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Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten

[PDF] Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten | by ☆ Simon R. Green Oliver Hoffmann - Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten, Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten I m John Taylor I work in the Nightside the gaudy neon noir secret heart of London where it s always three in the morning where gods and monsters make deals and seek pleasures they won t find anyw
  • Title: Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten
  • Author: Simon R. Green Oliver Hoffmann
  • ISBN: 9783867620048
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten | by ☆ Simon R. Green Oliver Hoffmann, [PDF] Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten | by ☆ Simon R. Green Oliver Hoffmann - Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten, Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten I m John Taylor I work in the Nightside the gaudy neon noir secret heart of London where it s always three in the morning where gods and monsters make deals and seek pleasures they won t find anyw
  • [PDF] Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten | by ☆ Simon R. Green Oliver Hoffmann
    463 Simon R. Green Oliver Hoffmann
Ein Spiel von Licht und Schatten

About Author

  1. Simon R. Green Oliver Hoffmann says:
    Simon Richard Green is a British science fiction and fantasy author He holds a degree in Modern English and American Literature from the University of Leicester His first publication was in 1979.His Deathstalker series is partly a parody of the usual space opera of the 1950s, told with sovereign disregard of the rules of probability, while being at the same time extremely bloodthirsty.Excerpted from.

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  1. Dan Schwent says:
    John Taylor gets hired by a priest from the Vatican to find the Unholy Grail, the cup Judas drank from at the last supper Standing in Taylor s way are all the other people looking for the Grail Walker from the Authorities, angels from Above and Below, Nasty Jack, and others With Suzie Shooter at his side, can Taylor find the Grail and walk out of this situation alive Agents of Light and Darkness is like a Ramones song Short but, at the same time, the perfect length Both the humor and horror are [...]

  2. T.J. says:
    This series has promise as it is full of interesting ideas and settings, but the author seems dead set against examining them in depth Ideas and settings that could fill an entire novel are explored in a matter of pages and dismissed The world of the Nightside is presented as something extremely old and filled with interesting characters and story lines Yet in book two, the size of the world already feels small as we are already re visiting many of the same locales and characters from the first [...]

  3. Justin says:
    This is the second book in multi volume series by Simon R Green The story once again follows the almost always abstruse John Taylor, the private detective who is really good at finding things In the first book you learn John is a former Nightside badass who in his time away from the Nightside developed a conscious He went back into the disturbing scene that is the Nightside to help someone in need Agents of Light and Darkness follows a similar premise, except on a larger scale This time it s the [...]

  4. Steven says:
    Maybe I ll get back to this one day, but it s sat in the first half of the book for almost two months and really wasn t interesting me at all So I give up

  5. Nancy Oakes says:
    As I think I ve mentioned somewhere before, I am the biggest sucker for pulp fiction Simon R Green s Nightside series take pulp fiction an extra step meld it to the supernatural and the weird sci fi realm You may be a little lost if Agents of Light and Darkness is where you start in the series I would definitely start with the first one Something From the Nightside and go through the books in order.In this episode, our hero, John Taylor, is back in the Nightside again, and finds himself seated f [...]

  6. Robin says:
    Agents of Light and Darkness is the second book in Simon Green s Nightside series Here s my review from Audible It pretty much says it all I just can t decide Parts of these stories are so well told it can bring a tear to your eye and part of it feels repetitive and part of it bugs me to no end You ll have to find the good bits on your own I m not going to spoil it.The repetitive, is the instance that anything out of this world is possible in the Nightside That s fine, I got it the first time bu [...]

  7. Ken says:
    I am always amazed at any writer that can put together 200 pages worth of thoughts into a coherent, cohesive and interesting story line I doubt very much that I have in me what it takes to put together anything that is a fraction as good as the lowest rated books that I have ever read.That being said, it amazes me further when an author can take those few pages and the few words on those pages and weave not only a theme worth following, but an entire previously undefined world and in such intric [...]

  8. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:
    What lessons did I learn from this book Angels are as scary as they are majestic Whew I really don t want the angel apocalypse hitting anywhere I live like it does in the Nightside Also don t get in the way of an angel with a mission You will not survive the encounter In this case, the angels are after someone who has the Judas Cup, not the Holy Grail Yeah, you can guess this cup is probably not going to be used for benevolent purposes The action is fierce, the horror is very evident, the humor [...]

  9. Ahmad Sharabiani says:
    Agents of Light and Darkness Nightside, 2 , 2003, Simon R Green 1955 1390 204 14 21 2 9789642912384 9789646807914 21

  10. Iain says:
    Having read 2 of these now, I can see that 1 This overarching plot involving John s parents is going to be dangled in front of us for awhile, and2 the author likes to set up cheesy lines for fun, like Hey, Jude or the one from the first bookNeither of these things are really bothering me, at the moment, and when they start to, I ll just take a break in the mean time, I m continuing to greatly enjoy these stories, even if I sometimes see the big reveals coming a mile away

  11. Totoro says:
    the fantasy in this series, the horror, the action,wow.just wowe idea of a dark london was great, i simply adored the main protagonist , John Taylor overall the whole book was fantastic.

  12. Lea says:
    The many shortcomings are made up for with pitch black gallows humor Actually, is there a color darker than black Because that would describe this parody of urban fantasy noir Perfectly.

  13. Alondra says:
    4 StarsYes, I read this out of order As most of you know, I am going on to Book 8, now and somehow managed to skip book 2 Ah, well doesn t matter John Taylor trying to solve a mystery in the one place where mystery is the norm so is murder and mayhem, but let s not go there.

  14. Charles says:
    1 5 Did not like it Oh boy Where to begin I really want to like this series, but Simon R Green s just making it too damn difficult The core concept is cool enough a private eye who can find anything wait Even as I start to write that, the concept starts to fall apart I mean, what conflict can there be if the protagonist is the best at what he does and never fails What s that OOOOOHHH, he can t actually use his ability talent power because it makes him visible to his enemies, who are apparently p [...]

  15. Jason says:
    4 Stars Agents of Light and Darkness by Simon R Green is the second book in the Nightside series This is a mix of a private eye story and an Urban fantasy that is just perfect for my interests today I have been reading a lot of urban fantasy lately Combine my new favorite genre with a detective noir like story and you have made me something special I loved this book I loved the writing of Green I loved the world of Nightside And I especially loved our main character can t call him the good guy , [...]

  16. Kristy says:
    The last chapter of this book is worthy of 5 stars, that s how amazing it is I don t think I ve ever seen a better representation of Jesus s character in a non Christian book than right there in that chapter No, the story is not Biblical and I know that, so please don t send me messages regaling me for thinking so But at the same time, the last chapter contains what to me is exactly what Jesus s character, love, and forgiveness CAN do The second to last chapter was not so cool, and in fact I was [...]

  17. Meikoyim says:
    Second book in the series I thought I d give its predecessor a go before being well and truly suck into the story So much so that I finished two books in the space of three nights.What can I say, I am a sucker for modern urban fantasies.Though, yes, I liked it quite muchly I did raid through two But yes, only three stars Yes, for both of them.It s not the fault of the stories It s the fault of the depth they carry, which isn t a whole lot, and then the author is repetitive, the same sentences ho [...]

  18. Leila Anani says:
    In this second Nightside novel, Private Eye John Taylor is hired to find the Unholy Grail the cup that Judas drank from during the last supper Angels both divine and fallen invade the Nightside and threaten to destroy it unless Taylor hands the cup over to them but to give the cup which still has to be found to either side would spell disaster With a sticky situation like this Jon needs the help of Suzie Shooter, Razor Eddie and even Merlin himself but will they be enough to avert Armageddon I l [...]

  19. Solace Winter says:
    Honestly, rating this book was hard Three stars was the low end, four stars would have been the higher end I went with three only because this book did seem a bit repetitive It s short, and a quick read, so it should not be repetitive Another issue with the novel is his search for his mother It s like the author already had a huge plan for what would happen when Taylor found his mother but did not want to give the plot too soon The third, and I swear the last, issue was that it was predictable O [...]

  20. Lori says:
    Green s Nightside is all the wonders and horrors of this world, and many others, available in one place, making shopping easy if you can afford the price Told from the first person perspective of John Taylor, a refugee of the Nightside recently returned from five years living in the mundane London Proper, this series offers a unique take on many ideas.While it follows the noir trope of a private investigator down on his luck, who often takes cases for reasons other than cash, the book also allow [...]

  21. Cupof Tea says:
    This is the second book in a weird series about a fantastical place hidden from the world called the Nightside Told in the style of a noir detective novel with a lot of dry humour, mixed with urban fantasy and horror elements, in this story John Taylor is tasked with finding the Unholy Grail before the angels of both Heaven and Hell can get their hands on it.There were quite a few LOL one liners, and his adventure includes a few famous folk like Marilyn Munroe and Merlin, and even takes them to [...]

  22. Donna says:
    You ve heard about the Holy Grail, the chalice that Christ drank from during the Last Supper What about Judas chalice, the Unholy Grail, which is a cup that causes its owner to do evil Never heard of it Neither had John Taylor until he accepted the Pope s commission to locate it and get it out of Nightside before the Angels of Light and Darkness started a war over it As always, Green sardonic wit and rapid action create a wonderful book that will make you laugh and will keep you sitting glued to [...]

  23. Chris says:
    I don t really have anything to add as far as a review of this book I liked it because of it s atmosphere and all around creepiness Green has great skill in putting in that one detail that twists a scene or character into something very creepy The only flaws I have with this book is the rather simple plot I had guessed who Jude was almost from the beginning, but otherwise a fun and interesting book I will continue with the series and hope his plots start to become exciting.

  24. ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad! says:
    This book was even better than the first, a good part due to Marc the Narrator and because of Green giving us some dirty and fascinating secrets about some of the side characters, in this case I am referring to Suzy Shooter There was also some excellent touches of history and religion, plus some good chuckle moments.I highly anticipate reading book 3 I thought I d see how then non audible version went in comparison.4 stars.

  25. Hannah says:
    This second book in the Nightside series continues to develop the main characters while sending them on another adventure that could destroy the world finding the Unholy Grail for the Vatican before the angels and devils get their hands on it I enjoyed the noir writing and religious elements, but thought too much time was spent on the numerous side villains There s a new baddie in almost every chapter This is a quick, fun read that sticks the landing at the end, and I would read it again.

  26. D.K. says:
    It was a fun read, but I couldn t bring myself to give it four stars If you re looking for a quick read to fill some downtime and looking for action and humor, Agents of Light and Darkness is the book you should read.I will definitely continue with the series.

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