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☆ Warrior ☆ Lacy LeRoch - Warrior, Warrior Philli has been living in a state of emptiness for years His life feels empty and incomplete he is ready for it all to end With nothing holding him to the world any he takes it upon himself to
  • Title: Warrior
  • Author: Lacy LeRoch
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Warrior ☆ Lacy LeRoch, ☆ Warrior ☆ Lacy LeRoch - Warrior, Warrior Philli has been living in a state of emptiness for years His life feels empty and incomplete he is ready for it all to end With nothing holding him to the world any he takes it upon himself to
  • ☆ Warrior ☆ Lacy LeRoch
    118 Lacy LeRoch

About Author

  1. Lacy LeRoch says:
    Lacy lives in Perth , Western Australia with her husband and children.She has a real love for books and all things paranormal.Lacy got started in the author world after she was a personal assistant for a couple of authors who pushed her to try her own hand at writing Lacy is also a read, review , blogger and will read anything she can get her hands on.

Comment 166 on “Warrior

  1. Tracey says:
    This is book 2 and it starts a few months on from where book 1 finished, this is based in Devilice the other realm where all the delicious paranormal men in this book live Philli is a dragon shifter and trains other dragons to be protectors He likes control a lot When Rafe and Lucey are shown to be in danger he has to go find help, not expecting to find a woman he cant be without Madison works in a hospital and has taken an interest in a patient Alyson, she decides to help the pregnant women, t [...]

  2. Kristy says:
    I was given a copy of Warrior from Lacy LeRoch, in exchange for an honest review.After reading book 1 The Watchers I couldn t wait to read what happens next Warrior is book 2 in Lacy s Twisted Sister series, you definitely NEED to read this series in order, otherwise people event just wont make sense Once again the storyline flowed, the extra POV s helped mesh all the information that was needed When a seer calls, Philli finds himself learning of an attack from the Buzzock, the unborn pheonix ba [...]

  3. Christina Balaz says:
    After reading the first book in the series I was excited to see what would happen next and just like that one I absolutely loved this story about Philli and Madison Philli was introduced in The Watchers and there was something intriguing about him that made me want to know , it was fun reading his story As before I instantly felt a connection to these characters The storyline and Lacy s writing were great Love the idea of the Island of Devilice, it makes you want to go and visit if such a place [...]

  4. Angela says:
    After reading the first book in this series, I had to read the second, and I was definitely not disappointed The author finally answers a lot of questions I had from Book 1, plus we get to watch an amazing looking by all accounts Dragon Shifter This was a new Shifter sub genre for me I enjoyed watching Philli trying to care for and provide for Madison in the way he knew how, while she just takes convention and throws it to the wind I am thinking there has to be big things coming in the series be [...]

  5. Lesley Robson says:
    This book follows straight on from where Watchers left off and oh my it was just action straight from the start I couldn t put it down All I am going to say is Philli is one seriously hot dragon I loved the twists to the story and Lacy knows how to keep you captivated and definately didn t disappoint I loved how she brings in the other watchers, wolves and dragons so we get to know them a little each time I cant wait to see what she has in store for my boy Jay This book left me in a serious boo [...]

  6. AnessaRenee Reviews says:
    This was truly amazing Once again it played off of book one in this series but was a beautiful story all on its on But I must warn you it gives you all kinds o emotions I fell in love with a dragon and I m ok with that The author knows how to captivate you and keep you wanting No spoilers from me, you must read it I will be patiently or maybe not so much waiting for the next book Philli and Madison stole my heart in this book.

  7. KeriMcDonald says:
    holy cliffhanger loved this one as much as the first one and can t wait for book 3 I can t wait for Jays story and to find out the conclusion to the cliffhanger she left me with Madison and Philli are great and Allison is quickly becoming my new favorite Lacy makes you feel like you are in Devilice not just reading about it Fast falling in love with this new world.

  8. Laura Jackson says:
    When I read that Philli was the main character in this book I was slightly disappointed as I wanted to hear from Jay However, once I started reading I was hooked Philli is strong and passionate and everything you would expect a Dragon to be.Maddison is a strong woman with an upsetting past, I found her incredibly easy to like and love her attitude She s an excellent match for Philli and I hope we hear lots from them in future books.I hate to give any spoilers but this book sets up what promise [...]

  9. Rebecca says:
    Wow I Thought The Watchers book 1 of this series was brilliant, but wow The Warriors is extra special Philli and Madison love how strong she is and is it a pair well you need to read to find out all the other characters from The Watchers are there but this is around Philli and will he find his mate why are he and Madison dreaming of each other hmmm and who is the traditor of the group you wont believe it and as I said to find out you need to read it Lacy LeRoch has done it again brilliant, there [...]

  10. Eva says:
    Wow like number one this book was brilliant lacy you deserve then five stars.once again this author has captured me from the first page I m gonna say I love philli this book once again as everything in it I would recommend that you read book one first to learn about all the characters I cannot wait for the rest of this series thank you lacy for giving me a copy to review it s a series that s fun with suspense and romance well worth a read.

  11. Carmen says:
    What to say well I loved book one Couldn t wait for book two and I wasn t disappointed the characters come to life both the human and paranormal I love Philli but I m also failing for new ones can t wait for book 3

  12. Sarah says:
    Another of Lacys book i yet again could not out down this book left me wanting much so it left me in a book funk that i could not read for ages after the story is amazing and yet again lacy blew this story out of the park i cannot wait for the next installment of this series

  13. Vicki Shaw says:
    Wow And I thought Book 1 was good.Another amazing story by Lacy LeRoch Again it kept me on the edge of my seat.Lacy knows how to write so your not just reading the story, but feel like you could be there living it She makes you want travel to Devilice and be part of their magical world.

  14. Kerry Harteker says:
    i really enjoyed reading Philli s story There are alot of things going on in thiis book that at times make it hard to follow I do recommend this book as it is well written and easy to get into.

  15. Kaylene Osborn says:
    Loved this book and cannot wait to read by this author.

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