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All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir

[PDF] All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir | by ↠ Ashley Judd Maryanne Vollers Nicholas D. Kristof - All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir, All That Is Bitter and Sweet A Memoir Ashley Judd is an award winning film and stage actor known for her roles in both box office hits and art house gems and the daughter and sister of country music royalty In drawing on a deep wel
  • Title: All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir
  • Author: Ashley Judd Maryanne Vollers Nicholas D. Kristof
  • ISBN: 9780345523617
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir | by ↠ Ashley Judd Maryanne Vollers Nicholas D. Kristof, [PDF] All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir | by ↠ Ashley Judd Maryanne Vollers Nicholas D. Kristof - All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir, All That Is Bitter and Sweet A Memoir Ashley Judd is an award winning film and stage actor known for her roles in both box office hits and art house gems and the daughter and sister of country music royalty In drawing on a deep wel

  • [PDF] All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir | by ↠ Ashley Judd Maryanne Vollers Nicholas D. Kristof
    348 Ashley Judd Maryanne Vollers Nicholas D. Kristof
All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir

About Author

  1. Ashley Judd Maryanne Vollers Nicholas D. Kristof says:
    Ashley Tyler Judd, nee Ciminella, is an at least 8th generation Eastern Kentuckian She currently resides on a farm in rural middle Tennessee and maintains close kinship and cultural ties with Appalachia.A celebrated and acclaimed actor, she has starred in 20 films, both box office hits and independent treasures, and on Broadway Titles include, Ruby in Paradise, her debut, which won the Sundance Film Festival s Grand Jury prize, Double Jeopardy, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, and De Lovely She has focused on meaningful roles in critically acclaimed indies in recent years, turning in unforgettable performances in Come Early Morning and Bug Her work also includes family favorites, such as Simon Birch and the recent smash, Tooth Fairy She just wrapped Flypaper, a bank heist drama comedy, with a gifted ensemble cast that includes Patrick Dempsy, Tim Blake Nelson, Matt Ryan, and Jeffery Tambour On Broadway, she has played the role of Madge in the Pulitzer prize winning play, Picnic and the iconic Maggie the Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof She has been nominated for Golden Globes and Emmys, and has won a variety of critical awards She is currently developing projects which deal with themes about which she is passionate, such as mountain top removal coal mining and the role of faith and spiritual practice in a troubled world.Ashley is a dedicated humanitarian Her work as an advocate and activist dates to her undergraduate years at the University of Kentucky At present, she serves on the Board of Directors of Population Services International, Defenders of Wildlife, and Shaker Village She has traveled, literally, around the world, visiting grassroots programs that focus on poverty alleviation, public health, human rights, and social justice Entrusted with the sacred stories shared with her by the vulnerable, and often exploited yet remarkably resilient populations to whom she has dedicated much of her life, Ashley then speaks truth to power, carrying the message of empowerment and equality to heads of state, donors, the private sector, and the media A small sampling of her advocacy work includes Giving the keynote address on the modern slave trade to the 2008 General Assembly of the United Nations, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the urgent need to prevent the spread of HIV to girls and women, speaking to the National Press Club, appearing on major news programs, and filming 3 documentaries seen by over a billion people worldwide She has served as an expert panelist moderator at conferences such as the Clinton Global Initiative, the Women Deliver Conference, the International AIDS conference, and the Global Business Coalition to stop HIV, TB, and Malaria, and the National Press Club.Additionally, she actively supports a number of organizations, ranging from Women for Women International, Women Thrive Worldwide, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Tennessee Refugee and Immigration Reform Committee Her 2010 advocacy includes the DREAM Act, International Violence Against Women Act, the anti FGM bill, amongst others.A sought after public speaker, Ashley addressed the National Press Club 9 June 2010, this time regarding the rape of Appalachia, mountain top removal coal mining In the past month, her Op Eds on subjects ranging from MTR to the urgent need for modern family planning in the developing world have been published in paper and electronic media.Ashley is married to Dario Franchitti, a 2 time Indy Racing League and 2 time Indy 500 champion The couple, in addition to their farm in Tennessee, make their home in Franchitti s native Scotland They have a variety of beloved pets, the best known of whom are perhaps their dogs, Buttermilk and Shug, who have often been photographed with the couple.Ashley is a graduate of the University of Kentucky She completed a major in French, and minors

Comment 396 on “All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir

  1. Connie Faull says:
    I m not sure how I feel about Ashley Judd after reading this memoir I liked her before I read it and now, I m not sure Although I admire and give her credit for her work with PSI and other NGOs in raising awareness of gender inequality HIV AIDS around the world, she did reinforce my dislike of celebrities causes I somehow feel that they think we re all stupid and it s up to them to enlighten us on the ills of the world Why someone like Bono or Ashley Judd should be able to secure meetings with t [...]

  2. Heather says:
    This book is not a page turner It is at points very hard to read because of the sheer hopelessness Ashley encounters in her work with those struggling in third world countries Her book opened my eyes to the many, many women who are forced into prostitution and sex slavery However, I would highly recommend reading it because after processing what I read I realized there is hope and Ashley is just one of the very curageous and brave people who are doing the work to make change Also, if you come fr [...]

  3. Caroline says:
    You would never know this poised, beautiful and confident person was suffering nearly all the years we have seen her perform This book is about her suffering and her from clinical depression for which she was treated for in a 42 day clinic and her generous spirit to people in dire need I think her ability to give so much fills the void or attemps to, from her chaotic experience of growing up in the shadow of her mom and sister The Judds She managed to flip her fate around through her healing, he [...]

  4. Renee says:
    Ashley Judd s memoir is actually two books in one a memoir of her highly dysfunctional childhood growing up as a Judd but not at all part of her mother and sister s singer duo , and walking away from her TV and acting career to travel the world as an ambassador for PSI and NGO Personally, I was much interested in the latter than the former.I read a couple of reviews that say this book has a lot of clich s and is over emotional however, Judd longs to bring a voice to the voiceless and she succes [...]

  5. Tina says:
    Couldn t even make myself finish this book Went into it all admiring Ashley Judd for both her talent and her philanthropic work and found myself wanting to throw the book against the wall than a couple of times until I finally gave up completely I found her to be pretentious and totally self absorbed She really seems to like to play the role of the victim as well Most of what I read had a real poor me tone to it Very few of us have perfect childhoods, but unless she left a bunch out, hers didn [...]

  6. Rose says:
    Yes, I am reading Ashley Judd s memoir Whatever you may think of her acting I happen to like her , she has devoted most of her adult life to aiding the poor and disenfranchised and using her celebrity status to bring awareness to topics like AIDS, African poverty, sex trade, etc It s a sad state of affairs when a celebrity like Charlie Sheen gets press for his behavior than a celebrity like Ashley Judd gets for hers.

  7. Jennifer says:
    Ugh I went into this liking Ashley Judd a lot I came out much less enthused At one point in her book, Judd tells Bobby Shriver that her vocation is to make her life an act of worship I m sorry to say that she has succeeded in worshiping herself I have never read a biography that was full of self love than this one She is the supreme example of a person who pursues a life of doing good in order to be thought a saint.Walk away very fast.

  8. Julie says:
    I really wanted to like Ashley Judd I like some of her movies and I have always thought she was so pretty She does a lot of good work for some very worthy causes But I don t like her, in fact I m totally turned off by her She seems to be one of those people that thinks her opinions are right, always, and everyone who does not agree is just ignorant Everybody else has messed up priorities, come on people don t we all know there is severe suffering out there I am seriously put off by her and proba [...]

  9. Lisa says:
    I probably shouldn t mark this read considering I couldn t finish it It jumped all over the place, especially in regard to the start of her career, and primarily spoke about her charity work While her work is admirable, it gets boring reading about how she cuddled this group of people and snuggled that group of people, on and on I found the tone a bit superior too.

  10. Denise says:
    This exquisite mixture of a deeply personal journey and a world sized caring for the needs of women and children living in poverty, often drowning in disease, slavery and genocide This book is a must read While far too many actors waste their celebrity and their treasure, Ashley Judd has flung her gifts out to the world like a raft in an unspeakable storm.

  11. Yoonmee says:
    Eh, this book is okay Sadly, I think I liked Ashley Judd before I read the book than now after finishing it By this I mean that I always thought she was an intelligent, passionate, strong woman from my sorta home state of Kentucky, no less After reading this book I still think she is all those things but now I also think she s a bit of a hot mess, way too histrionic, overly sensitive, and still dealing with her pain Then again, if I had her childhood, I d probably be a hot mess too, so this isn [...]

  12. Teri says:
    Ashley Judd is not only an award winning actress, she is an advocate for human rights and an ambassador for Population Services International PSI In her memoir, Judd details her involvement with PSI, traveling to Asia and Africa touring the brothels and slums while teaching the residents how to protect themselves against AIDS HIV Many women she encountered were trafficked into sex slavery or simply had no other choice to make money While embarking on this humanitarian cause, Judd wrestles with h [...]

  13. Sharon Bright says:
    I did not know I needed to read this book but I m glad I did Judd vulnerably describes her childhood with strength and tries to show perspective about those that were major players in her youth while still being honest about her feelings I like that she explains that her childhood is her story to tell and others will have to respect that right Woven amongst her past is her work with non profits in many countries plagued with gender inequalities, poverty, disease and human trafficking It becomes [...]

  14. Terry says:
    This book is about 1 3 Ashley Judd s personal memoir and about 2 3rds a non fiction book about third world countries and their struggles with population control, sexual and physical abuse of women, and sexually related commerce and its dangers So if you re looking for a juicy, gossipy memoir, THIS IS NOT IT However, if you are genuinely interested in Judd s work around the world, there is a LOT of information about what she experiences and what various NGOs do, with heavy end notes directing rea [...]

  15. Bex says:
    I rarely read memoirs, let alone ones written by current celebrities but Ashley Judd has led a fairly fascinating life Of course she s an actress that comes from a famous and famously dysfunctional family but she has also spent a great many years as a feminist activist, quietly traveling the world with NGOs and coming face to face with the poorest, most exploited people on the planet And this memoir balances those two lives, providing insight on the tumultuous personal life that formed her desir [...]

  16. Courtney says:
    I am a fan of Ashley Judd as an actress and of her mother and sister s music career, so I was intrigued to read the memoir of Ashley Judd It wasn t really what I expected at all There is a lot heartache and pain, strength and giving, prayer and grace in this woman than I had previously believed.Judd s volunteer work with a group that helps underprivileged women and children all over the world takes up a big portion of this book, as it ought to It has really defined much of the last years of h [...]

  17. Teri says:
    One of the worst books I have ever read The whole book was Ashley talking about how terrible her life was and how fantastic she is There is an entire page of things that are great about hercluding, she smells like lilacs Don t waste your time.

  18. Darcie says:
    I want to start a new book group dedicated to the celebrity bio Who s in

  19. Catherine says:
    All That Is Bitter and Sweet is several stories in one the story of Judd s commitment to social justice work among global, at risk populations for HIV, malaria, TB, and infant mortality the unpacking of the story of her childhood, the details of which fuel so much of her work and the story of her continuing recovery from abuse, co dependency, and depression.There s a discomfiting truth at the heart of the book, of which Judd is articulately aware that a white, American movie star has better acce [...]

  20. Odette says:
    Powerful memoir about a woman walking a wounded healer path It shows the intersection of recovering from private trauma and addressing international human rights abuses, in this case sexual trafficking, slavery, and health issues.The way Ms Judd connects her own depression and wounds to those of the women and children she aims to help has an equalizing effect She doesn t try to equate her life of great privilege with their lives of huge deprivation and abuse, but she steps out of the role of det [...]

  21. Laura says:
    This memoir was very enlightening, both regarding Ashley s journey to self discovery and healing and her journeys into the poorest countries in the world I knew sex slavery was rampant, but I had no idea how horrific conditions for people all over the world are There are so many things we Americans take for granted, such as being able to sleep in a bed or use a toilet, that we have difficulty imagining the circumstances plaguing people all over the world.Ashley Judd does an excellent job of pres [...]

  22. Kelli says:
    This book is actually two books in one I don t mean for that to sound as complimentary as it comes across, by the way When i say that this is two books in one I mean that this is one book that tells a good story and one book that should have remained in Ashley Judd s head, or at least in her therapist s head.I could not figure out what this book was supposed to be It s kind of like My mom is a famous superstar but as a mom she is awful I like kittens My entire family is dysfunctional I like pupp [...]

  23. Elizabeth says:
    The book is perfectly balanced Alternating between stories of Ashley Judd s difficult work as a world ambassador and her childhood and rehab experiences, it was amazing how the two stories could be told hand in hand Seeing the similarity of her sisters around the world is Ms Judd s greatest gift Holding them with compassion and sharing their stories is the best work she s ever done.This was a difficult book to get through Not because of the way it was written, but because it covers such difficul [...]

  24. Samineh says:
    Ashley Judd has an incredible vocabulary so it came as no suprise that her book was well written I felt her memoir was primarily about her activism and really shed light on the circumstances of women children in poor countries, but it also included intimate details about her life I really enjoyed reading it and honestly had some trouble sleeping after reading about some of her encounters I completely empathized and found myself processing the information and pain right along with her to me a sig [...]

  25. Katie says:
    Finally gave up on this one Judd s tone is so absolutely self promoting and full of herself I couldn t tolerate another page She paints herself as the most emotionally, spiritually and philosophically evolved human on the planet and somehow I just didn t buy it Her demonization of her family members left me anxious to know their side of the story I was disappointed I so wanted to love this book.

  26. Heidi says:
    I m really enjoying this book Don t judge me I appreciate what she says about the roots of her depression being found in childhood I can so relate to that and how acting became a natural way to live other, satisfying lives, if only for a time What this book is really about, though, is her work with a nonprofit that seeks to educate women in the global South about HIV AIDS prevention.

  27. Abbe says:
    Review All That Is Bitter and Sweet, is, at its heart, the story of Ashley Judd s awakening In sharing the secrets of a childhood fraught with neglect, abuse and debilitating depression, she confronts the stigma of mental illness and celebrates the serenity that comes with the hard work of recovery The reward is a new role on a new stage global advocate for HIV AIDS sufferers The humanitarian pursuit of social justice and gender equality is gritty work, but the people she meets in the slums, bro [...]

  28. Amy says:
    For some reason, I ve always felt a kinship of sorts to Ashley Judd I m not really sure that I can explain it but when I d hear her interviewed, she always reminded me a bit of myself I ve always wondered what it must like to be the daughter of Naomi Judd and the sister of Wynonna When I heard that Ashley was coming out with a memoir, I was very intrigued to get her perspective on her life and all of the work I had heard she was doing all over the world.Overall, her memoir tells two stories one [...]

  29. Juliette says:
    Quite a few people are commenting on this book not being a celebrity tell all type of memoir I would argue that it is, but this celebrity is someone who is educated, self reflective, and concerned about others Ashley Judd is a talented actor and sibling to Wynonna Judd and daughter to Naomi Judd, and is married to race car driver Dario Franchitti However, the bulk of this memoir is focused on two elements Ashley s work as a global ambassador for PSI s YouthAIDS program, and her recovery from co [...]

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