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Barefoot Boy With Cheek

Ê Barefoot Boy With Cheek ↠ Max Shulman - Barefoot Boy With Cheek, Barefoot Boy With Cheek Spoof of college life
  • Title: Barefoot Boy With Cheek
  • Author: Max Shulman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Ê Barefoot Boy With Cheek ↠ Max Shulman, Ê Barefoot Boy With Cheek ↠ Max Shulman - Barefoot Boy With Cheek, Barefoot Boy With Cheek Spoof of college life
  • Ê Barefoot Boy With Cheek ↠ Max Shulman
    139 Max Shulman
Barefoot Boy With Cheek

About Author

  1. Max Shulman says:
    Max Shulman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Barefoot Boy With Cheek book, this is one of the most wanted Max Shulman author readers around the world.

Comment 669 on “Barefoot Boy With Cheek

  1. Steven says:
    I first read and fell in love with this zany little book as a teenager I re read it every so often and it still has the power to make me laugh out loud It s a satirical novel of college life in the 1940s, told from the viewpoint of a country bumpkin whose blissful naivete knows no bounds He is cheerfully exploited by nearly everyone he encounters during his freshman year Recounting all of this enables Shulman to satirize everything from university bureaucracy and student politics to fraternity s [...]

  2. Marla says:
    Every member of my family has read this book several times It s almost our family Rosetta stone If you appreciate its silliness, you probably get our family In the form of a young college man s memoir, it s a wacky mockery of American popular culture in the 1940s I guess they call that satire So, if from the distance of 75 years, the humor seems giddy and self conscious, it s still a fun way to snoop into American history.Asa Hearthrug goes off to college, leaving his careworn mother, idyllicall [...]

  3. Davy Cee says:
    I bought a 1st edition of this book for one dollar at a dingy basement of a used bookstore in Nebraska Maybe it s worth a little than that now Maybe not Max Shulman is one of those rare writers who actually makes you laugh out loud.

  4. L. Lee Whitlock says:
    I started this slim volume on my birthday as a sort of celebration and gift to me Over 50 years ago, I moved to a new town 7,000 from a larger city 70,000 I was barely literate, and the kids in my new school were frightingly literate I was so fearful they would catch on the first time I had to read in class The summer before I started in the 10th grade, I took this little volume, went into the woods across the street from my house, and I read it out loud to the trees It is an extraordinary volum [...]

  5. Martin says:
    This was one of about 10 books my late uncle left to me It was one of his favorites, he said A short, light read, it s an over the top tale filled with slapstick, puns, and funny stories, all totally unrealistic hyperbole set on the campus of the University of Minnesota Some of the funny stories and jokes hold up, some don t The butt of the jokes are various campus groups faculty, fraternities, sororities, counselors, freshman orientation, socialist groups, the football team, football fans, stud [...]

  6. Jim Tucker says:
    This relatively short novel is characterized by its extensive use of puns and metaphoric naming of characters in what seems to me to be a relatively primitive, but also somewhat sophisticated form It is Max Shulman s first novel, which appeared in 1938, and describes the life of freshmen at the University of Minnesota The whole book is a spoof on higher education, both at that time, historically, and even currently It is a delightful book known for its form of humor than for any other compellin [...]

  7. Amy says:
    In reality, this book was so far out of my realm, I had to really think to get it This kind of humor has always escaped me, and maybe I m a little sourer for it I read it because Max Shulman is related to my attorney

  8. Geldar says:
    I m mildly astonished that Shulman is relatively obscure in 2017, as he seemed to be kind of a big deal 60 years ago and his talent is clear and unique Will definitely read .

  9. Jim Sturm says:
    A glorious high school read that had me laughing all the way to college A total goof of a book.

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