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End of Gray Skies

End of Gray Skies Best Download || [Brian Spangler] - End of Gray Skies, End of Gray Skies Centuries ago something catastrophic happened Historians claim it was an accident that spilled the clouds out of the sky leaving humanity under a relentless veil of gray For young Declan and Sammi a
  • Title: End of Gray Skies
  • Author: Brian Spangler
  • ISBN: 9781530882298
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback

End of Gray Skies Best Download || [Brian Spangler], End of Gray Skies Best Download || [Brian Spangler] - End of Gray Skies, End of Gray Skies Centuries ago something catastrophic happened Historians claim it was an accident that spilled the clouds out of the sky leaving humanity under a relentless veil of gray For young Declan and Sammi a
  • End of Gray Skies Best Download || [Brian Spangler]
    384 Brian Spangler
End of Gray Skies

About Author

  1. Brian Spangler says:
    WHO ARE YOU WHO ARE YOU I M A WALRUS Brian Johnson The Breakfast ClubWho am I I m a resident of Virginia, living with my wife and children, along with three cats sometimes , a mouse, parrot, lizard and the funniest chinchilla on the east coast.Although I live in Virginia, my heart is still in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I grew up And I hope that one day, I ll be able to call Philadelphia home again.Growing up, I liked to read short stories, but struggled with the words You see, I had a secret a sad little secret Ashamed and embarrassed, I was the little kid in the back row of the schoolroom, quietly moving my lips along with the class while everyone read aloud I couldn t read I couldn t write I hoped nobody would notice, but they did They always did.By the time I d reached the fourth grade, my secret wasn t a secret any The teachers knew something was wrong Dyslexia Maybe that is why I liked science fiction so much All those crazy looking glyphs on the screen, glowing, flashing.The fix Back to the third grade for me, and then special classes three days a week It worked Once I started reading, I never stopped Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Dean Koontz, and even the Judy Blume books my sisters discarded.I m still one of the slowest readers I know, but school was never a problem again I finally graduated the third grade, and then kept on going until I finished my Masters These days, I work as an engineer and spend my nights writing, editing and thinking up the next great story.Available titles Going Gray Going Gray Short StoryGray Skies Book 1 of the Gray Skies Series, a Dystopian AdventureBlinded By Sight Book 2 of the Gray Skies SeriesFrom the Indie Side Terrific collection of short stories.Superman s Cape A Paranormal ThrillerAn Order of Coffee and Tears A Contemporary Women s FictionSilo Saga Lottery From Hugh Howey s World of WoolUpcoming titles Union Gray Skies Book 3 Glass Horses Fallen Pages Cradles In Prison The Sound Even Monsters Need Love The Devil Orders Takeout Glass Horses

Comment 404 on “End of Gray Skies

  1. Nancy says:
    This is a great series and even better that it is now available in one book This series has a little bit of every thing an apocalypse, a dystopian world, and some sci fi.I was very intrigued by the book blurb when I first saw Grey Skies The premise is very different than most dystopian books that I have read There isn t that book in the middle feeling with any of the books Each book leaves you on the edge of your seat and leaves you with mysteries to unravel and ties everything up together nice [...]

  2. Calamus says:
    Gray Skies leads us into a world hundreds of years in the future The Earth is covered in a thick fog, preventing no than a couple yards of visibility on a good day Declan and Sammy are young and in love and excited to be celebrating the End of Gray Skies a day on which the mysterious VAC machines are due to lift the fog and reveal the sun for the first time in their lives On this same day, Sammy has decided to announce to Declan that she has chosen him to be her life partner an important decisi [...]

  3. Katherine says:
    I would probably say closer to 2.5 stars, but I like to round up when I hit a 1 2 star in my mind Gray Skies is the story of a future where our attempts to fix the environment actually caused damage A heavy fog has settled on the world and people can see no than a few feet in front of them at all times It is the story of Declan and Sammi, trying to form a life and a future together in the unknown This was a good story, but I admit I am not a fan of short stories that are part of a series I bel [...]

  4. Janet says:
    very good book, loved the ending look forward to following books

  5. Jim Kratzok says:
    While this was an improvement over the first book in the series, it was still pretty disappointing The characters are flat simple stereotypes of people The storyline is predictable and the whole premise is just too unbelievable.

  6. Nani says:
    3.5 of 5 StarsI ve decided that I m going to award the half star on my blog even if I can t add it on Good Reads.The books in the Gray Skies series are short I didn t realize that before I started reading the first book but I accept it now The first Brian Spangler book I read didn t impress me but after checking out his blog and finding that his reading passions are in supernatural and paranormal fiction I decided that I should give his writing a second chance by checking out a book he s written [...]

  7. Paula says:
    Thank you to Brian Spangler for this spectacular e book Declan and Sammi have grown up in the mysterious fog It is their world It is all they know They are finally of age and it is time to start their lives together Sammi is preparing to announce her chosen life partner while The End of Gray Skies is coming The community is hopeful that finally the fog will disappear and they will see the sun for the first time in centuries Sammi and Declan know that this will change their lives forever only the [...]

  8. Elisabeth Elle Sur says:
    As other reviewers have noted, the action was fast paced at the beginning and end of this series, but stalled a bit in the middle I almost didn t finish reading this series after book two, but based on other reader reviews, I kept going I m glad I did, because the last quarter of the series really picked up the pace and got into the good stuff which is learning the true purpose of the VAC machines.This series comes off as of YA fiction than adult fiction, and I wish it had focused less on the r [...]

  9. Melinda says:
    Gray Title, Gray ProseI DNFed after I finished the first book I could not bring myself to read the other three Gray prose is about as exciting as sticking your head in oatmeal Even though the story is about a machine poisoning an entire coastal area, replacing the air with acidic mist that quickly kills, it makes it so underwhelming, so boring, I started skimming the text soon after the start The protagonist, a teenage girl who loses part of her family in the first mists, agonized over the same [...]

  10. Betty Johnson says:
    Intriguing story with an Interesting PlotI never read anything written by this author before, and was pleasantly surprised that this was a very very good story I m glad I read it as an omnibus, because I hate to read short serialized stories individually I was a little confused at first about where the story was going and what it was about, and was pleasantly surprised when it went in a direction different than where I thought it was going I would recommend this if you like a nice science fictio [...]

  11. Amie says:
    This series was okay Just okay and not fantastically great However, it did seem to have an interesting twist on devastating world ending scenarios as far as I know since I am not a huge apocalyptic story fan It did address some concerns such as If there s no sun, how do you grow plants food and likewise How do you have power to operate lights and things So, interesting Not boring but also not an edge of your seat page turner either.

  12. Jennifer Sylvia says:
    This series was exceptional In many ways it was a typical sci fi dystopian story of cataclysm, and survival, yet it was also wonderfully original The story spans a thousand years, but remains cohesive throughout I wouldn t have thought that possible in 700 pages In an effort to be sure not to reveal too much, I will keep this review brief, and simply say that you should check this series out By far the best indie books I ve read.

  13. Nancy says:
    I was a little hesitant about reading a short story and even so when I saw that it was a series of short stories I was really intrigued though when I read the book description and that won me over All I can say is WOW The writing was fantastic The writing really give you a sense of what it is like living in this new world This book far exceeded my expectations I can t wait to read the rest of the books

  14. Teresa Dowson says:
    I loved the first book read it very fast The second book had me intriguede third book I stalled a little but had to keep going to uncover what was happening I loved finding out what was behind the story and was totally gripped to the end I love a sprawling story spanning long periods of time and this series of books really captured my imagination Wonderful twist Excellent read.

  15. Rhonda Mcguire says:
    Omg I just love this book I am so confused and so intrigued I just don t have the words At one point while reading my husband came in and said he could tell I was reading something so intense just by the size of my eyes Starting book 3 now because I can t wait to see whats next

  16. Jacque Holst says:
    Good seriesNo spoilers but there are some real surprises A fairly quick read Interesting and entertaining I enjoyed the the plot as it built and the realization that nothing was as it seemed.

  17. R. James says:
    Good story, very well crafted world and characters I only wish it weren t a short, however This one deserves a full novel treatment to develop the characters even further But for a short story, it was very enjoyable to this reader writer.Kudos

  18. Debbie Anderson says:
    I enjoyed this book It took a while, and was kind of teen lit in places, but the story hooks you after a while with the mystery I thought it was a different take on the usual end of the world story and I liked that I recommend.

  19. Joan says:
    For an indie book series I really enjoyed it I read it on my Kindle and I thought it was an easy read Kept me interested and I needed to find out who was behind the gray skies Ended well One flaw, where did the birds come from at the end Not a big issue though.

  20. E. SASSER says:
    Fun and interesting readI enjoyed the story line and the author s unique style I stayed up all night to finish the book in one day I look forward to Brian s future novels.Betty S

  21. Judith Golderer says:
    An entertaining apocalyptic series of novels set in a world where the sky suddenly goes gray and poisonous,

  22. Seamus says:
    Loved it Shockingly dark sad at times, but with a hell of a twist at the end Fans of Silo should read this

  23. Kristie hunter says:
    Very enjoyableI liked the second book as it answered so many questions that I had from the first I am glad that l kept going It was a pleasure to read

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