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The Opposite of Maybe

☆ The Opposite of Maybe ↠ Maddie Dawson - The Opposite of Maybe, The Opposite of Maybe A heartfelt funny and all together human novel about the best mistakes a person can make Jonathan and Rosie have been together so long they finish each other s sentences so when he finally proposes
  • Title: The Opposite of Maybe
  • Author: Maddie Dawson
  • ISBN: 9780770437688
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Opposite of Maybe ↠ Maddie Dawson, ☆ The Opposite of Maybe ↠ Maddie Dawson - The Opposite of Maybe, The Opposite of Maybe A heartfelt funny and all together human novel about the best mistakes a person can make Jonathan and Rosie have been together so long they finish each other s sentences so when he finally proposes

  • ☆ The Opposite of Maybe ↠ Maddie Dawson
    111 Maddie Dawson
The Opposite of Maybe

About Author

  1. Maddie Dawson says:
    I m the author of two novels, published by Crown The Opposite of Maybe, which came out in April 2014, and The Stuff That Never Happened, which was published in August 2010 I love writing stories about second chances and complicated love lives.I have also written three novels under the name Sandi Kahn Shelton.

Comment 320 on “The Opposite of Maybe

  1. Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:
    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Advance apologies for the profanity laced fs I have a case of the Mondays.At the ripe old age of 44, Rosie really wasn t spending her days dreaming about having a little bundle of joy No, Rosie had bigger fish to fry Problems like dealing with her long time boyfriend Jonathan s teacup obsession and his multiple proposals first, to get married after being a couple for 15 years and second, to move across the country in order for Jonathan to accept his dream [...]

  2. Karyn Niedert says:
    I was provided this book for free through as a First Reads Giveaway This is a good thing, because I wouldn t have paid money for this novel Rosie is a 44 year old woman who has been in a relationship with quirky Jonathan for the past fourteen or so years At a pivotal point in their relationship upon which Jonathan has been offered the job of his dreams across the country in San Diego, they part ways Jonathan goes on to San Diego and Rosie moves in with the grandmother who raised her, Soapie Week [...]

  3. Rikki says:
    I knew I was going to enjoy this book from the first page Rosie and Jonathan lead a very mundane life, no marriage, little money, but the author brings humour to their relationship and it makes easy reading.When Jonathan decides to join a new acquaintance to open a museum dedicated to teacups in California, Rosie is not best pleased, and whilst considering her future, she goes off to make arrangements for her elderly grandmother, Soapie, to be looked after.Soapie is magic Fond of martinis, cigar [...]

  4. Ellen says:
    An enjoyable story about Rosie, 44 year old woman in a dysfunctional relationship After breaking things off, she moves in with her grandmother, Soapie, a brash, out spoken, quirky 88 year old who raised Rosie Into the picture enters Tony, originally to be a caregiver for Soapie, but ends up tangled in the mess that is Rosie s life As Rosie finds her way, the reader is drawn into this often humorous, sometimes sad roller coaster of emotions A book I would recommend to readers of women s fiction.

  5. Maridimi says:
    Five stars from me for the italian translated version, not because it s a literature masterpiece, but becase I liked it and could identify with the heroine.It as an easy reading I got as a gift and, because I refused to read the back cover to see what it was about, I didn t create any expectations Everything came as a surprise to me Rosie s age and stage in life were ideal not that young to star in a teenage romance, neither that old to play the exhausted housewife who misses romance The book ma [...]

  6. Kristine says:
    Original review found at kristineandterri 24.5 stars I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This book was a joy to read With a cast of unique, quirky and likeable characters and an honest, heartwarming and sometimes humorous plot this book had it all What I really enjoyed about this book is that it was real Rosie, the main character, is a 44 year old woman who doesn t have the perfect life and is nowhere close to figuring it out It shows [...]

  7. Amy says:
    There s a comfort in reading a book with realistic characters, sort of like sipping tea from that special mug, or slipping into your favorite pair of jeans Flash, drama, and excitement in a book is fine, but I also like that other type, where I read about people who I might meet perusing veggies at the farmer s market, or while waiting at a bus stop, or even when picking up the mail in my apartment building Maddie Dawson created a whole slew of such characters not perfect, glamorous beings, but [...]

  8. Dawn says:
    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I liked the front cover and synopsis and the book didn t disappoint.Rosie the main character has lived with her partner Jonathan for fifteen years At first they both seem to be happy with their lot but very early on you get the impression that Rosie in particular is looking for and in fact needs Life is just ambling along Their mutual friends and family seem to know them better than they do themselves with Jonathan a [...]

  9. Kristie says:
    I received this book to review from Netgalley The opinions expressed below are solely my own This book was a lot better than I expected it to be I thought chick litlove trianglewe ll see I really don t like love triangles However, this book made it work The writing was excellent I laughed, I cried I was annoyed with the way the main character thought at times, but still felt for her and what she was going through Great story 4.5

  10. Greta Samuelson says:
    4.5 stars I dole out 5 stars very sparingly but I really did enjoy this bookIt was fun to read, I felt connected to the characters and I could easily picture all of them in my mind It was a very sweet book that got me to cry at least 1 time maybe 2

  11. Amy says:
    When you ve been with someone for fifteen years, you learn to make adjustments and concessions You learn how to negotiate, whether it s who will make breakfast or where you will live.Relationships, whether married or not, are long conversations in which both parties confer, concede, disagree, debate, and communicate.So it is with Rosie and Jonathan Theirs is a symbiotic arrangement wherein they can almost read each other s minds They know each other They know what they want, independently and to [...]

  12. Annette says:
    After her mother died, Rosie grew up with her grandmother, Soapie The present environment for Soapie is a tentative one She falls, she does not take her medication and she refuses to have a trained person come to help her That is one of the worries in Rosie s life.Jonathan, an award winning potter has changed the focus of his life Because of critical comments about his work, he has become someone else He now collects tea cups, these are tea cups which are not to be touched by human hands.Jonatha [...]

  13. Laurel-Rain says:
    In their circle of friends, Jonathan and Rosie have become the quirky couple that has stayed together for fifteen years without changing their lifestyle Rosie teaches, while Jonathan collects antiques, like the teacups that are his latest obsession.So when Jonathan joins forces with a man named Andres, who is planning to start up a museum in San Diego, CA, Jonathan doesn t think twice about signing on.But Rosie is not so eager to leave Connecticut, most especially since her eighty eight year old [...]

  14. Terri says:
    original review found at kristineandterri I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.This was a story of what happens when certain life events occur on an life plan that has already been mapped out What results is emotional, heartwarming and comedic mixed in with a wonderfully eclectic cast of characters.I must admit that I was not a fan of Jonathan from the get go however I do believe this may have been by design Putting him aside there wer [...]

  15. ☕ Kimberly says:
    The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson is a chick lit novel that explores one woman s journey of self discovery through trial, error, hope, loss and love.Dawson introduces us to Rosie a middle aged woman who loves her job teaching children and her life with her live in lover Jonathan They have been together as they watched their friends get married and begin families Theirs is a comfortable life until things get complicated Jonathan has been offered an opportunity clear across the country and su [...]

  16. Patty says:
    The Opposite of MaybeByMaddie DawsonMy in a nutshell summaryRosie and Jonathan have been together for 15 years All of their besties are married with childrenbut s not the life they said they wanted.My thoughts after reading this bookI loved this book but it is filled with quirky characters and I love quirky characters From Jonathan and his teapot collection to Rosie wanting cupcakes and red boots at her weddingsJonathan finally proposes But just as abruptly as he proposes he cancels their weddin [...]

  17. Sojourner says:
    The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson is a unique novel that has the power to lure you just by the charm of its cover and title It was not necessary for me to check out what this book was all about I like the title, and the cover was just simply too appealing to ignore it But once I discover what the story is all about, and Sophie s journey of self discovery and coming of age, I knew I was going to enjoy it The Opposite of Maybe is a story of the hard choices one has to make at some point or th [...]

  18. Lightblue says:
    Il titolo in lingua originale The opposite of maybe rende bene la condizione a cui aspira Rosie, la protagonista di questo libro Quarantaquattrenne, fidanzata da quindici anni con lo stesso uomo, senza figli, avrebbe bisogno di qualcosa di pi saldo e meno fuggevole dalla vita Gli amici gli additano come gli eterni fidanzati che non vogliono prendersi responsabilit e lei stessa si accorge che il suo fidanzato pi preso dalla sua preziosissima collezione di tazze da t che da lei Contemporaneamente [...]

  19. Jena Thorp says:
    Wow This was an amazing story that I couldn t put down It was a rollercoaster of love ups and downs I was hooked from the first page and didn t want the story to end Rosie is in a long term relationship without marriage finds herself separating from her boyfriend and ends up pregnant at 44 years old Meanwhile her grandma, who raised her, is getting old and unable to take care of herself Soapie, the grandma, moves in a younger man named Tony to help care for her Rosie ends up moving in to Soapie [...]

  20. Marvin says:
    I m trying to imagine the state of mind I must have been in a couple of years ago when I added to my reading list the books I ve been reading lately Many of them have been chick lit or something close to it the two Rosie books The Rosie Project The Rosie Effect , the Secrets of Midwives, The Traitor s Wife, The Photographer s Wife, Mrs Houdini, etc This is another Rosie book different author, different Rosie This Rosie is a 44 year old woman who s been in a relationship with a man for 15 years w [...]

  21. Kristen says:
    I enjoyed this book The book followed Rosie, the main character, as she dealt with a slew of life changing events At times it was frustrating to see her just floating along and making big decisions almost in a cloud, or not making decisions and going along with what other people want or expect her to do I felt that Tony did that as well going along with what his ex wife wanted even when it involved his son who he obviously loved Rosie did call him out on this, not seeming to realize she often di [...]

  22. Rida Ahmed Sajid says:
    So what do I think AWESOME Funny, romantic, enjoyable everything you want.I loved that the characters were so close to reality The scenarios are sometimes expected but sometimes they are a total shock Parenting issues are explained in a very impressive way Loved Milo An adorable little thing he is Rosie is a confused, compromising and easily convinced person but I think that is what makes this story goes on.I got irritated with Jonathan and that was his purpose in the story right A lot of men ar [...]

  23. Faith Simone says:
    I was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, which I freely give I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It s refreshing to read a novel in which the main character is female, over the age of forty and isn t harping on menopause, empty nest syndrome or a disinterested spouse Rosie doesn t have life all figured out yet, and that s okay Her uncertainty is a major part of this book s appeal She is forty four years old and proves that you are never too old to star in your own [...]

  24. Holly Robinson says:
    This is one of the most unique novels I ve read in years Within the first few pages, I was so quickly engaged in the lives of these characters that I laughed aloud while reading and woke my husband, then woke him again when I started sniffing and weeping later in the book This deceptively simple novel is written with heart and generosity for even the most flawed characters like the boyfriend who obsesses about starting a teacup museum, of all things You ll be left wanting to dance, and maybe eve [...]

  25. Ana says:
    Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I was pretty excited to read this one as the blurb sounded great and promised a fantastic an interesting story, however I am disappointed The story is too slow paced for my taste sometimes I felt like nothing was really happening and was dragging Also, despite the fact I am fascinated with motherhood and root for women who decide to go on that journey even in their later years, I couldn t connect with the MC or any of the [...]

  26. Gabi Coatsworth says:
    A friend gave me an uncorrected proof of this novel and I loved it It was just what I needed on a bleak January day because it s warm, funny and life affirming I enjoyed MD s last novel, The Things That Never Happened, and was looking forward to this one I wasn t disappointed Filled with characters I could recognize, and predicaments of the type we all have to face at times, the novel kept me guessing as to how it was going to work itself out No preaching or moralizing, just an open hearted acce [...]

  27. Victoria says:
    I read too much I always have Not only do I read for pleasure and escape but I ve been a proofreader copy editor for around 25 years But sometimes I just seem to naturally take a break, which I d done recently At least as far as reading for pleasure I was reading a book for profit at the time Then I began to get that itch wishing I could find a book that would surprise me Serendipity is one of my favorite things in life Voila This download caught my eye This was a delight witty, wise, lovable ch [...]

  28. Emily says:
    This book is exactly what you expect by reading the blurb There were times when the story tugged on my heartstrings there were times when the story made me laugh out loud or chuckle quietly to myself and there were times when the story and the characters actions decisions would make me shake my head.The writing was good, and I enjoyed the story But there were a few times that I found myself skimming a page I also felt like the book meandered its way toward the predictable ending which would have [...]

  29. Shayla Williams says:
    Pretty sure Oprah is going to grab this the minute it hits the shelves.I won an uncorrected proof from a giveaway I opened the package and started reading the first page on my way to set the book by my reading chair, somewhere in the To Be Read pile A moment later, the entire afternoon was gone I love Soapie, the Dustcloth Diva Wouldn t it be fun if the author published a couple of books under that pseudonym I wanted to hug Rosie, smack her friends, and beat the crap out of Jonathan With all the [...]

  30. Isabelle Hunt says:
    I received the book for free through First Reads What a fun read Each character was so adoring and lovable I especially liked Rosie, not because she was perfect, but because she made mistakes and tried to deal with these mistakes like any other realistic human being I cried and laughed with what Rosie went through, and I honestly did not know which one I was rooting for Jonathan or Tony Just when I thought I figured out where the story was going and how it was going to end, the author added anot [...]

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