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Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings

[PDF] Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings | by ✓ Rainer Metzger Ingo F. Walther - Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings, Vincent Van Gogh The Complete Paintings Van Gogh who took up a variety of professions before becoming an artist was a solitary despairing and self destructive man This richly illustrated and expert study follows the artist from the early
  • Title: Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings
  • Author: Rainer Metzger Ingo F. Walther
  • ISBN: 9783822812150
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings | by ✓ Rainer Metzger Ingo F. Walther, [PDF] Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings | by ✓ Rainer Metzger Ingo F. Walther - Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings, Vincent Van Gogh The Complete Paintings Van Gogh who took up a variety of professions before becoming an artist was a solitary despairing and self destructive man This richly illustrated and expert study follows the artist from the early
  • [PDF] Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings | by ✓ Rainer Metzger Ingo F. Walther
    139 Rainer Metzger Ingo F. Walther
Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings

About Author

  1. Rainer Metzger Ingo F. Walther says:
    Rainer Metzger is a writer and cultural historian, and professor of art history at the Academy of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Comment 466 on “Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings

  1. Ivana Books Are Magic says:
    I had read this book in a library, while I was looking up books about painters I ended up reading two books about Vicent that time and this was one of them I always had a soft spot in my heart for this painter While it is true that I m a lover of art, I find Vicent s paintings to be particularly moving I respond to his art on a deeply personal level and I suppose that s as good as a reason as any to want to know about him I haven t purched this book yet and I m not sure will I Some time in the [...]

  2. Siddharth Jain says:
    As a person who was not aware of the works of Vincent van gogh, I was surprised to read about the biography of the artist marred by trouble, depression, sadness and failures For the 1st time, I could truly appreciate his use of dark tones, social themes and shades in his pieces, a result of his mental state I have come out with utmost appreciation for his work and respect I cannot forget some of his last words I can t change the fact that my paintings don t sell But the time will come when peopl [...]

  3. Fede says:
    Non solamente i dipinti meravigliosi, ma anche una prosa incredibile hanno contribuito al mio voto finale non che non sapessi gi in partenza che sarebbe stato questo.Nonostante il mio interesse per Van Gogh, temevo che sarebbe stata una lettura un po prolissa pur sempre una monografia di 700 pagine, non esattamente qualcosa di leggero Invece, non nego di essere rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa dal modo in cui gli autori hanno costruito il testo, niente affatto banale e ricco di interessanti spunti [...]

  4. Kirsty says:
    I was having withdrawal symptoms from Amsterdam, and decided to read this A beautiful collection, which would be a perfect gift, and a wonderful coffee table book to dip in and out of.

  5. Paul says:
    While it s nice to peruse a compendium of my favorite artist s work, there were two major problems with this work The first is unfortunately inherent in van Gogh s work, and that is how printed facsimiles of his paintings never come close to the full register of color and sheer power of the originals I was again and again taken by how his paintings, in this book, fail to really move me, while those same paintings in real life cause my breath to quicken and my heart to beat stronger, and I honest [...]

  6. Cam Mannino says:
    These books are an invaluable resource to anyone studying Van Gogh, because they truly carry every painting and many of the sketches and drawings that the prolific Van Gogh did in his brief career They are arranged in chronological order and that made them very useful as I was reading The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh, which are fascinating I ve reviewed that as well These are large format, very heavy books on excellent paper 300 pages or so in each volume There have been complaints about the colo [...]

  7. Witold Banasik says:
    Vincent is by far the most imaginative, passionate, witty and influential painter ever lived, and very souful, helpful, empathetic and hardworking man a real human being fantastic artists and amazing personality.The work by Mr Metzger and his collegues is complete, amazing and essential for everybody interested in paintings like me Afficionados go first, of course.

  8. Mahra says:
    Vincent Van Gogh, a perfectionist without a doubt For starters his story holds so much, everyone would know him as the Man who has a severed ear, but he s so much than that His letters are the reason why you should start knowing him better, he s a deliberate artist, him and his extraordinary mind, he would just pick up a brush and paint with no care in the world His drawings knocks me off my feat every time, his choice of colors and textures, astounding He deserved so much, it saddens me to say [...]

  9. Anh says:
    it s been 2 years I did it the book is highly informative, which is not surprising considering it s over 700p long.

  10. bookyeti says:
    The set is a beautiful hardcover collection of Van Gogh s work, as well as a riveting biography of his troubled life I own the 2 volume boxed set 1994 I purchased it previously enjoyed , on Alibris, and it is evident what a bargain this is I ve read that the newer edition of this book released by Taschen in 2001, cannot compare it s a single volume and the art plates are very poor quality If you re able to find this older edition, even if it s second hand, go for it

  11. Wilde Sky says:
    Vincent Van Gogh s life and work is detailed in this biography.I found this book interesting for a number of reasons Firstly his family background was discussed which gave a fuller picture of the artist, his training and the financial support he was given which contrasted with the normal picture of an unloved, penniless madman Secondly the book contained numerous examples of his works, many of which I thought were very good.

  12. Kevin Loigu says:
    A very humane and subtle examination of a very humane, yet tormented artist Beautiful.

  13. Amy Ko says:
    I truly admire the author s tremendous effort and great works on incorporating Vincent van Gogh s painting style and his life mainly based on the letters with his brother Theo chronically It is a great dedication that the author relates Gogh s mind based on the letter to derive his evolving painting styles over his life I m a big fan of Gogh s paintings that I always try to find his paintings in every art museum I go so I m already acknowledged somehow that Gogh s works were not widely recognize [...]

  14. Joan Marie says:
    This is a thorough compilation of van Gogh s work, his techniques, influences, his ups and downs of self doubt A few notes worth sharing van Gogh was influenced by Japanese prints on crinkly paper that was like crepe van Gogh focused on the light inherent in things not only light that came from the outside Many artists could relate with this quote It is the excitement, the honesty of aresponse to Nature, that guides our hand and if this excitement is often so strong that one works without notici [...]

  15. Marjan says:
    Perhaps one of the best books on van Gogh out there especially for this price The selection of the reproductions is representable, the prints are amazing again and for this price and the text is beautifully written, containing both the relatively decent interpretations of the paintings as well as biographical details of Vincent s life The text also includes passages from his letters and other writings to make a complete portrayal of one of the most brilliant characters of the 19th century.

  16. Nick says:
    An overwhelming collection everything by the great artist, from the early sketches of peasants to the incandescent wheat fields at the end The text covers his life with a minimum of fuss and does a pretty good job describing the various stages of Van Gogh s career and development This is the edition to have if you think that Van Gogh s was one of the supreme artistic achievements of humanity and you want to study the master over many sittings.

  17. Zoe says:
    This book not only shares his celebrated works, but some of his lesser known works It puts to rest some of the well spread myths about Van Gogh I m a complete and utter fan of his works and the passion he put into each brush stroke I sympathize with the fact that he had a mental illness and used his art to express himself I never believed he killed himself, and this book brought validation to that thought.

  18. Nicole Ketelaar says:
    It s a Great collection for those who want to become familiar with Van Gogh s work, but some of the reproductions are low quality in resolution as well as color Not to mention the dust jacket design is disgusting Thankfully I got it at a steal when Borders closed I would never pay the list price.

  19. Zach says:
    this book was a very helpful insight to van Goghs art work and how his style evolved as he aged it also includes all his paintings and ,in detail, descriptions of when and why he painted them my opinion of this book was that it was very good and it was one of my favorite book i have ever read.

  20. Paula says:
    Van Gogh painted Almond Blossom after the birth of his nephew The event marked his style.There are so many warm feelings irradiating from this heart touching wonderful painting its blue colors let us imagine that the branches are not cut from the tree There is happiness, there is life I so much love it

  21. Dianacuarela says:
    Qui n interpreta para nosotros con formas y colores la vida grande y poderosa que en nuestro siglo cada vez es m s consciente de s misma Yo conozco a un hombre Un lobo solitario, un pionero que lucha solo en la oscuridad de la noche y la posteridad se acordar de su nombre Vincent 3

  22. FM says:
    Tashen is the place to look for insightful approches to Art An imaginative, passionate, witty and influential painter perfectly depicted in his art and mankind The work is comprehensive, amazing and essential for every aficionado or even scholars.

  23. Isabella Ksiazak says:
    Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist so going through this whole book of all of his art was amazing Beautiful Paintings with great detail Helps when wanting to learn about him.

  24. Pedro says:
    He lived a weird lonely life and I think that this book is the best one to understand why he painted the way he did and why he s really important even nowadays It s a great book

  25. Bethany says:
    This book is an extensive look into the life of the beloved painter Van Gogh It had every work he d ever painted and his letters to Theodore Van Gogh has always fascinated me His paintings were among my favorite in the realm of aesthetics, but once I was able to grasp a firmer hold on what his life had been, it helped me love his paintings on a deeper level I also was able to learn some artistic terms and styles spelled out in the book I have no inclination towards painting, but I still enjoyed [...]

  26. Lucía says:
    M s de un a o leyendo este libro y empap ndome de Van Gogh Ha merecido mucho la pena Es un libro, denso que hace algunas referencias art sticas que no acababa de comprender, pero eso no impidi que no disfrutara del el Las citas elegidas de las cartas enviadas por Vincent, son geniales As como la calidad de las im genes.Totalmente recomendado si sientes el m nimo inter s por Van Gogh.

  27. Alfred Baudisch says:
    What a journey I had read this book very slowly on purpose A rollercoaster of emotions and discovery.

  28. Ash Zendejas says:
    An engrossing look at the life of one of the world s most troubled and talented artists.

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