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American Indian Stories

↠ American Indian Stories ↠ Zitkala-Ša - American Indian Stories, American Indian Stories Based on the life of the author and members of her tribe these stories provide a revealing glimpse into the world of the Dakota Sioux at the turn of the last century There is no great there is no sma
  • Title: American Indian Stories
  • Author: Zitkala-Ša
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ American Indian Stories ↠ Zitkala-Ša, ↠ American Indian Stories ↠ Zitkala-Ša - American Indian Stories, American Indian Stories Based on the life of the author and members of her tribe these stories provide a revealing glimpse into the world of the Dakota Sioux at the turn of the last century There is no great there is no sma
  • ↠ American Indian Stories ↠ Zitkala-Ša
    338 Zitkala-Ša
American Indian Stories

About Author

  1. Zitkala-Ša says:
    Zitkala a Dakota pronounced zitk la a, which translates to Red Bird also known by the missionary given name Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, was a Sioux writer, editor, musician, teacher and political activist She wrote several works chronicling her struggles in her youth as she was pulled back and forth between the influences of dominant American culture and her own Native American heritage, as well as books in English that brought traditional Native American stories to a widespread white readership for one of the first times With William F Hanson, Bonnin co composed the first American Indian opera, The Sun Dance composed in romantic style based on Ute and Sioux themes , which premiered in 1913 She founded the National Council of American Indians in 1926 to lobby for the rights of Native Americans to American citizenship, and served as its president until her death in 1938.

Comment 414 on “American Indian Stories

  1. Hadrian says:
    This short volume contains a collection of short stories, biographical sketches, and one essay by the Sioux writer Zitkala a.The early stories are about the author s life on a reservation in South Dakota, her freedom as a young child there, and then her life in a missionary school further east It s a jarring experience, where the sound of bells, the tight stiff shoes, and the murmurs of English are all foreign experiences When she returns, she feels separate from the world of her childhood and t [...]

  2. Zanna says:
    I am writing about American Indian Stories and Old Indian Legends together because I read them together Discussions can be found here and hereAs a child, Zitkala Sa remembers, she and her playmates would beg for stories of Iktomi These tales are amusing and didactic, freighted with moral and spiritual instruction Iktomi the trickster is a cautionary figure, object of ridicule and disdain rather than awe He is lazy, selfish and dishonest, and his tales seem shaped to inculcate enthusiasm for help [...]

  3. Sookie says:
    Zitkala a leaves her home in Dakota and joins a missionary school in the east In this book she gives a bird eye view of her childhood and brief look into her entry to western society She writes about religion, politics and the future she sees for her people.

  4. Sandra says:
    This is a small book My copy is 89 pages, but is, to me, a very important book Because it tells the true words of the author s life In very simple and elegant words, she lets us in on how it felt to be not an Indian and not a white How she lost her simple but very happy ways, to learn to read and write in a white school I think her the most brave, to leave her Mother at such a young age and go off with people she didn t know It was her choice to go, but one she regretted after she left It s abou [...]

  5. Christy says:
    This is a collection of several different kinds of writing autobiography, storytelling, and political activism It clearly illustrates the ways in which Native Americans have been disenfranchised and their culture dismantled among which are the creation of reservations, the imposition of missionaries, compulsory schooling in which children are separated from family and tribe and taught to be white, struggles over land ownership and identity, and the general voicelessness and powerlessness of the [...]

  6. Courtney Williams says:
    The book American Indian Stories note that this was first published in 1921 The author Zitkala a, Dakota Sioux writer, editor, musician, teacher and political activist Missionaries also gave her the name Gertrude Simmons Bonnin The subject Stories from Zitkala a s and other Sioux people s lives, as well as legends and political essays.Why I chose it I am interested in Indigenous people and would far rather read things about them that are written by them I believe Zitkala a was the first Indigeno [...]

  7. Gordon says:
    While I sympathize very strongly with the author s goals and message, my impression of the book itself is mixed The first part Zitkala Sa s memories of her early life both before and after leaving her native home is by far the strongest and on its own would have rated 4 stars We can only wish she had felt able to say The subsequent stories carry an important message, but are rather weak if judged solely as works of fiction though I admit I could be missing some subtler strengths The final essay [...]

  8. Jd Guinn says:
    I encountered this book as a free read from and completed it on breaks while at work As others have mentioned some of the language is dated One expects that from a manuscript this old There is also some syntax errors and inconsistencies none so distracting that the stories themselves cannot be enjoyed.This small volume does much to remind us of the cultural wounds inflicted upon a nation The tone is often heavy, sometimes light hearted, and at others inspirational Approaching the climax there is [...]

  9. Erika B. (SOS BOOKS) says:
    A wee child toddling in a wonder world, I prefer to their dogma my excursions into the natural gardens where the voice of the Great Spirit is heard in the twittering of birds, the rippling of mighty waters, and the sweet breathing of flowers If this is Paganism, then at present, at least, I am a Pagan I actually really admire Zitkala Sa I love that she captures a culture that was slowly disintegrating While she strives to excel and live up to the American dream she realizes that the odds are sta [...]

  10. Humphrey says:
    Zitkala Sa belongs alongside the great fin de siecle prose writers She weilds impressionistic style with great effect, moves in and out of tenses suggestively, and maintains an ambiguity on the sentence level that many of her contemporaries in the short story genre only achieve on the level of the story as a whole It s a great shame that she didn t write fiction though her nonfiction journalism, bending the lines of genre, bears the same qualities.

  11. Christina says:
    I had to read some selections of this book for a class, and I enjoyed them so much I ended up reading the whole book This is an incredibly poignant collection of writings I especially loved the autobiographical sections, as well as Blue Star Woman, which is one of the most moving short stories I ve ever read Zitkala Sa s writing is so lyrical that this collection was hard to put down.

  12. Carol says:
    Really enjoyed the 2 3s of this that I read Particularly her description of her childhood, and her resistance to hair shingling and turnips I wish there were greater exploration of the pull of modernity clearly it upsets and repels her even as it attracts So much loss which she conveys So many lovely photos of herwonder if anyone s written on this

  13. Joshua says:
    Unexpectedly fierce and poetic This is great American writing that goes far beyond a recounting of legend Zitkala Sa blends memoir, fiction, and advocacy to create a book that s ahead of its time Damn It was a paradox upon a land of prophecy that its path to future glory be stained with the blood of its aborigines.

  14. Richard Lamont says:
    Zitkala a is a great Sioux writer and is very popular for his collections of Sioux tales This is a good read for anyone It is nice to read writing from a man that is from the same band of Native Americans as you.

  15. Scott says:
    The first half is mostly autobiographical, narrating the author s experience of leaving the Plains for schooling in the east The second half is a series of short stories.

  16. Dusty says:
    As a graduate student, I often ran across Zitkala a s name and most famous stories Since she seemed unavoidable, I eventually picked up a copy of American Indian Stories when I saw it at a used bookstore But the book sat mostly unopened until this year, when I decided to teach The Soft Hearted Sioux in one of my college classes Not every item collected here is as strong as Sioux, but still, I found reading the book from cover to cover well worth my time It helped me understand the author s era a [...]

  17. Sandy says:
    I lived and raised a daughter in Omaha Nebraska in the late 1980s with a family from Yankton, South Dakota Much of the land, and the traditions there are steeped in Dakota Sioux Indian Tradition and part of my young daughter s Girl Scout troop experience was to learn about tribe traditions We jumped right in and I, being a researcher, read this book with parts to the girls Sa, and her white name Gertrude Bonnin, wrote the book about legends and tales learned from tribe members passed down throu [...]

  18. Susan says:
    Zitkala Sa is a Sioux that writes about her life She left her mother at the age of 8 to go to live with the missionaries in the east She finds herself distraught with the way she is treated She goes to college, becomes a teacher and writes many books She became an important advocate for Native American civil rights She was a key figure in the Native Americans becoming citizens of the United States This book includes her autobiography, story telling and politics The author is an excellent writer [...]

  19. Maxine says:
    This book has a great insight to Zitkala Sa s experiences as an American Indian woman from that time Her stories gave light to how life on the reservation was as she was growing up and how this life was changing from the influence presence of the white people I did however trudge through this book as if I were trying to pass through a hip high mud pit The way the stories and articles read were very old fashioned, and while I enjoyed the old fashioned style in the stories, Zitkala Sa s style in t [...]

  20. Sheila says:
    I found this book most interesting due to the historical nature of it I am also fascinated by the author, after reading an article about her, and wanted to read some of her works.Written in the early 1900 s, this book of stories tells both the author s history, as well as other American Indian stories she tells of that era Zitkala sa was a Dakota Indian who lived on her reservation until she was 8 years old, when she went with missionaries to be raised and schooled in the east Having known both [...]

  21. Marjorie says:
    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewThis book is about the author s life It tells her story of being born in South Dakota on the Yankton Reservation Her name is Zitkala Sa She felt as free as the wind that blew my hair and no less spirited than a bounding deer When she reached 8, she was sent to a Quaker boarding school She soon didn t believe things of the American society or her own tribe She attended college, became a teacher, and wrote a variety of books She became a prominate advocate for the N [...]

  22. Jenny Yates says:
    There s definitely a dated feel about the language It is sometimes melodramatic But these stories, first published in 1921, are well worth reading The first piece is a poignant memoir of the author s childhood, and it has the feel of truth Like many of the stories, it depicts Dakota social habits in a completely natural and easy way, from the inside Other stories deal with the intersection of beliefs between Christianity and Dakota spiritual practices One of these, The Soft Hearted Sioux is abou [...]

  23. Abby says:
    It is always a bit of a shock to realize how bad things actually were and may still be Zitkala Sa covers a vast territory of the fallout from bad policies regarding Native Americans and their land, and it is poignantly clear how much of it is autobiographical and drawn from her own observation Her political message is very loud, but she gifts the people of her stories with a dignity that often evades those who write on behalf of the wronged I can t really imagine how this might have struck her p [...]

  24. Jenna says:
    This was assigned for a history class that I m taking I love stories, I grew up listening to the native legends in Alaska It is a fabulous, short read always good in a history class because you never know and I highly recommend it.Zitkala sa tells her story of growing up, being sent to an indian school to be educated and of all that she learned She tells of her culture and her struggles with her mother, who is from an older time and remembers clearly the troubles her people had.She has a beauti [...]

  25. Rachel Rabeneck says:
    This short collection covers a collection of topics the author s story of growing up as a Dakota in the changing West, stories of other Dakotas lives, a synopsis on America s Indian Problem , and a collection of Dakota folk tales This book is good, but I found myself counting pages until I was finished I wish that the book focused on one or two topics versus the four or so it had Overall, it is a good read for anyone interested in Native American history or lore.

  26. Zack says:
    The first translation of Native American writing to be produced without an Anglo intermediary An excellent blend of autobiography and tribal mythos, with a respectful letter to its author by Helen Keller at the beginning though she wasn t cool enough to resist referring to it as your little book.

  27. Miriam Pia says:
    I really liked this book It took me a long time to read it I am not sure why I think I wanted to really absorb it The topic is very special to me personally and we are very lucky that this woman wrote these and managed to get them published She covers some important turf.I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in women s perspectives or native american history.

  28. Suzy Cherry says:
    I m reading a different edition than this there is no introduction The stories are tender and real I am enjoying it, yet feeling sad for the passing of these ways The book and the life of the author transverse the time when Euro Americans overcame the ways of Native Americans.

  29. Theresa says:
    Seems simply written, but full of metaphors and subtlties that the author could not be open about considering who her audience was Intriguing glimpse into the life of a Native American struggling between two cultures.

  30. Deutschermatt says:
    A true eye openerIn addition to the beautiful poetry found in this collection of tales, is a glimpse at the atrocities American civilization has wrought on Native Americans A good education for any conscientious person, and an enjoyable read.

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