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Kisses On A Paper Airplane

✓ Kisses On A Paper Airplane Ä Sarah Vance-Tompkins - Kisses On A Paper Airplane, Kisses On A Paper Airplane Drama student Hannah Evans isn t kissing any frogs on her path to find Prince Charming She s determined to share the perfect first kiss with the perfect boy in the perfect place or she s not kissing a
  • Title: Kisses On A Paper Airplane
  • Author: Sarah Vance-Tompkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 339
  • Format: None

✓ Kisses On A Paper Airplane Ä Sarah Vance-Tompkins, ✓ Kisses On A Paper Airplane Ä Sarah Vance-Tompkins - Kisses On A Paper Airplane, Kisses On A Paper Airplane Drama student Hannah Evans isn t kissing any frogs on her path to find Prince Charming She s determined to share the perfect first kiss with the perfect boy in the perfect place or she s not kissing a
  • ✓ Kisses On A Paper Airplane Ä Sarah Vance-Tompkins
    339 Sarah Vance-Tompkins
Kisses On A Paper Airplane

About Author

  1. Sarah Vance-Tompkins says:
    Sarah Vance Tompkins was born in a small town in northern Michigan She spent every summer exploring the sugar sand beaches near Sleeping Bear National Park She left her heart behind when she moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California She received an MFA in Film Production and went on to work in feature film development in Hollywood She has worked as a reporter for a weekly entertainment trade publication, and been paid to write obituaries, press releases, the directions for use on personal lubricant bottles, and breathless descriptions of engagement rings for an online jewelry store She lives in a small town north of Los Angeles with her husband and three cats.

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  1. Hristina says:
    I love YA romance done well But this one well it isn t as well done as I would want it, it s medium rare yeah, I make bad meat related puns sometimes.The plot, the whole story seems interesting when you read the blurb But it doesn t deliver as much as it promises The characters are fine, but the whole time I felt like everything was developed in a very childish manner And the vocabulary used is a stereotype, which annoyed me most, teenagers don t talk like that The atmosphere the book it carrie [...]

  2. Aneesa says:
    I received this book free in an exchange for an honest reviewThis book was a short good read see what I did there with the good read Awesome, right I know Both Hannah and Theo were very relatable, I feel like sometimes we forget that famous people and celebs are people too It was a good reminder to see them as people with fears and insecurities just like anyone Hannah is a shy, timid, introvert who avoids any unnecessary contact with any human, she loves to blend in which is quite ironic since s [...]

  3. Catherine says:
    I really, really wanted to like this book Not because I was given this for a review, but the plot was promising.What a letdown So where to begin with the many things that got me face palming, eye rolling, and if not for the fact that it was on my kindle, wanting to throw it against a wall.The characters were pathetic, boring, that it made the story seem to drag on and make no sense I can sum up this whole thing for you so you don t need to bother to read it Ordinary girl meets pop star boy on pl [...]

  4. KittyKat says:
    This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was a really enjoyable and cute romance set against the backdrop of multiples flights, airports and a wedding I loved the main characters Hannah and Theo as they were life like and flawed just like all the rest of us I really respected Hannah as after receiving harsh criticism from a teacher she didn t let it destroy her but instead embraced it I also liked the fact that the author portrayed Theo not as a stuck up and arr [...]

  5. Bran Pendergrass says:
    I loved this little corner of romantic guilty pleasure It did feel a bit rushed and I wanted story which was why I gave it a 4 star review It hit the spot and kicked me right in the feels

  6. Annelise Lestrange says:
    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange I received this copy from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review Let s go DThe StoryTheo Callahan is a teen pop star that is really trying to stay away from romance after what happened with his former girlfriend, supermodel Olivia But a random meeting with a girl at London s airport starts to change things for him For the first time in years Theo was just T, the geeky awkward boy, not Theo the hot star Theo liked [...]

  7. PaulaPhillips says:
    One of my favourite themes to read about and one that I certainly am a sucker for is the Cinderella type stories where your ordinary plain Jane meets a handsome guy and they can fall in love or even have a moment , a just for now instead of a HEA One that can be story that they will reflect on in the future Kisses on a Paper Airplane was one of those books Hannah is flying back home for her mother s impromptu wedding and is travelling in luxury from London to New York as her new stepdad to be ha [...]

  8. ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡ says:
    The Story of Kisses on a Paper Airplane by Sarah Vance Tompkins is a sweet one The romantic kind of story that every teenager nope let s be honest that every girl AND woman dreams of.We do not really get to know Theo that well even if the story is told from both sides the reader has to work with the public view of him that Hannah is conveying to the reader.Hannah on the other hand is in her own mind a lot and thinking quite loud There are some interesting dialogues between them and having been a [...]

  9. Veronica of V's Reads says:
    Hannah is a nineteen year old drama student studying abroad at RADA, the premiere acting school in London, returning home to Wisconsin to attend her widowed mother s whirlwind wedding She s not only innocent never even been kissed she s terrified of flying The First Class ticket is a godsend from her new step father to be, but Hannah s panic overcomes her in the lounge where she s sent when the flight is delayed.She faints, and is rescued by a sweet, ginger haired boy who calls himself T T coddl [...]

  10. Roz Lee says:
    Sarah Vance Tompkins is a unique and relatively new voice on the contemporary romance scene, and one well worth following Her characters are complex and real so real you ll feel you know them or you were them, back in the day.This is a book about firsts and learning to embrace the changes in your life Told with the touch of humor I ve come to expect from this author, this sweet first kiss story will remind you of the wonder of falling in love and leave you smiling and wishing your first kiss had [...]

  11. Emily Cox says:
    Airports become romantic and enlivening in KISSES ON A PAPER AIRPLANE A hunky rock star, a quirky girl, and a first class encounter create a layover that will make any starry eyed reader jealous The story reads as fast as a connecting flight and, when you reach the final page destination, you ll find a smile on your face No jet lag here.

  12. Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions) says:
    Read full review HEREOMG, what took me so long to finally pick this up I ve had this eARC on my kindle for ages, as in, since August, but I haven t had the time or the mood to pick it up But because I ve vowed to be better at reading my galleys this year, and my goal is to read my backlogged ARCs from Netgalley, I decided to start this one, and it was a great decision.This is a very short book, VERY VERY SHORT, and that was my main complaint about it, because I needed Because the writing was ab [...]

  13. Tara says:
    I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.A quick read about two people who find each other when they least expect it Hannah is headed home from London to her moms wedding Theo is heading to the states after a public breakup with his girlfriend and band mates When Hannah meets Theo she faints and from there things begin to blossom A quick page turner, but with very little character development.

  14. Tamara says:
    I was given a copy of this book for free through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.2.5 stars.It s short and sweet, but it wasn t particularly spectacular to me If you like Jennifer E Smith s books, then you might like this one It has kind of the same feel It was similar to The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, but I like that one slightly .I don t feel like I got to know the characters very well, to be honest There are a few flashbacks of Hannah s prior to the current even [...]

  15. Amber Hodges says:
    This was such a cute and fun read I knew it was short and that usually scares me with books When a book is under 100 pages it usually doesn t get any good character depth and the book feels rushed That was not the case here I love Theo He seems like such a misunderstood nerdy guy that is in a spotlight anyway His character sucked me in right away and made me want and of him as the story progressed He is definitely on my book boyfriend list Hannah is a sweetheart She reminds me a lot of myself [...]

  16. Jenia says:
    Drama student Hannah Evans isn t kissing any frogs on her path to find Prince Charming She s determined to share the perfect first kiss with the perfect boy in the perfect place or she s not kissing anyone at all When Hannah meets a cute ginger haired boy in first class lounge in the London airport, she knows he s The One Pop star Theo Callahan is on the road to get as far away as possible from his back stabbing best friend, and his supermodel girlfriend who broke his heart Until one shy smile f [...]

  17. Kayla (Kayla's Book Nook) says:
    Kisses on a Paper Airplane was quite a fast read weighing in at around 146 pages, but I assure you that despite its tiny size, every single page is packed with loads of cuteness When I saw this book on Netgalley, the gorgeous cover and intriguing synopsis screamed my name, so I knew I had to request it I just knew it would be awesome, and I was right To sum up, this story is basically about 18 year old Hannah, who really wants her first kiss to be perfect Rather than taking on any chance she cou [...]

  18. says:
    3.5 Cute Short Airport Romance StarsFirst of all, let me start by saying how much I like this cover and the title Together they definitely do their job call readers to pick up the book and give it a chance Kisses on a Paper Airplane is the short story of Hannah Evans, a drama student who s been living in England for the past few months and is now returning home after her mother surprises her by announcing she s getting married Needless to say, Hannah isn t too thrilled about that idea, but she d [...]

  19. Kristyn - Reading to Unwind says:
    Hannah is a student at a drama school in London She gets a call from her mother that is getting married to a man that she just met and needs her to fly home Hannah hates flying, but her new stepfather upgrades her to first class for her flight from London to New York At the airport her flight gets delayed so she goes to the first class lounge to relax and happens upon a strange guy who she finds attractive and then she passes out.This is a super short story that is told from the perspective of H [...]

  20. Alicia says:
    Kisses on a Paper Airplane is a quick, simple read, but I honestly did not enjoy it.Hannah Evans is travelling home to attend her mother s wedding Her step father to be got her a first class ticket from London, and during her time in the first class lounge, she catches the interest of a good looking pop star AND FAINTS BECAUSE HE S SO BEAUTIFUL.There s instalove and there s over dramatic How many people do you know see a good looking person and pass out Like, I m sorry, what Once conscious, she [...]

  21. ChuCha says:
    Purchase Links amzn 2bP2fUh The book s setting reminded me of Jennifer Smith s The Statistical Probablity of Love at First Sight Two strangers, meeting in the airport, what are the chances that they d have a connection Hannah is yet to find a prince that will give her THE FIRST KISS she had been waiting for, and she s off to see her mom wed to a guy she barely even know, while waiting for the results of her audition It was supposed to be a stressful flight with everything on her plate and the fa [...]

  22. Samantha Bilodeau says:
    For reviews like this, see my blog Musings of MadjyAw, what a cute, sweet YA romance novella Hannah, our hesitant heroine, was an endearing character, and I liked that her insecurities weren t overdone She was also a character that I could very much relate to, having waffled a bit over my own first kiss eventually also happening at 18, my ultimately getting my movie worthy first kiss, though not as epic as Hannah s The It s just a kiss, right I should just get it over with and the But why can t [...]

  23. Naomi Connor says:
    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Naomi Scandalous Book Blog This was a romantic quick read It was fun and every teenage girls dream The characters were easy to read and the story was light with only a little drama.Hannah is a drama student who is on her way home to attend her mothers wedding to a man she has yet to meet Based on the first class flight ticket she has bought for her by her soon to be step dad she is unsure of his intentions.Theo is a celeb who is trying to stay on the [...]

  24. Courtney says:
    This is a cute fluffy romance It is yet another story of a girl who finds love with a famous person This one takes place mostly in airports and on airplanes Hannah is away at school in London when her mother drops the bombshell that she is getting married and wants Hannah to come to the wedding Her soon to be stepdad splurges on a first class ticket from London to New York Terrified of flying and not really supportive of the world wind romance that seems to have swept her mother away, she is rel [...]

  25. Kelly says:
    I don t want to kiss a frog I m holding out for Prince Charming.Hannah s looking for someone The One with whom she ll have her romantic first kiss So when she meets a gorgeous boy in an airport, it almost seems like fate.There s just one problem The boy is pop sensation Theo Callahan And though Theo falls for Hannah s meek smile, he worries she s just another crazy fan.Okay So this book was cute It s a light, contemporary read with a sweet female protagonist and a swoonworthy love interest But t [...]

  26. Thamy says:
    Honest review based on an ARC provided by Netgalley Many thanks to the publisher for this opportunity.This was a short but very cute romantic book.Never been kissed Hannah is freaking out about having to board a plane when this nice but familiar guy starts talking to her, My friends call me T It turns out he s the international heartthrob Theo Callahan For the first time, she notices she actually wants to finally have her first kiss.What first attracted me was the nice cover, it s simple but so [...]

  27. Jennifer Dicenzo says:
    Now while I am a 42 year old woman, I do at times really enjoy a good YA book This book was everything I have come to love in a YA book It had young love, that fresh feeling of new attraction, and drama and yet was done with such an under current of innocence Theo is a pop star who is trying to escape the ultimate betrayal by his girlfriend and best friend bandmate Hannah is a drama student in London returning to her hometown for her mom s wedding She is a sweet innocent girl who is saving her f [...]

  28. Arousa says:
    I rated this 2 stars The major reason was that it was too short but that s okay because the author can pace it however because I wanted to see a bit of these characters develop So, I think there wasn t that much character development between Theo and Hannah But the reasons I gave it two stars is because it was cute and i m a sucker for cute and it wasn t so cliche I actually was pretty invested in our two main characters I could relate to Hannah, shy, nerdy, likes to blend in, insecure I also l [...]

  29. Nicole Sobon says:
    I really, really, really don t know how I feel about this one On one hand, yes, it was cute But on the other hand, it felt too much like an Ed Sheeran fan fic That isn t necessarily a bad thing Here s the thing, I was ready to put this one down twenty percent in I thought it was cute, but I was having trouble connecting with it And then as I neared the middle, the book and the characters seemed to find their footing I actually found myself enjoying the story Yes, there are some flaws with it, bu [...]

  30. Rachel Reeves says:
    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.This was an okay read, but it was really shorto short to consider a full length book in my mind Because it was so short, it lacks in character development and the plot is rushed along to a fairly typical cliche romance novel type ending The main protagonist, Hannah, also seems much younger than her age due to how she talks and behaves She reads like an upper middle school to maybe freshman in hi [...]

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