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The Legend of Buddy Hero

☆ The Legend of Buddy Hero ☆ Adam Oster - The Legend of Buddy Hero, The Legend of Buddy Hero Buddy Jackson is the world s greatest superhero He just doesn t know it He s unemployed a drunk and has a tendency to go weeks without showering yet Buddy Jackson may be the only person capable of s
  • Title: The Legend of Buddy Hero
  • Author: Adam Oster
  • ISBN: 9781484075142
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Legend of Buddy Hero ☆ Adam Oster, ☆ The Legend of Buddy Hero ☆ Adam Oster - The Legend of Buddy Hero, The Legend of Buddy Hero Buddy Jackson is the world s greatest superhero He just doesn t know it He s unemployed a drunk and has a tendency to go weeks without showering yet Buddy Jackson may be the only person capable of s
  • ☆ The Legend of Buddy Hero ☆ Adam Oster
    377 Adam Oster
The Legend of Buddy Hero

About Author

  1. Adam Oster says:
    Adam Oster hates writing bios If you ever find him working on an auto biography, you ll know he s finally been taken over by some sort of memoir loving group of pod people.That being said s a little bit of information about him.Originally hailing from Columbia, SC, Adam lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with his gorgeous wife and three adorable kids He spends a lot of his time trying to figure out what part of this world he d like to visit next.When he s not traveling or writing books, he s working a rather mundane desk job, dreaming up further tales of adventure.His favorite activity is to explore, whether it s his current hometown, or anywhere else he happens to end up When he s not exploring, he often finds himself enjoying stories in whatever form he can find them, through television, movies, books, comic books, and video games.

Comment 359 on “The Legend of Buddy Hero

  1. Claire Riley says:
    This book had my laughing out loud in several places It reminded me of the old school comic books that I used to read Witty, with a dry sense of humour, and at times very tongue on cheek about it all.Buddy is a superhero he just doesn t know it yet His world is turned upside down when his past catches back up to him and he discovers that he might be the worlds only chance of survivalif he can remember who he once was that is.There s something quite charming about this book, perhaps it s just me [...]

  2. Ken Mooney says:
    Adam Oster takes the tropes and archetypes of a superhero world and firmly makes them his own in The Legend Of Buddy Hero, creating a world full of characters who deserve to stand alongside DC and Marvel.Oster s take provides a unique and refreshing look at an origin storyat isn t an origin story a re origin, if you will It s an interesting place to start, and as the novel opens up, the intricacies of Oster s world become pronounced The Legend Of Buddy Hero has them all superpowers, evil villai [...]

  3. Karen Eisenbrey says:
    What if a hero forgot his own legend Buddy Jackson is a washed up boxer who can t hold a job, drinks too much, and depends on the kindness of his sister Maggie He has started having strange, vivid dreams through the eyes of someone else He loses yet another job when the government forces his employer to close The same day, an apparent natural disaster destroys his home Then things start to get weird.On his way to see a John Doe he took to the hospital, Buddy ends up in a secret underground fortr [...]

  4. Laura Emmons says:
    Buddy Jackson, in THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, was instantly endearing to me since he also has a long standing feud with mornings The hapless protagonist isn t the only person who drinks to forget What Buddy has forgotten might just kill him, that is, it would if he wasn t indestructible Buddy is a meta human and a former superhero, but a world wide mind swipe has left everyone unaware of his true character, especially Buddy When his ultimate nemesis returns from oblivion, Buddy starts to change fr [...]

  5. Eric Lahti says:
    I ve always loved superheroes To most people who know me this will come as no surprise In fact, I think blinding flash of obvious would probably be an apt descriptor While my friends were learning, you know facts , and getting useful knowledge, I was reading Mad Magazine While they were studying to be better people I was learning about the heroes who saved the Earth again and again.Yeah Who s laughing now, suckers So, with that in mind it really should come as no surprise that I enjoyed Adam Ost [...]

  6. Karen Perkins says:
    Quirky, funny and addictive Adam Oster has introduced me to a new type of fictional hero, effortlessly combing the depths of human nature along with the peaks the disgust of human depravity with the honour and pride of altruism and fighting for what s right.We are introduced to Buddy as a no hope drunk his only saving grace and hold on humanity is his sister Maggie She s the one who will take him in, dust him off and get him back on his feet his very own guardian angel.He wakes one morning one o [...]

  7. Liz Barnsley says:
    Thank you to the author for the copy of this book to review.Buddy Jackson is the world s greatest superhero He just doesn t know it He s unemployed, a drunk, and has a tendency to go weeks without showering yet Buddy Jackson may be the only person capable of saving the world from total destruction.Well what a lot of fun this one was Cleverly written and quirky, Buddy is a wonderful creation and a great person to travel along with for a whileEverything you need for a SuperHero origin story sort o [...]

  8. J. says:
    I m a sucker for humorous super hero stories I never tire of the endless fun that can be had at the expense of Good and Evil, death defying battles and powers mortal man can only dream of.Buddy Jackson is what you get when you have government that s sick of cleaning up after the mess super heroes make His success and achievements taken from him, Buddy turns to alcohol, gains weight, stops showering and becomes the last person anyone would ask for help When comic book style villains appear, comic [...]

  9. Mark Cain says:
    In the 1960s, Marvel introduced the concept of the superhero with problems DC embraced the notion, and comic books were changed forever.In The Legend of Buddy Hero, Oster takes this notion even farther We have a superhero who is a drunkard What s , he doesn t even know he s a superhero.Buddy Hero is chock full of interesting characters, from Buddy s sister to his sidekick to his nemesis And they are real, not cartoon cutouts, but finely drawn individuals I think it s the characters in The Legend [...]

  10. Scott Butcher says:
    I enjoyed Buddy Hero I thought the opening was very innovative, and the character of Buddy Andrews was extremely well portrayed, a man s man Dare I say, Dude s Lit Several chapters in, there is a change in the book that takes it to a traditional super hero type novel, super hero fans will love it I wanted of the beginning of the book, but it reappeared later in the novel as the climax beckons I thought the action at the end and the eventual resolution came together in a not so predictable but [...]

  11. Angelika Rust says:
    This is an easy, flowing read with one of the most likable sets of characters I ve ever come across From the reluctant anti hero Buddy to the mastermind s petty, jealous son, each character is clearly defined, complete with their own speech pattern and choice of vocabulary It s definitely not your typical superhero story, naturally, in that it features the most unlikely hero imaginable, but it still never quite crosses into the satire section A fun read, it s nevertheless a serious book I m very [...]

  12. Chris Bostic says:
    Brilliantly funny The novel is laced with humor throughout, particularly the sarcastic kind Not only was the storyline an interesting throwback to the comic book superheroes and legendary bad guys, Oster put a completely new and hilarious spin on the unlikely hero genre Following a mind wipe and untold beers with a gut to match , unlikely hero Buddy saves the world with the help of three other terrificly defined characters and my personal favorite, D.A.W.N You will cheer them along, laughing all [...]

  13. Brandt Anderson says:
    First book I got as a giveaway It s an ok book I couldn t say there was anything bad or wrong about it I also couldn t say that the book had any strengths The book is not that descriptive in both a physical sense and a mental one So it is hard to picture how the characters look like and how they are feeling There is a lot that is unsaid about the history of this superhero world So for me it s an easy 2 hour read Nothing , nothing less.

  14. Craig Sieracki says:
    The Legend of Buddy Hero was a quick and fun read It has excellent pacing and is reminiscent of the comics I read in the 90 s If I have any constructive criticism it would be that the climax felt rushed I did like the ending cliffhanger, and I am looking forward to the release of the second book in the series.

  15. Jennifer says:
    I really enjoyed this book Absolutely not the type of book I would normally read however I am really looking forward to the next Buddy Hero story Fun and absorbing Great characters I could relate to and want to see of Thank you Adam, your book made me smile.

  16. Janet Shaw carey says:
    Fun, quick read My only complaint would be with the physical weight of the thing Cover and pages too thick to read comfortably.

  17. San says:
    As a comic book geek and someone who enjoyed the sense of humour in this book I couldn t recommend it highly Very much my kind of book

  18. Catherine Griffin says:
    A slob discovers he used to be the world s greatest superhero when his nemesis returns for vengeance.In an uncharacteristic act of heroism, Buddy Jackson saves a man from an alien monster Things just get weirder as he finds out he used to have super powers and wear spandex, but the world, including himself and his sister, appear to have forgotten all about it Unfortunately, there s a super villain out to kill him and destroy the world Buddy and his friends are the only ones who can stop him.This [...]

  19. Charl says:
    Meh Oster s writing needs a lot of polish The story was just interesting enough to keep me reading.

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