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Away All Boats

Free Download Away All Boats - by Kenneth Dodson - Away All Boats, Away All Boats A vivid portrayal of the officers and sailors of the fictional amphibious transport USS Belinda in the Pacific of World War II
  • Title: Away All Boats
  • Author: Kenneth Dodson
  • ISBN: 9781557501738
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Away All Boats - by Kenneth Dodson, Free Download Away All Boats - by Kenneth Dodson - Away All Boats, Away All Boats A vivid portrayal of the officers and sailors of the fictional amphibious transport USS Belinda in the Pacific of World War II

  • Free Download Away All Boats - by Kenneth Dodson
    203 Kenneth Dodson
Away All Boats

About Author

  1. Kenneth Dodson says:
    After graduating from high school, Mr Dodson spent 20 years in the Merchant Marine Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, he enlisted in the Navy and saw action in nine major battles, including Okinawa He was injured and received numerous medals and citations He left the service in 1947 as a lieutenant commander.In the early 1950 s, the poet Carl Sandburg, a friend, encouraged Mr Dodson to write about his experiences during the war.Mr Dodson then took creative writing classes at the University of Washington and produced a popular novel, Away All Boats 1954 , about the inexperienced crew of the attack transport Belinda The book was made into a successful film in 1956 starring Jeff Chandler, Richard Boone, David Janssen and Lex Barker.He wrote several other books, including Stranger to the Shore 1956 , Hector the Stowaway Dog 1958 , which was made into a Walt Disney television movie, and The China Pirates 1960 His last book, The Poet and the Sailor, was completed shortly before his death.

Comment 894 on “Away All Boats

  1. Michael Gerardi says:
    I thought I knew a thing or two about WWII, but reading this book was a whole new education The complexity of naval operations on a single attack transport was astonishing, and the author clearly knew the subject well I really felt like I was aboard ship during the campaigns of the U.S.S Belinda It s a long and sometimes difficult read in part due to some peculiarities of the author s use of language , but well worth it.

  2. Charles H Berlemann Jr says:
    One of the classics of WW2 naval literature that goes along with the Caine Mutiny, Harm s Way, Run Silent and Mr Roberts From told from the viewpoints of a Merchant ship Captain named Dave McDougall who gives up some of his stripes and pay grade to serve on a Attack Transport as a US Naval Reservist during the later half of WW2 From Tarawa on to Okinawa this ship delivers the men to the shores to take those islands The various characters from the kindly and special Dr Flynn the head of the sick [...]

  3. David says:
    Pretty good tale of WW II in the Pacific from the viewpoint of the officers and crew of an attack transport a large armed freighter with an APA designation that carried landing craft and troops for amphibious landings, plus a large quantitiy of supplies The main character is a reserve officer with 20 years of experience on freighters in the Pacific, but the story is also told throught the eyes of many other officers and men The author does a good job of keeping the characters well drawn it s a l [...]

  4. Charlie says:
    This was a book from Dad s library published in 1954 The author said that he wanted to let people see how it really was on a ship in Pacific campaign of WWII He used a fictional ship crew participating in real battles to tell the story of the action From eccentric captains to slackers, newbies and grunts the people are vividly shown progressing from island to island This is so well written that you can see how newbies grow into experts, officers change roles and the unbearable burdens put upon a [...]

  5. Will says:
    I decided to re read this book, which I first read in high school, because of my interest in my Dad s war At 17 he was a sailor in the Pacific in 1944 This book vividly describes that Pacific war, not from the perspective of subs or carriers or destroyers, but an APA, an Attack Transport These are the ships, which transported the men and material to the beaches The author served on just such a ship, and his familiarity with that world breathes through every page Compelling and absorbing, worth l [...]

  6. Shayna says:
    This book is a very, well written historical fiction novel based on the life of an officer on an attack transport during WWII Dodson uses great detail to help you create an image in your head of what is going on.

  7. Steve Shilstone says:
    Gripping WWII story of a troop transport ship in the Pacific.

  8. Xdw says:
    rereading WW2 pacific amphib historical fiction not bad

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