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Structured Chaos

× Structured Chaos ☆ Nick Sconce - Structured Chaos, Structured Chaos The Outsiders meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest Set in Oklahoma in the mid s Structured Chaos sequel to Pewter Murder and Loaded Dice finds teen narrator Devin Predire and his cohorts in
  • Title: Structured Chaos
  • Author: Nick Sconce
  • ISBN: 9780881001570
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback

× Structured Chaos ☆ Nick Sconce, × Structured Chaos ☆ Nick Sconce - Structured Chaos, Structured Chaos The Outsiders meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest Set in Oklahoma in the mid s Structured Chaos sequel to Pewter Murder and Loaded Dice finds teen narrator Devin Predire and his cohorts in
  • × Structured Chaos ☆ Nick Sconce
    320 Nick Sconce
Structured Chaos

About Author

  1. Nick Sconce says:
    Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, Nick Sconce now resides outside of Oklahoma City with his wife and three children.His interests include photography, recording music, cooking, gardening and studying the financial services industry.Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice and Structured Chaos are novels in a series involving Devin Predireand Alex Vinkler.His third novel, Hatchet Women, is set for release 4Q 2016 Edie Firebaugh and her team of young, career oriented women, are coerced to dye their hair to blend into their insurance company s event planning department to conceal their real work in special investigations, fraud prevention, and agent termination As they ascend and infiltrate the company s hierarchy, they uncover a layered scheme in the private placement annuity unit, which limits pay outs to customers through mass murders designed to look like tragic accidents The unit also happens to be the most profitable for their company.

Comment 202 on “Structured Chaos

  1. Tom says:
    I received this book through Firstreads and I really enjoyed reading it.It is a dark and gritty coming of age story about a group of dissaffected teens trying to establish themselves in the local drug gang culture.It is cleverly written and the complex and interesting characters keep you interested from start to finish.The only downside for me personally was that I didn t understand a lot of the drug gang culture dialogue and terminology.

  2. Angelia Herrin says:
    This review is long overdue, and for that I apologize to the author The book is written in a complex writing style that was hard for me to get through For me it felt like listening to a lecture rather than watching a story unfold before me I really did like the overall story, and I think I would have enjoyed it alot if it were written in a different style.If you re looking for a tough gritty coming of age book with complex charters, then you should give it a read I turn to look back at the spee [...]

  3. Nancy Reynolds says:
    I won this book from.Since I had not read the previous novel Pewter, Murder and Loaded Dice , I was unsure of what to expect I like Mr Sconce s writing style, though I would honestly have to admit that this really isn t a genre I read much in and maybe didn t get as involved in the story as many other readers I do have to admit that the story was quite unique and I like the narration style of the book I enjoyed the level of details presented in the book regarding Mr Predire and his peers This he [...]

  4. Nick Sconce says:
    Suspenseful and gritty, Sconce juggles massive amounts of dirty details and weaves them into a mystery redolent of the human condition His firm grasp on the things that keep humans stuck creates a sublime picture of teenage woe and misery His insights illustrate an intimate familiarity with the mechanisms humans use to deceive and sabotage themselves Structured Chaos is an old fashioned dark tale of sex, drugs and rock and roll that is sure to leave you reeling Corin White, author of Year of The [...]

  5. John says:
    The way that you can t judge a book by it s cover applies to all the characters in this book What you see is not always what you get and what you get ranges from the mystifying stay in an institution to the sometimes terrifying consequences of youthful hubris and everywhere in between Remember those weird kids in high school and how you wondered what they were up to Nick Sconce s well paced prose shows you that it is far beyond your imagination.

  6. Crystal Robertson says:
    I won this book through firstreads Although this was not the typical type of book I go for, I was impressed by the detail and raw style of Nicks writing Admitidly there were times when the 80s teen drug lingo lost me and I had a hard time grasping the full essence of the many individual characters This is the type of book that I would love to see a movie made of.

  7. Kristen says:
    I wasn t sure what to expect as I had never read Pewter, Murder and Loaded Dice, but I really enjoyed this book The author does a fantastic job of pulling you in and making you feel like one of the gang in this book about teenage angst and pushing the boundaries on what society sees as right I d recommend this book to anyone looking for a good coming of age story with a sick twist.

  8. Melissa says:
    A total page turner that will suck you in Structured is gritty, unique, and complex Interesting characters and story that keeps you invested from start to finish I won this book through.

  9. Melissa says:
    Rich writing and a dark style make this a gritty read I love the sectional break up of chapters, bringing the writing into focus The characters themselves have a dark quality and fit into the stokes of the story An intriguing work I won this book through First Reads.

  10. Onida Watson says:
    Very good book I couldn t put it down, it really keeps you turning the pages and up all night Highly recommend

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