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[PDF] Download ☆ Rider : by Joanne Hall - Rider, Rider A young boy leaves his village to become a cavalryman with the famous King s Third regiment in doing so he discovers both his past and his destiny Gifted and cursed with a unique memory the foundling
  • Title: Rider
  • Author: Joanne Hall
  • ISBN: 9781909845008
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ☆ Rider : by Joanne Hall, [PDF] Download ☆ Rider : by Joanne Hall - Rider, Rider A young boy leaves his village to become a cavalryman with the famous King s Third regiment in doing so he discovers both his past and his destiny Gifted and cursed with a unique memory the foundling
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Rider : by Joanne Hall
    195 Joanne Hall

About Author

  1. Joanne Hall says:
    Joanne Hall is the same age as Star Wars, which explains a lot She lives in Bristol, England with her partner She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, playing console games, watching movies, pottering about on her allotment and playing with the world s laziest dog.A full time author since 2003, Joanne s New Kingdom fantasy trilogy was published by Epress Online, and was a finalist in both the PLUTO and EPPIE awards Her short stories have appeared in many publications, both print and online, including Afterburn SF, Quantum Muse, and The Harrow.She has had short stories published in several anthologies, including Pirates of the Cumberland Basin in Future Bristol, and Corpse Flight in Dark Spires A short story collection, The Feline Queen was published in March 2011 by Wolfsinger Publications, and her fourth novel, The Art of Forgetting , was released in two volumes by Kristell Ink Volume One, Rider was published in July 2013 to a warm critical reception, while Volume Two, Nomad was released in May 2014 Rider was longlisted for the 2014 Tiptree Award.Joanne was formerly the Chair of BristolCon, Bristol s premier science fiction and fantasy convention, but has recently stepped down to pursue other projects She has recently taken on the position of Acquisitions Editor for Kristell Ink She has also edited novels, comics, and content for social media games.She is the co editor, with Roz Clarke, of Colinthology , a tribute anthology to the late Colin Harvey, which also includes her short story Lukewarm in Lynhelm Colinthology was published as an ebook in October 2012 by Wizards Tower, and launched at BristolCon Roz and Jo also edited a Bristol themed steampunk anthology, Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion , published by Wizard s Tower in February 2014, and Fight Like A Girl , for Kristell Ink, which has been shortlisted for the BFS Award for Best Anthology.Joanne s latest novel, The Summer Goddess , which tells the story of a woman s battle with a demon worshipping cult to save her lost nephew, was published by Kristell Ink and shortlisted for the BFS Award for Best Novel She is currently working on a new flintlock fantasy series.She sometimes talks about herself in the third person on the internet and is inclined to ramble on about courgettes and greyhounds unless forcibly prevented She is always happy to hear from readers

Comment 794 on “Rider

  1. J.M. Guillen says:
    Great story Detailed, slightly gritty world Heroic fantasy with roots in real world problems.Jeezy pete It s ANOTHER ONE If this keeps up, in about a generation, I ll have something to worry about.What I mean, of course, is a well done story about a hero These are big problems for me If I m not careful, people will READ this kind of thing Next thing you know, they ll want to be heroic themselves, and then I m all having people storm the Volcano Lair, trying to stop my drones And THAT s no good.E [...]

  2. Sherwood Smith says:
    I made it about 90% before I set this one aside There is a lot to like Interesting world, super fast pace, nifty voice, and a believable teenage boy, with all the stupid decisions as well as the struggle for moral clarity that that implies There is even some LGBTQ, in the main character being bisexual, which is mostly accepted except when it isn t, and there is a trans character, but view spoiler this character gets the death because I m different ending that gays used to far disappointing, tho [...]

  3. Claire says:
    This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass Books.I ve had this on my Kindle for at least a year, and in my effort to read Fantasy this year and to clear down my TBR pile I finally picked it up and boy am I glad I did, because not only did I love it I finally understood Joanne Hall s Twitter handle Rhodi, has been brought up by the family who found him wandering the woods as a young boy People in his village are convinced he is fae and treat him like a leper, the other children bully him Whe [...]

  4. Kitvaria Sarene says:
    4,5 starsI started reading this one and when I next looked on the clock I noticed it was 2 hours past my bedtime again and I already read half the book in one go That is the biggest compliment to a book in my eyes It also make me jump, when I read while on the subway, and when I looked up next I noticed that the seats next and opposite to me had filled up without me even noticing it The writing style was really great and kept me sucked into this world all the way through It had a bit of a lower [...]

  5. Paige Daniels says:
    FULL DISCLOSURE THIS BOOK IS FROM MY PUBLISHER, BUT THIS IS AN HONEST REVIEW.The Art of Forgetting is a kind of coming of age tale of Rhodri a boy with an uncanny talent for remembering Everything that is but his true parentage He was a foundling and he can he can only remember bits and pieces of his past With his foster parents he feels as if he doesn t really belong His foster father is abusive as well as the whole town Salvation comes when a troop of calvary come riding along and recruit him [...]

  6. Julia says:
    This book starts as a standard fantasy A young man of unknown background is being brought up in a rural town When a troop of King s soldiers comes through, he resolves to join them and make his way in the world Reading this portion as a sample pulled me in.However, the story takes on too many themes and doesn t do justice to most of them I never lost myself in the story or fully identified with the main character after he left Pencarith, although I did sympathize with him His unique memory is su [...]

  7. Clare Neilson says:
    I am a long time reader of the author and have read a few stories set in this large country known as The New Kingdom As soon as I heard there would be a new book I wanted to get my hands on it quickly This half of the story follows a boy s journey from one side of the kingdom to the other, and all stops in between Told entirely from his point of view, The Art of Forgetting is a rather apt title for his other journey, that of growing up Urg, does that HAVE to happen to us all Yes it does, and Rho [...]

  8. C.N. says:
    The Art of Forgetting Jo Hall s book truly breaks the boundaries So many fantasy novels are pat deliveries of what has already gone before Hall takes the genre to the next level with her skillful handling of characters who are not quite what one would expect, but are beyond delightful because of this The hero, Rhodri, starts out in deprived circumstances because he looks different from other villages and he has total memory recall As a found child, he is raised by suspicious guardians, who do li [...]

  9. Ellen Croshain says:
    From the moment I began reading, I couldn t pull myself away This novel is a triumph, on so many levels Set against a pseudo Medieval world, as real and vibrant as Middle earth or Westeros, The Art of Forgetting Rider tells the tale of Rhodri, a foundling boy, with an incredible gift of memory but unable to remember his mother, though memories of his lordly father burnt brightly A twist of fate takes him from his foster family and into the King s Third, a cavalry regiment and back towards the ho [...]

  10. Claire Carter says:
    Art of Forgetting is a brilliant tale of discovery and equality, of the evils of humankind and of what is truly the right thing to do All Rhodri had wanted was to regain his birth right, to be reunited with his family, to finally know his mother His journey is a long one and takes him from his home and into a foreign land, and in true Joanne Hall style, to a lot of pain, misery, misunderstanding, death, and finally release.There is another side to this book that is not immediately apparent but w [...]

  11. Emma Pass says:
    This is a wonderful coming of age story from a talented writer who deserves to go far The worldbuilding in The Art of Forgetting is exquisite you feel as if you re living and breathing Rhodri s world right from page one It s a story which has something for everyone drama, romance, action, angst and humour and I thoroughly enjoyed it.The Art of Forgetting deals with some serious issues sexuality and sexual intolerance, transgenderism, self harm, racism but such is the author s skill that it never [...]

  12. Evelinn Enoksen says:
    Rhodri is a very typical teenager, and struggles with very typical teen issues He tries to find out who he is, who his parents are, and who he wants to be.The whole book is through Rhodri s POV and one can clearly see how his personality matures along the years to manhood.He joins the King s Third a cavalry unit and adjusts easily to the military life, and he also has a special gift, the gift of a perfect memory Well, almost perfect, there are a few years missing Sometimes I thought Rhodri was a [...]

  13. Andy Gibb says:
    Not my genre at all so I was reading this because Jo is a friend and guess what I was totally hooked She keeps the tale rattling along in a world that s credible and with enough twists and turns to make you go I never saw that coming I m actually looking forward to the second book.

  14. Jake says:
    This was my first Joanne Hall book and it definitely won t be my last.There are spoilers within this review you have been warned.The Art of Forgetting is a coming of age tale with young Rhodri as the sole viewpoint character As the heir to a far off throne, how Rhodri has come to live in the small village of Pencarith as a social pariah is a mystery, even to Rhodri himself who has an otherwise eidetic memory an enviable talent, if I do say so myself Those in Pencarith believe him to be Fae touch [...]

  15. Sam says:
    So I ve been wanting to read a few of the Krystal Ink titles, and thought I d start with this one Certainly an ambitious book with the themes it tackles, alas it was a bit too gritty for me Not a fault of the author, simply a personal preference for someone who still guzzles down her YA STORY As per usual we re following an orphaned boy looking for his destiny and his past In an effort to bring something new to the table, however, the book focuses on character development As the progatonist is [...]

  16. Emma says:
    I ve been meaning to review this lovely book for a long time, and I m glad to finally be able to shine a light on this wee gem of a story released by small press Kristell Ink the sci fi fantasy imprint of adventurous new publisher Grimbold Books.Rhodri s story, at first, seems like a fairly standard fantasy beginning he s a farm boy with a perfect memory, raised by a foster father after being abandoned as child He joins the King s Third, a cavalry unit of the army, and this is where the world bu [...]

  17. Martin Owton says:
    A young boy, Rhodri, leaves his village to become a cavalryman in doing so he discovers both his past and his future Not entirely accurate as he doesn t discover his future in this book But yes,we got ourselves a hidden heir story As a trainee cavalryman, Rhodri doesn t have much agency and has to go where he s told I get that, but he also doesn t have much of a plan There s no real sense of what the story arc is going to be Instead Rhodri spends most of the book going through training, discover [...]

  18. Val says:
    This author fearlessly uses her words to push boundaries, and incorporate the theme of LGBTQ rights into her non traditional fantasy Besides the authors advocacy for the LGBTQ community, the characters in this story are much to be admired You ll be inspired by their strength and courage This story takes you on an unforgettable epic ride There are some twists in this story that will not only grab your attention, but will grab at your heart as well I ll definitely be reading this book a few times [...]

  19. Brandon says:
    Rating 7.0 10.0Review Joanne Hall s world creating skills are absolutely beautiful I followed the characters so closely that I felt a bond with some of them, and could feel their love, anger, worry, and mixed emotions when they did It did leave off with a couple of questions in my head, but overall a good read I will warn that there is a strong theme of homosexuality, which I do not disdain nor do I disagree with, but for my readers I wanted to mention this I recommend to anyone who s into the C [...]

  20. Andrew says:
    I picked up this book with little idea what it would be about However after only a couple of chapters i got intrigued by the premise and the twists of political intrigue where very entertaining really looking forward to the next in the series

  21. Heather Ashley says:
    Another great novel set in the detailed world of Hierath New Kingdom The depth of Joanne Hall s characters will have you gripped and involved in the story before you know it and wanting to read part 2.

  22. Willo Font says:
    Did enjoy and got into this sort of medieval fantasy Will read Part 2

  23. Roberta Steele says:
    Brilliant Captivating and edgy with eye opening sexuality and a page turning story Loved it

  24. A.C. Smyth says:
    I d come across a mention of this book somewhere, downloaded and read the sample, and wish listed it Then I met an author at World Fantasy Con, didn t recognise the name of her book but went into the dealers room to check it out, and found I d already read the beginning.In many ways, this will be a familiar type of book for most fantasy fans For a start, the protagonist Rhodri has questions hanging over his parentage he has been raised by foster parents in a village where people are suspicious o [...]

  25. Joel Cornah says:
    There s a tendency amongst fantasy literature for the magic and threat to take center stage while the characters go along with the flow But The Art of Forgetting is much character driven and you really get a sense that the author has put a lot of thought and effort into crafting even the minor roles.From the beginning we are treated to a wide array of personalities both nice and nasty Though you might be led to suspect this is the cliche fantasy opening country boy in abusive home runs away to [...]

  26. Gillian says:
    Occasionally you read a story and you become immersed within the tale before you realise it That s what happened when I read, The Art of Forgetting There is a lot of depth and thought put into this story and the main character, Rhodri Although not unique to many stories now, this coming of age tale explores some of the nitty gritty of adolescence, not only about trying to find acceptance and discovering oneself, but also exploring themes involving sexuality and gender roles These themes I found [...]

  27. Gail Thompson says:
    Surprisingly detailed and original I felt that the world created here was very believable and these characters sucked me in from the start especially Rhodri As he is the main point of view for the book this was ideal.The start of the book is all about Rhodri growing up and learning about himself as he trains This is all set against a backdrop of political shenanigans that create tension and confusion The situation continues to twist and worsen as the book goes on and drives the actions of the ch [...]

  28. Michelle Randall says:
    Take the stories of knights on horseback, armies defending the Queen, and those crusader type stories from the 11th and 13th centuries, now place them in another world and you have The Art of Forgetting Rhodri is a young boy, found in the woods, who no one quite knows what to think of He has a perfect memory, but the people are scared of him, so life in his village is rough Enter the Kings Third army troop and Rhodri s life is about to change forever You follow him as he joins the army, trains a [...]

  29. SFReader says:
    I ve seen Joanne Hall around at various Fantasycons, but met her properly for the first time this year at Bristolcon She is a lovely person with a keen sense of humor and a warm personality which doesn t necessarily mean that she can write But when I sampled the book on , I immediately downloaded the rest of it, as I was hooked by the beginning.A young boy leaves his village to become a cavalryman with the famous King s Third regiment in doing so he discovers both his past and his destiny Gifted [...]

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