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The Forest Bull

✓ The Forest Bull ↠ Terry Maggert - The Forest Bull, The Forest Bull Three lovers who stalk and kill the immortals that drift through South Florida tourists are a moveable feast after all are living a simple life of leisure until one of them is nearly killed by woman
  • Title: The Forest Bull
  • Author: Terry Maggert
  • ISBN: 9781484862209
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback

✓ The Forest Bull ↠ Terry Maggert, ✓ The Forest Bull ↠ Terry Maggert - The Forest Bull, The Forest Bull Three lovers who stalk and kill the immortals that drift through South Florida tourists are a moveable feast after all are living a simple life of leisure until one of them is nearly killed by woman

  • ✓ The Forest Bull ↠ Terry Maggert
    237 Terry Maggert
The Forest Bull

About Author

  1. Terry Maggert says:
    Left handed Father of an apparent nudist Husband to a half Norwegian Herder of cats and dogs Lover of pie I write books I ve had an unhealthy fascination with dragons since the age of well, for a while Native Floridian Current Tennessean Location subject to change based on insurrection, upheaval, or availability of coffee Ten books and counting, with no end in sight You ve been warned.

Comment 331 on “The Forest Bull

  1. Holly Booms Walsh says:
    I really enjoyed the premise of this book The unusual immortals, a polyamorous couple that seemed like a healthy relationship, and a talented narrator Halfway through, I was left with a talented narrator and a whole pile of tedious misogynistic male wish fufillment Ring, the main character is handsome, rich from the gains of the immortals they ve killed oh, but it s okay because they donate a lot of it to charity , wins every fight with immortals due to his magical fishing knife, has emotional t [...]

  2. Joood Hooligan says:
    platypire j hooligan tI had originally tried to listen read this toward the end of May, but Bob another platypire went into labor early and I was so completely out it that even though I d read through half of the book I hadn t retained a thing I couldn t even tell you one single name The baby was fine after a small complication, and she s doing well I knew I d need to start it over.And then my phone broke The sound on it was kaput So it would be over two months before I could give it another sho [...]

  3. Shana Festa says:
    The Forest Bull follows the story of Ring, an ex soldier turned immortal slayer and his two lovers and immortal killing team Risa and Wally Each character has a unique back story and their relationship is good, although not thoroughly explained, but this isn t a problem A guy who has two beautiful lovers and they all seek out and destroy monsters, what can be better right Not much in my opinion.The basic idea to the story is entertaining but the book is than that It is a well written story with [...]

  4. Star says:
    The Forest Bull is a horror novel with truly evil creatures and a trio of hunters who will stop at nothing to rid the world of them Ring, Waleska Wally , and Risa are hunters who have been personally affected by the Undying and also have a few tricks of their own which come in handy while hunting Yet there may be a bigger web they never knew of directing their lives and activities to this point The trio has hunted all manner of creature, from vampires to ghouls and everything in between Now they [...]

  5. Ginger Gelsheimer says:
    I chose The Forest Bull to read after several of my friends had read it and told me how great it was I absolutely loved the book and the original spin on an immortal villain I love vampires, werewolves and all those guys, but it was refreshing to learn about a new type of immortal The back and forth of historical insight to the characters reminded me of Anne Rice s vampire chronicles which are my favorite all time and I loved the way the author used the flash backs to take us deeper inside their [...]

  6. Lisa Hall says:
    This was an audible purchase The beginning of this story grabs you and pulls you in It s refreshing to have a male urban fantasy hero that s in a stable, if unconventional, relationship The supernaturals in this story are bad and unredeemed and Ring dispatches them with no remorse His coworkers and partners, Risa and Wally, bring individual talents, strengths, and reasons for pursuing this calling to the team The characters are well built, believable and the plot is riveting.The story is told fr [...]

  7. Hilary says:
    This was the type of story where I never knew what to expect The three main characters Ring, Wally, and Risa had an interesting and unique relationship The author s writing style and the narration of the story was refreshing to read To be honest, I found some parts of the story a little too confusingr example, the short chapters where Elizabeth s daughters were portrayed There were just a lot of characters and sudden plot twists that frequently left me thinking wait what just happened I also enj [...]

  8. C.B. Pratt says:
    THE FOREST BULL may be by a first time novelist but it shows through out the efforts of the careful, sure hand of someone who cares deeply about getting it right Though dealing with subjects that have been done quite a bit lately in popular culture, Maggert brings a fresh viewpoint and voice that holds the reader fixed His monsters aren t just there to make the heroes look good they are dangerous and violent, and our three main characters are always on the edge of destruction There is a lot of d [...]

  9. March McCarron says:
    The Forest Bull follows Ring, just your run of the mill Floridian immortal slayer I was expecting vampires when I began and was pleasantly surprised by a fresh non blood dependent take on the undead.The Story Ring and his two beautiful partners lovers make a living out of slaying the immortals who plague the tourists and snow birds of Hollywood, Florida When an older, sinister threat emerges, they find that they have, perhaps, bitten off than they can chew Ring doesn t know who to trust or jus [...]

  10. Lex Allen says:
    It s been so long since I ve read a novel of such exquisitely worded prose, delightfully enigmatic plotting and perfectly developed characters, down to and including the most minor actor, that I nearly gave up on it I d become so conditioned to reading at least one level down, and usually two levels below, that I was actually insulted to read what I initially thought to be overblown verbosity intended to insult the average reader I was three chapters into The Forest Bull before I finally shook o [...]

  11. Lisa Petty says:
    I just finished reading The Forrest Bull and my only regret is that I did not read it sooner Terry Maggert, a real life history professor, does an incredible job of making the reader feel like he or she is IN the story His eye to detail, and his knowledge of history make this story realistic and engaging, and in some ways, educational I probably learned about history from reading this book than I did at South Broward High School As someone who was born and raised in South Florida, I was thrille [...]

  12. K.T. says:
    I listened to an audio version of this novel and found it very hard to switch off I felt as though I was dropped instantly into the action, scrambling to keep up with the strong male patriarch of the strange little family, as he went about his killing occupation It was gripping and at times, so graphically explained that it felt real and made me fearful of actual monsters disguised as humans, who could potentially jump out at me I was powerless to second guess the plot or the direction of the st [...]

  13. Evelyne Stone says:
    The Forest Bull is a book about three friends, almost forced together for one cause Each character is very well developed and unique They form a family like bond so that they survive and protect each other They live in current times but have a different reality than those of us living out our day to day routines The creatures living amongst us are deadly and have no shame I don t want to spoil anything else because all the new information you learn throughout the book ties in together I m not ev [...]

  14. Jada Ryker says:
    Ring, Wally, and Risa are saving the world from monsters When he was in the army, Ring found he was average at taking direction, poor with guns, good under pressure, and able to kill with little lingering introspection A World Cup soccer fan, Wally is a dangerously beautiful, tall blonde woman with an unexpected streak of compassion The analytical Risa possesses fearsome intelligence, with a taste in music on par with a cheesy disco rat And last but not least, Gyro, the huge, drooling Great Dane [...]

  15. Demelza Carlton says:
    For a paranormal story, this reads like literary fiction I loved the style of this book Ring s definitely an educated immortal hunter He s not shy, either though his living arrangements with two women make that fairly obvious from the start It reminded me a little of Supernatural, if only because of the varied nature of the immortals they hunt and the matter of fact way they do it I admit I m intrigued by the Australian gemstone shower I believe I ll be doing a little research into those Fascina [...]

  16. Christina Keats says:
    More please I could have read a lot of this story should it have continued, although the conclusion was perfect This book was a fun read and reminded me of a movie at the same time The visuals were strong and I could see everything so clearly as I read it, I felt very present the whole way through.The characters come to you as if speaking to the elite but are so real and comfortable, you could plop down with them on your front step and have a chat over a cold one They keep you interested, they [...]

  17. Scott Collins says:
    Holy Hell This was one great book A paranormal thriller, The Forest Bull is a unique and intriguing tale of the fight against evil Like vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc Terry Maggert delivers something fresh to close your closet door against before you go to bed Quick pace, but enough back story to really flesh out the characters, distinct voices for each of them, incredible plot, and the creepy but alluring antagonists will keep you coming back for or just staying up late reading one chapte [...]

  18. Ju Ephraime says:
    From the first few pages of the book, The Forest Bull had me enthralled This story was an entirely new take on paranormal and immortal creatures It began so innocently that when the first killing occurred, I was in shock The author uses words to paint a picture of the dark and sensual nature of the paranormal and the brand of justice meted out to them There are three main characters in this story, Ring, the giver of justice, Wally, the persuader, and Risa, the absorber These three characters for [...]

  19. Heather Osborne says:
    An amazing and descriptive novel, The Forest Bull was certainly an interesting read I m not usually one to read fantasy paranormal books, but after being recommended this by a friend, I decided to give it a try I was captivated from page one I loved Ring, Risa, and Wally, as well as the unique take on immortality I look forward to reading the next book in the series.Also, the cover is so beautiful, and captures the essence of the novel perfectly.

  20. Caroline Greyling says:
    Ring Hardigan and his companions Wally and Risa aren t your average nine to fivers They spend their time tracking down and putting down the immoral immortals that ravage innocents When they are contacted by a Baron from a forgotten forest to track down his stolen jewellery and the daughter who is the thief, they are sceptical Their investigation leads them deeper into danger and they soon realise that they may just have just stepped into a timeless war between the minions of hell and Satan himse [...]

  21. Jonathan Dunsky says:
    This review is of the audio version of The Forest Bull, narrated by Rebecca Cook I was generously given a review copy by the author.The Forest Bull is the story of a group of warriors who seek and slay Immortals The group is made up Ring man , Risa woman , Wally woman , who all live together and are romantically involved with one another There is some steamy content, not just with our heroes, but it wasn t over the top The writing itself is quite sensual and rich, so the sex scenes fit the style [...]

  22. Jennifer Hines says:
    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review The Forest Bull is a paranormal urban fantasy which brings a whole new light to immortal creatures Their dark and sexual nature is written very well and in some instances very unsettling They are definitely not the types of immortals I m used to reading about.Ring is the hammer in the illustrious threesome He seems to do most of the actual killing Wally is the knock out who knows how to work the art of persuasion to obtai [...]

  23. AudioBookReviewer says:
    My full The Forest Bull review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Forest Bull is a fantasy through and through, hooked me with the first hour, a good thing Highly developed protagonist characters, being that there was three to develop, Maggert didn t waste time with the inconsequential information that I didn t really need to know They were a different kind of killing family, patriarchal, with the leading man, Ring, caring and protecting his two women, which added a very interesting dynamic [...]

  24. Derek White says:
    A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review The author has created a rare combination a world with its own set of rules where immortals come in many different forms not just vampires and ghouls , and a killing team made up of an independently wealthy ex soldier and his two lovers Risa and Waleska Wally It is rare with a book of this type to find no continuity errors and no inconsistency in the central characters This is so true that you may even feel you ar [...]

  25. Andrew says:
    I won a copy for free through First Reads.I really enjoyed this book It has an interesting take on immortals, with all of them being very different from each other and most being unique and different from the same old supernatural creatures seen in so many other stories The characters are also all amazingly well done Ring, Wally, and Risa are all very likeable and believable characters, even the murderous immortals are hard to completely hate they are so well written.There were a few parts that [...]

  26. C.J. Rutherford says:
    Ok, for a start I only give five stars if I absolutely love a book By love, I mean the story and characters have to become close enough to me for me to truly care about them.This happened here From the first page I was dragged into a story of mystery, murder and paranormal.Terry Maggert is not simply an author, he is a story teller, and this book begins a tale which will defy your perceptions You are not alone But the beings you fear have been here for centuries.This first book in The Fearless s [...]

  27. Nichole ~Bookaholic~ says:
    3.5 Stars Audio provided by author for an honest reviewThis one is not easy to review Initially I did not care for the narration but the voice grew on me I really liked the take on immortals and I thought the story was well told I think what makes this difficult for me to review is while it was a well told story, it took me over two weeks to finish the audio For me the story was a bit slow, it was not an I m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens listen I really liked Risa and Wally. [...]

  28. Terry says:
    This is a great paranormal read about 3 bad ass crime fightersexcept they working as law officers and the crime they fight is against some of the most evil immortal and frightening creatures you could imagine Ring and his two lovely companions were each personally and deeply effected by the terrible deeds that the undead do to feed their addiction The author created a novel that moved quickly and was hard to put down and most certainly had you craving the what s next in the story I truly enjoyed [...]

  29. Antoinette Houston says:
    I really enjoyed this book but I ll probably have to get the hard copy and re read this was my first and probably last audio book It was much harder for me to find time and peace to listen to the story I feel that I may have missed some things or misheard due to outside interference But I did enjoy the story and the reader did a great job as far as keeping the characters separate, bet that was fun Your bad guys really freaked me out and I liked From Risa s files And the humor through out was won [...]

  30. Leslie says:
    I won this from a , First reads Giveaway It took me longer than usual because I had a nasty cold Otherwise, it wouldn t have taken me long to finish this book It s a pretty quick read and it keeps you wanting It is a different take on paranormal than I m used to but that s not a bad thing Ring, Wally Risa are a family type unit who sleep together that kill the monsters in the night They end up getting pulled into a war of power This was a well written book that kept me interested I can t wait t [...]

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