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After James

↠ After James ↠ Michael Helm - After James, After James A neuroscientist walks out of her life and isolates herself in the woods intending to blow the whistle on a pharmaceutical company and its creativity drug gone wrong A recently orphaned graduate scho
  • Title: After James
  • Author: Michael Helm
  • ISBN: 9781941040416
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback

↠ After James ↠ Michael Helm, ↠ After James ↠ Michael Helm - After James, After James A neuroscientist walks out of her life and isolates herself in the woods intending to blow the whistle on a pharmaceutical company and its creativity drug gone wrong A recently orphaned graduate scho
  • ↠ After James ↠ Michael Helm
    331 Michael Helm
After James

About Author

  1. Michael Helm says:
    Michael Helm Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the After James book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Helm author readers around the world.

Comment 186 on “After James

  1. Pouting Always says:
    The book is divided into three parts, part one follows a neuroscientist who is hiding out after things go wrong with the clinical trial for her new miracle drug, one that opens up the mind in ways never even imagined before In part two a graduate student drop out is hired to be a literary detective by a man after leaving a comment on the blog of a poet that has started to gain recognition on the internet, and whose poetry seems to speak to people because of its connection to their own life trage [...]

  2. Krista says:
    A space had opened near the entryway and now she saw on the wall the title for this part of the show After James The words dropped inside her for a few moments before going off She d told no one the name of her lost child She said something aloud The room seemed to move at great speed.After James is a mindbending, genre busting novel that is actually composed of three distinct novellas Alice After James, which is a Gothic horror story Decor, a detective thriller and The Boy in the Water, so call [...]

  3. Penny (Literary Hoarders) says:
    DNFMany thanks to Emily at Penguin Random House Canada for finding an available ARC of After James I did request it, but there weren t enough copies available, so then having the ARC appear in the mail was a great surprise I wanted to read something different I wanted to try it and shake up what has become pretty normal or standard kinds of reading for me After James seemed like just the ticket Described as a genre bending read it was described as 3 books in one a gothic horror, detective story, [...]

  4. Lori L (She Treads Softly) says:
    After James by Michael Helm is a so so novel told in three loosely connected storylines Disturbing and atmospheric, After James features stylistic, existential and dense prose resulting in a feeling of unease The three parts of the novel represent three types of genre fiction the gothic horror, the detective novel, and the apocalyptic.The first part follows Ali, a neuroscientist who abruptly leaves her job and isolates herself in rural Canada She plans to blow the whistle on the drug she helped [...]

  5. Katherine Pederson says:
    I gave up early in the book It was ramblingevery single second of her Alice observations are recorded think facebook post I brushed my hair then ate some chips I literally thought I was going mad What am I missing So glad I didn t push throughading shouldn t be this disappointing

  6. Naomi says:
    I loved this book But I think it might be even better as a re read, and for me it might have been better having known ahead of time not to expect all the answers at the end That s not what this book is about.

  7. Susan says:
    DNF at 40% I may try a written copy and see if it s any better for me but the audio is putting me to sleep

  8. Shawn Buckle says:
    It s a meandering mess that is in serious need of editing and a little humility from the writer Even without Google telling you so, it is abundantly clear, Helm is a literary lifer, teaching at university as he strings in as much Advanced Lit knowledge into these three stories as possible No wonder professional reviewers speak so highly of this one it s like clickbait to them but for the average reader, a punch of professorial pomp Of the 420 pages, there s a great stretch in the first story of [...]

  9. Kelsi H says:
    Please read all of my reviews at ultraviolentlit After James is a novel written in three distinct parts, which mirror one another in unexpected ways Each part pays homage to a different type of genre fiction gothic horror, the detective novel, and apocalyptic fiction Helm also masters a different writing style for all three sections, giving them the strength to stand alone, although they are better together It is an elevation of genre writing, in which they are pieced together to create a brilli [...]

  10. Kirsten says:
    Big pharma has finally created a drug that will spark your creativity or so After James promises, before diving into a three part novel full of holes in memory, fathers and daughters, a sense of timelessness, and codes to be cracked in chemicals, behaviors and language Each section centered around the story of an individual prone to intellectualization a scientist, a poet, and an archaeologist who each find themselves on the other side of the looking glass, a murky and deceptive place where crea [...]

  11. Lindsey says:
    DNF I didn t make it very far into this before I put it down Maybe around 50 or so pages The writing was over stylized and extremely dense, in the bad sense of the word I felt like I was slogging through pages without actually absorbing anything, like I was just surviving to the next page It was easy to become lost in the narrative again, in the bad sense of the word , to the point where I was unable to glean any type of meaning from the words I was reading This was definitely not for me but I w [...]

  12. Mary Anne says:
    Three stories linked by theme with each having a different mode of presentation murder, detective, and apocalyptic Each story explores a daughter s relationship with a father, and each of these have some sort of scientific knowledge The writing is detailed, hypnotic almost with the continual exploration of world both external and internal to the characters.

  13. Niya says:
    If you enjoyed the cloud atlas you ll enjoy the structuring of this text.

  14. Wade says:
    This book is 3 stories that aren t directly connected but are tied together thematically The first and last are under 100 pages so the middle story ends up being almost half the book I read the first story a few months ago but when I hit the chapter less middle part I just couldn t get into it I finally started and finished the rest of the book and thankfully the longest one is the most enjoyable It has a better opportunity to establish its characters and the story doesn t feel truncated like th [...]

  15. Len says:
    This came to me extremely highly recommended, but I really don t know.All 3 separate stories were interesting and well written, for sure, but they were just that separate.I expected a novel, but it read like 3 longer short stories Each time a section changed, I felt jolted, disjointed and wondering what the hell was going on.

  16. Helen Bowes says:
    I gave up on this book after about 50 pages Very disappointed to do so as I thought the story would be interesting It was the peculiar writing style that I could not tolerate When I took a look at the reviews and found that many others had struggled to read it I felt justified in giving in and moving on.

  17. Katryna Wicks says:
    Finishing this book is a triumph It was disjointed, confusing, plotless, painful, dense yet dull I found myself reading and rereading sections trying to find meaning This book is 420 pages of nonsensical word salad There is no pay off, nothing gets explained or resolved I m so glad I m done reading this book I hated it.

  18. A says:
    The book was interesting in parts but slow in others Some sections were symbolic rather than literal which made the story hard to follow At the end I was unclear what had even happened in some parts I felt that this book was aimed at readers who like a lot of symbolism and want to reach their own conclusions about the story.

  19. Leigh says:
    I m not sure how to rate this one there were passages of incredible writing but at the same time I found the plot structure confusing Hmmm.

  20. Nicole says:
    So confused about this one Enjoyed reading it Did not understand it Maybe not good to read while sick.

  21. Charit says:
    This was a tough one to finish Writer wrote long sentences and made the stories too dense for little gain.

  22. Mustapha Safadieh says:
    Michael Helm is a Canadian author of four novels He runs the fiction workshops at York University s Creative Writing Program, and is an editor at Brick Magazine I had the pleasure of meeting him at one of Brick Magazine s launches, as well as on campus a number of times.His latest novel, After James, was published in Canada and the US simultaneously in September 2016, and is nominated for the Rogers Writer s Trust Award Alice is a neuroscientist at a pharmaceutical company involved in the produc [...]

  23. David says:
    Intense, beautifully drawn characters, and a plot that ranges from tight and realistic to hallucinatory and, at times, too much wandering enough of this I wanted to cry a few times I got drawn into the plot on corrupt pharmaceutical testing a topic I have had some experience with of course it s one of those increasingly easy targets for good guy bad guy stories Constant Gardener etc And then the internet poetry mystery and seeing what we want to see Patterns of paranoia just because you re paran [...]

  24. Douglas Bessette says:
    I only understood or tried to understand half this book The other half was stream of consciousness dense nonsense that dragged forever I stopped reading with 36 pages left to go cuz I ran out of patience My recommendation pass.

  25. Britt says:
    First, I d like to thank TinHouseBooks for an Advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion I ve been struggling on how to rate this book I ve decided on a 3.5 I ve chosen to hit the 4 star button because I know it was a good story, I just didn t understand completely This book is split up into three parts Alice After James, Decor and The Boy in the Water All three parts are like 3 different stories sharing the same aspects a psychedelic drug, a paranoid over the top character and [...]

  26. John says:
    Writer and English prof Angie Abdou has reviewed this book far better than I can in The Winnipeg Review, and has kindly given permission to link to it here, winnipegreview 2016 09 aft.Some of my thoughts This book contains three novellas, each gesturing toward a type of genre fiction the gothic horror, the detective novel, and the apocalyptic As such, it reminded me of an infinitely better crafted version of exercises I did in a university writing course producing different forms of writing The [...]

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