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Gray Series

[PDF] Gray Series | by ☆ Brian Spangler - Gray Series, Gray Series The Gray series has been republished into two volumes Into the DarkEnd of Gray SkiesPlease visit the series page at writtenbybrian gray series for information
  • Title: Gray Series
  • Author: Brian Spangler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Gray Series | by ☆ Brian Spangler, [PDF] Gray Series | by ☆ Brian Spangler - Gray Series, Gray Series The Gray series has been republished into two volumes Into the DarkEnd of Gray SkiesPlease visit the series page at writtenbybrian gray series for information
  • [PDF] Gray Series | by ☆ Brian Spangler
    238 Brian Spangler
Gray Series

About Author

  1. Brian Spangler says:
    WHO ARE YOU WHO ARE YOU I M A WALRUS Brian Johnson The Breakfast ClubWho am I I m a resident of Virginia, living with my wife and children, along with three cats sometimes , a mouse, parrot, lizard and the funniest chinchilla on the east coast.Although I live in Virginia, my heart is still in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I grew up And I hope that one day, I ll be able to call Philadelphia home again.Growing up, I liked to read short stories, but struggled with the words You see, I had a secret a sad little secret Ashamed and embarrassed, I was the little kid in the back row of the schoolroom, quietly moving my lips along with the class while everyone read aloud I couldn t read I couldn t write I hoped nobody would notice, but they did They always did.By the time I d reached the fourth grade, my secret wasn t a secret any The teachers knew something was wrong Dyslexia Maybe that is why I liked science fiction so much All those crazy looking glyphs on the screen, glowing, flashing.The fix Back to the third grade for me, and then special classes three days a week It worked Once I started reading, I never stopped Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Dean Koontz, and even the Judy Blume books my sisters discarded.I m still one of the slowest readers I know, but school was never a problem again I finally graduated the third grade, and then kept on going until I finished my Masters These days, I work as an engineer and spend my nights writing, editing and thinking up the next great story.Available titles Going Gray Going Gray Short StoryGray Skies Book 1 of the Gray Skies Series, a Dystopian AdventureBlinded By Sight Book 2 of the Gray Skies SeriesFrom the Indie Side Terrific collection of short stories.Superman s Cape A Paranormal ThrillerAn Order of Coffee and Tears A Contemporary Women s FictionSilo Saga Lottery From Hugh Howey s World of WoolUpcoming titles Union Gray Skies Book 3 Glass Horses Fallen Pages Cradles In Prison The Sound Even Monsters Need Love The Devil Orders Takeout Glass Horses

Comment 666 on “Gray Series

  1. Katherine says:
    I admit that I may have gone into this book with too much hope I tend to dislike series books because there are too many loose ends However, i do believe that a book can be a good series and still have a few loose ends But I also believe that SOME of the ends needs to be tied up at the end of each series I really like the premise behind these books and, when the author is describing the world our characters live in, it is a very interesting picture However, I think there are too many similes Too [...]

  2. Paula says:
    Thank you again to Brian Spangler for this copy of Blinded by Sight This book goes further into the description of Declan s world and into the story behind the VAC machines It not only continues Declan s story, but it goes in depth into other character s lives We learn about Ms Gilly and her Chosen, about Declan s father Richard , and we meet a new character named Isla who resides within the machine Declan is determined to rid the world of the fog and, once again, see the sun We follow him on [...]

  3. Geoff Taylor says:
    Quite entertaining but quite reminiscent of one or two other tales, notably the film version of Stephen King s The Mist haven t read the book A realististically myopic teenage girl s view of a world fracturing apocalypse Quite emotive and breathy compared to a book like the first book in the Eden trilogy, another apocalyptic book with a teenage girl narrator.

  4. Nancy says:
    Great next book in the series I really loved the writing in Gray Skies and how the author described the dystopian world that Sammi and Declan lived in I was completely surprised at the turn the story took in Blinded By Sight Fantastic and completely unexpected and left me wanting If you read Gray Skies, then you must read this next installment

  5. Seamus says:
    Super second part of the story dark turns, but very exciting Can t wait til the third final book

  6. Rhonda Mcguire says:
    I thought I was confused beforeI had no idea This story just get involved and suspenseful each chapter Where is it all going Love it and on to the final now

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