall in love with a story and its endearing characters, which is what has happened with Kieran Kramer s Sweet Talk Me In fact, I can t think of a southern gal or any other for that matter, not just loving this book It is a little bit charming grit with True, some sexy country music with Harrison, a lot of unfinished romance coming full circle and a whole lot of storytelling at its best I was rooting for these characters to get past [...]

  14. Melody says:
    This is the first book that I have read by Kieran Kramer and I must say I am very pleased I don t read many contemporary romances but this one is above average.True Maybeck and Harrison Gamble were friends 10 years ago, and Harrison left to pursue a music career True was a debutant and Harrison was beneath her station as far as her family was concerned On the day she is picking up her wedding dress she runs into Harrison Can he make her see that she is making a horrible mistake marrying Dubose i [...]

  15. Tammy says:
    This is the first book that I have ready by Kieran Kramer and she didn t disappoint me This was such a sweet small town contemporary romance.True and Harrison may have been friends growing up, but things have really changed since Harrison left Biscuit Creek 10 years ago True has grown a lot as a woman because of all the things that she has endured in her life Harrison grew up in a trailer park and was looked down on by some of the people in Biscuit Creek because of that, but he has gone on to be [...]

  16. Trudi says:
    True comes from a family of money and is engaged to be married to Dubose from another family of money , but True s one night stand, Harrison, from high school comes back to town She was forbidden to see him as a child because he was poor, but now he s a rich and famous country music singer They are still attracted to each other, but are trying to hide the attraction This book has lots of Southern charm I loved the way Kieran Kramer introduces all the characters in the story and gives full, descr [...]

  17. Michelle says:
    I absolutely love Kieran Kramer s historical romance stories for their charm and humor so I was excited to give her contemporary a try True Maybank has been living the life laid out by her parents and after their death she s being trying to cling to the life they wanted and raise her younger sister She had one wild night, with Harrison Gamble The boy from the wrong side of the tracks has become a famous country singer and is coming home to see his brother When he and True cross paths again, two [...]

  18. Heather Ashby says:
    This book was Moon Pie Fine I loved SWEET TALK ME But then I m a sucker for a good bad boy makes good story I also love good writing, a unique and distinct author voice, and clever verbiage Kramer s writing is filled with humorous language and delicious Southern isms I laughed out loud at her descriptions such as We ll look like the Hardy Boys without a mystery to solve and Andy Griffith s backwoods cousin s man cave The lyrics to the hero s country songs Snack on This and Whoopie were as clever [...]

  19. Melanie says:
    I m a huge Kieran Kramer fan Her regency stories are well written, populated with a bunch of fun, interesting and well rounded characters with plots that are believable and plausible I enjoyed every book she wrote and that s why I dreaded reading this book.You see, this is Ms Kramer s first foray in telling a contemporary story and I thought what if it sucks I hate it with a vengeance when I have to review a book that sucks from an author that I love Don t laugh It happens than you know Well, t [...]

  20. Julie Eichelberger-Ford says:
    Kieran Kramer is a new to me author and I have to say that I plan on reading of her work I won this book from another author and I am so glad I did Kieran has written a sweet, sexy, funny story This is the story of True Maybank and Harrison Gamble As kids, True came from a wealthy family and Harrison grew up in a trailer park but they were best friends They had a one night stand on prom night but then True rejected Harrison s proposal 10 years later, Harrison is a famous country music star and [...]

  21. Bev Fasig says:
    I had never read books by this author before Having won the book in a party on Facebook I had no idea what to expect.I just finished SWEET TALK ME I truly enjoyed the book, and am glad that I found Kieran Kramer by winning this book Though I figured that True and Harrison would end up together and Dubose I had to look up the pronunciation of his namer heard it before would be kicked to the curb, I truly enjoyed the journey through these pages to get to that happy ending The author s development [...]

  22. Diana Belchase says:
    Kieran Kramer is known for her wonderful characters in her Regency romances Now, she takes that skill and gives us unforgettable, quirky, adorable characters in her newest Contemporary romance, Sweet Talk Me The plight of the heroine, trying to decide whether to do what her family wants or what her heart wants, is written in such a realistic and lovely way In all romances, the hero and heroine fall in love, but I promise readers will fall in love, too, with the book, the characters, the plot, th [...]

  23. Meg Hennessy says:
    I loved this book True Maybank and Harrison Gamble have a bit of a past when they were teenagers growing up in a small southern town Now, True s about to get married and the last person she expected to run into was Harrison, now a famous country western singer Determined she s going forward with her plans to marry someone else, and Harrison s determination to understand why he had come back home puts these two on a collision course where the sparks fly The secondary characters are well developed [...]

  24. Sue says:
    I m a big Kieran Kramer fan and have loved her historicals Sweet Talk Me is her first foray into contemporary novels And although I liked it, it was a little underwhelming I wasn t grabbed from the first and almost had decided not to finish this one I kept reading though because I do love this girl Maybe it will take a few stories for this author to feel comfortable with this genre, to be able to grab me from the first pages As I said, I liked it, I just didn t love it like I have her other work [...]

  25. Jenn Cunha says:
    Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.I love small town Southern romancesriously True was wonderful, proud, yet sweet and determined, and loyal Harrison was handsome and so good with Gage Gage and Weezie s friendship was absolutely adorable and while Carmela s Damn Yankee store felt like it came out of nowhere, I liked her interactions with both True and Gage Dubose and his mother were atrocious enough that I did not feel bad about what happened If anything, it made me feel better [...]

  26. Talking Books says:
    This book was an arduous read in that the story often dragged in so many scenes of the book Gage and Weezie s characters were a lot pleasant and of a stand out in the book than the lead characters of Harrison and True Trues character came across often as very shallow and Harrison s character equally so The story had many emotions in the book, however the scenes were very drawn out and predictable Sweet Talk Me by Kieran Kramer was a happy ending read with few surprises.2 Stars ARC received fro [...]

  27. Ashley says:
    This review can also be found at TheChiqBlog This book was SO southern I felt like I should have read the whole book in a Southern accent Usually I don t mind books set in the south but I ve never read anything quite like this one The terminology and weird metaphors totally made me lose interest and focus, and I sort of felt like I was reading another language If this is something you re into, it s a really cute story, but I couldn t get into the language and terminology Received an ARC for hone [...]

  28. Codi Gary says:
    I started reading this book last week and was excited to take it camping with me so I could finish it It was a sweet, lovely book with a fantastic cast of characters, southern charm, and a second chance romance I fell in love with True and kept praying she d see the light and kick Dubose to the curb so she could be with Harrison I try to write spoiler free reviews, so if you re looking for a fun second chance romance set in a small southern town with a cast of colorful characters, look no furthe [...]

  29. Sharon says:
    Sweet Talk Me, the adorable contemporary debut by Kieran Kramer, was a pure joy to read Filled with tender moments, laugh out loud scenes with wonderful characters, and a great love story, this is a perfect book for a sunday afternoon with a cup of tea Preferably on a beach or on a swing or anywhere else where you will have no interruptions Because once you start, you won t be able to put it down.

  30. Lisa Koivu says:
    I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and enjoyed getting to know most of the main characters I think it s fair to say that two of them were unpleasant I LOVED all of the southern terminology , and how the story included two characters living and thriving with aspbergers Was the story line kind of predictable Of course But it was also charming and I was rooting for everyone to get their happily ever after.

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