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Les Misérables I

Unlimited Les Misérables I - by Victor Hugo Yves Gohin - Les Misérables I, Les Mis rables I Les Miserables is widely considered one of the greatest novels of the th century First published in France in it is Victor Hugo s greatest achievement the ultimate tale of redemption Former pr
  • Title: Les Misérables I
  • Author: Victor Hugo Yves Gohin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Les Misérables I - by Victor Hugo Yves Gohin, Unlimited Les Misérables I - by Victor Hugo Yves Gohin - Les Misérables I, Les Mis rables I Les Miserables is widely considered one of the greatest novels of the th century First published in France in it is Victor Hugo s greatest achievement the ultimate tale of redemption Former pr
  • Unlimited Les Misérables I - by Victor Hugo Yves Gohin
    418 Victor Hugo Yves Gohin
Les Misérables I

About Author

  1. Victor Hugo Yves Gohin says:
    Victor Hugo, in full Victor Marie Hugo b February 26, 1802, Besan on, France d May 22, 1885, Paris, France , poet, playwrighter, novelist, dramatist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights campaigner, and perhaps the most influential exponent of the Romantic movement in France, who was the most important of the French Romantic writers Though regarded in France as one of that country s greatest poets, he is better known abroad for such novels as Notre Dame de Paris 1831 and Les Mis rables 1862.

Comment 999 on “Les Misérables I

  1. Hugo says:
    Que final t o anticlim tico para este volume5 estrelas para o monsenhor Myriel que me fez lembrar o maravilhoso abade Faria , Fantine que me fez chorar , Jean Valjean por n o se tornar nunca um Edmundo Dant s , Cosette, Fauchelevent por se manter fiel ao senhor Madeleine , Marius e George Pontmercy, e Javert que tenho amado odiar Pr ximo.

  2. Whitaker says:
    Note This is a review of the entire book, all five volumes This is not spoiler free But then, seriously, didn t you already watch the musical Phew Finally finished I started this in March, and it has taken six months to get to the bitter end This was well and truly one of the painful reads I ve done Hugo just goes on and on and on 19 chapters on the battle of Waterloo 8 chapters on the operating procedures of the convent to which Jean Valjean escapes when evading capture by Javert 4 chapters di [...]

  3. Nelson Zagalo says:
    Vou reservar os coment rios e a avalia o para o final da leitura do segundo volume.Victor Hugo era dono de uma prosa soberba, assim como de enormes compet ncias na narra o de eventos e desenho de conflitos, nunca nos sentimos enfadados, contudo existem v rios problemas, nomeadamente de estrutura, que quero ver como se desenrolam no resto do livro para compreender melhor as inten es do autorUALIZADOLer a an lise completa em virtual illusion

  4. Mohammed Alsuhaibani says:
    best novel i ve ever read, that s what i can say

  5. Incorrigible_bibliophile says:
    I finished part one which means I m halfway through It took some getting used to the writing style of Hugo He has a tendency to draw out the descriptions on everything perhaps a little than strictly necessary but it did give me a great understanding of the world of Les Miserables and why the characters are they way they are There were two tangent descriptions that I found myself skimming however, the description of Waterloo 50 pages and the depiction of the convent of Petit Picpus than you eve [...]

  6. Gabrielle Dubois says:
    Here s Les Mis rables, by Victor Hugo I read this book, when I was a teenager a long time ago I read it in a French edition I couldn t find on named La Pl ade It s a famous and prestigious edition, dark green leather cover, with the thinnest pages you have ever had in hand Which means that one never has the impression to go down in one s reading and God this novel is huge But, even if I was young, I couldn t let it down There s everything I like History, a good story, great characters, adventure [...]

  7. Jill says:
    A truly brilliant and timeless novel Yes, the author does tend to ramble, but he presents so beautifully the honorable yet ultimately tragic beliefs of the revolutionaries, the transformation of Jean Valjean from brute peasant into a truly great man who lived his faith simply and honestly, the naivete of Marius and his final growth of understanding, the inability of Javert to accept even the existence of grace, and all the marvelous, timeless side characters surrounding these central characters [...]

  8. Sandra says:
    This is not an easy read Thank God I purchased a Kindle to look up A LOT of words Some were in French and were not in my Kindle Some sections required slower, in depth reading, thus it took me a while to finish this Les Mis is such an eloquently worded and captivating story I struggled, as I am sure many have in some areas, and tried to just go slower It is also tense and exciting, so that you tend to want to skip over some of those beautifully explained historical events such as the battle of [...]

  9. Lada Fleur says:
    J ai lu ce roman epopee il y a pas mal d annees Je respecte l ecriture de Victor Hugo, ecrivain magnifique de l individu face a l histoire, cette histoire magnifique qui se deroule sous les yeux.C est un roman de l engagement du peuple dans une tumulte pour la justice, roman d un reve de pauvre, comme egalement roman d une revolution pour une justice sociale Roman d un melange de classes Roman de l innocence premiere corrompue dans la tumulte.La revolution comme un decor, une passe lointain de l [...]

  10. David says:
    This book is not what you think if all you ve seen is the musical or one of the movie adaptations The cliche description would be sweeping or epic , but even such hyperbole doesn t come close to describing it The story of Jean Valjean and Cosette is like a coat tree on which Hugo hangs the history of France from Waterloo to 1832, his theories of politics and religion, minutely detailed descriptions of various parts of Paris in the 1820 s and 30 s, the history of its sewer system, a critique of m [...]

  11. Marco Sousa says:
    Viajar, nascer e morrer a todo o instante Talvez ele, na regi o mais vaga do seu esp rito, fizesse paralelos entre aqueles horizontes cambiantes e a exist ncia humana Todas as coisas desta vida fogem de cont nuo diante de n s Entremeiam se as sombras com os clar es Ap s um deslumbramento de luz, um eclipse, as trevas olha se, corre se a toda a pressa, estendem se as m os para agarrar o que passa e o que passa vai, e as m os ficam vazias cada acontecimento o dobrar de um ngulo de estrada, e de re [...]

  12. Patrick Grau says:
    No he visto el musical en el que Lobezno hace de Jean Valjean, apenas sab a de qu iba Una maravilla, toda una sorpresa El tocho que representa la obra completa de Los Miserables me tiraba para atr s, pero viendo como de PERFECTO est narrado todo, con sus personajes taaaaan bien definidos, con un V ctor Hugo que va rompiendo la cuarta pared del narrador, para comentarte la jugada e invitarte a seguir con la historia Esto es LITERATURA S As lo grito yo como el que saborea una comida de lujo en un [...]

  13. Johnny D says:
    What can I write about this book that has not already been written by countless readers before me What possible insight could I have that some academic has not already built up and then deconstructed because that s what academics do, ammiright in a much finer and eloquent manner than I could possibly even attempt The rich characters, the vibrant story telling, the various themes and underlying philosophies they ve all been written up already Some people like to retell the entire story in their [...]

  14. Amber says:
    I finally finished This was a huge book, but totally worth the read Yes, even the parts where Hugo seems to go off on a historical recount or a philosophical tear Everything comes back to the story no matter how off topic it seems Everything colors the scene Sure, there are a lot of names the average reader even the well educated one may not know, but the main story is the important part Skip the non plot parts if you want, even though you may miss a few things because of it The important thing [...]

  15. Zoe Cooper says:
    Les Mis is a classic novel that uses a lot of symbolism to describe life and the trials people face every day Although slightly pessimistic, Victor Hugo does an excellent job of capturing those naked feelings that people face everyday, and portrays them in a very appropriate manner Main character, Jean Valjean, faces a series of choices that will determine his fate while he is chased by Javert, another main character Throughout all their tribulations, they both learn valuable lessons at the clos [...]

  16. Rubi says:
    Bueno, bueno, bueno Se acab el primer volumen y la verdad es que tengo sentimientos contradictorios Por una parte me ha gustado mucho la historia, aprender un poco m s acerca de c mo era la Francia del siglo XIX, sobre Napole n y la batalla de Waterloo, sobre la pol tica y la sociedad de la poca Pero, a pesar de que est todo magistralmente escrito, he de reconocer que por momentos me he aburrido con la cantidad de detalles que da A veces se agradece, porque hace unas descripciones maravillosas, [...]

  17. Amira Mahdy says:
    We should judge a man much surely from what he dreams than from what he thinks There is will in the thought, there is none in the dream The dream, which is completely spontaneous, takes and keeps, even in the gigantic and the idea, the form of our mind Nothing springs directly and sincerely from the very bottom of our souls than our unreflected and indefinite aspirations towards the splendors of destiny In these aspirations, much than in ideas which are combined, studied, and compared, we ca [...]

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